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Oklahoma City new home construction | Set Your Appointment

Oklahoma City new home construction | Doing Their Job Right

All right, here we are for the final segment here where we’re talking about a Oklahoma City new home construction and all the fun and exciting features that we offer when you build with Shaw homes. And so I know in the previous segment what I was talking about was the planner view, which is step number seven, uh, for the going through the path to owning a home. The next one is actually built that step number eight, and that’s one of the most exciting parts, but it also just takes awhile. It takes us about six months to build a home and we want to make sure that we get as close to accurate as we can to that schedule. But we, what we ended up covering there is we send out weekly updates like I mentioned in the previous segment where we let you know exactly where, where we’re at in the process.

Every single week the construction manager will be reaching out and telling you that. And then, uh, the next thing after that is just a, we want you to know that it’s an open factory. You can go check out the, uh, the phase and the process that we’re at in building your home at any time you’re actually able to go in, we encourage you to do it later when the trades aren’t there because we want to make sure that you’re not getting in the way of them doing their job and their work. Um, and also for the sake of just dealing with a no, it is a construction site, so we don’t want you to get hurt or harmed in the process. So we just encourage you to go by later in the day while the trades people are not there. And so it’s an open. We’re not, we’re not trying to hide anything so you can go in and check out your home and, uh, anytime, just to see what the process is like.

Oklahoma City new home construction if you can’t make it during any of those, then of course, like I said, we send out those photos. We have those two appointments, the pre drywall meeting. And then we have the, uh, the homeowners orientation where we get to walk through and just, uh, get you acquainted with your home before you get moved into it. So that’s the bill process. It’s obviously the easiest for me to explain, but a lot happens in that time and that’s why they will be reaching out and talking to you. Uh, I’m also an expert in new home construction as well. So if you have any questions you can feel free to ask me, you know, I’ll be glad to give you that information. And so the next step after that is closing, which is step number nine, and this is pretty obvious, but we’ll meet at the title company a and this is where your down payment will be fulfilled.

This is where you will sign the mortgage for the plan. We signed the title over to you and it goes into your name and we gave you the keys and you’re good to go to move in, which is an exciting time for you because now you’ll be a Sha home homeowner. And so just, just an exciting time for you. And that step number nine, and then the next one, step number 10, which were not done with you after closing, we actually have a warranty, we actually have Tulsa’s best warranty on a new home construction and as an Admin, new homebuilder will be offering this to you as well. And that is a 10 year structural warranty, a a three year mechanical warranty and a one year everything warranty. This is pretty awesome because it just covers a. That covers just about everything but your sod and your landscaping because you can kill that but everything else is covered.

And at that point. So we do a three month, sorry, 60 day follow up phone call just to make sure everything isn’t situation in order for you. We strive to have an excellent product but we know that we’re not perfect so we just want to follow up and make sure that we have everything that’s in order for you. And then we also do a follow up phone call at six. Sorry, 11 months just to make sure. Once again, everything’s in order. You can call us at anytime. We have a 24 hour emergency line if that’s a, if you need to reach out to us and get ahold of us and we also have a full time warranty coordinator on staff that you will be able to talk to. We don’t outsource this. This isn’t towards another company. This is something that we do based out of our Home Office right over there across the street from Raymond.

Oklahoma City new home construction so you’re, we’ll be able to talk to a human being and let us know what those things are. And of course, naturally we will determine whether or not it’s an emergency or not. Um, I think often people think it’s an emergency but it’s not. And Oklahoma City new home construction, we want to be able to do, to get those people out there working on your home and having it ready for you for that time after you’ve moved in and had gotten settled in and out of home has been settled as well. So, uh, as an Oklahoma City new home construction that is the path to owning your shaw home. We tried to simplify this and make it as easy as possible. As I always mentioned. We do, we’ve done this a few thousand times, so you do not have to. We want to simplify it and make it super easy for you and that’s what it’s like owning a home.

And so, uh, once again, as you go, as you show up on the two are, the main thing that we want to let you know is we’re not here to talk about pricing right now, but we do. Why will be setting an appointment with you by the end of the two or where we’ll cover in depth pricing. We’ll cover everything. We actually have over 400,000 skew items that are inserted into our program that I can give you immediate pricing and uh, you know, there’s no guess work for us. We know exactly what it’ll cost to put those things in the home. So we’ll go over all that. We’ll go over the pricing and set that expectation for you.

But, uh, you know, we just wanted to let you know that pricing is not what we will be discussing on today’s appointment and it will, will be actually covering that on probably a day or two afterwards. Um, as when we will usually go into that, but between that time we want to make sure that you’re talking to one of our preferred lenders and also that you’re looking at the different home sites once you’re interested and where you’re interested in building your home. That’s always one of the main things that we always ask as an Oklahoma City new home construction. When you come into our model and you’re looking to book an appointment, we always want to ask, oh, well where are you looking to build? Why do you want to build there? Uh, why is that so important to be in that area? And you know, how many rooms are you looking for?

How many baths are you looking for? How many days are you wanting a second story or a one story? Do you want a two or three car garage, or even for what is it that you’re looking for? And why are those things important to you? We also always liked to find what do you already have? Because once we find out what you have, then we can make that a, you know, we can find out why that’s so important to you as to why those selections were made. Sometimes that means you have a three bedroom house right now and you have you have your own room and you actually have three kids, which means you’re short a bedroom and so that might be important for you going in and we don’t see those kids with you when you show up to the appointment, so asking that it helps us find those things out so that way how we can better anticipate the needs that your looking for in your new home.

So that’s the importance of those things. That’s why we ask you those questions that I endeavor to always get better and better and better at asking questions to better suit the needs of of our customers. Because once I can do that, I can find better answers. I can find solutions to problems that they probably didn’t even know that they had. People come in, they’re like, oh, because I didn’t really think about that. That’s a good thing. That’s why when we go through the versions and different versions of our plans, I always pointed things out to people because there’s just things that people don’t think about all the time, and so as an Oklahoma City new home construction, our goal is just to provide an easy process for you, establish ourselves as the expert and be able, being able to give you all the information to make the correct decision.

What we always say is, well, in order for you to make a good decision, you need to have all the information. Don’t wouldn’t you agree with that? And so with that being said, we want to make sure that we provide as much information as we can for you to make a good decision on purchasing your Sha home. Like I said, it’s a simple process, but we have to ask the right questions to set the proper expectations for you to find that correct Tom. So as always, we want to thank you for joining us for this week Oklahoma City new home construction. Segments as a Admin, new home buyer. This is just an educational resource for you and it’s just practice for us as sales associates. Just to become better and better at our jobs as we vocalize these things and provide these articles for you to be able to read over and in the future segments. If you do have any questions about Oklahoma City new home construction, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Um, our main shaw line or my personal extension. I’ll be glad to fill you in on the information to help you find your dream home and that way you can get out, get in on it before this year ends or even be in there and by next year. So thank you so much for joining us and we’ll catch you next time. Jordan Moore 6 11-30-18

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