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Oklahoma City new home construction | Soundproof The Walls

Oklahoma City new home construction | Soundproof The Walls

Thank you for joining us for another segment. This is Jordan wore at shaw homes over here at sevenoaks south and the Stone Brook v, Oklahoma City new home construction, next to me is the Greenville one. He and so I have the pleasure of being able to speak with you guys today about something that we’re really featuring and that is edmond new homes and that’s right, you’ve heard it correctly. We are expanding our family over to Oklahoma City, um, so that are beautiful homes and our multiple different floor plans and all of our beautiful selections that we have a will now be available to build and the Oklahoma City area. And so we’re excited to bring that over to you. So I’ll be occasionally reminding you of that. I’m also the main thing that I want to talk to you about today had covered really with the included list of features that once again come included with our homes when you do purchase one and then we go through something that we call the price out where you get to go room by room selection by selection.

Oklahoma City new home construction find out is do you want what comes included with the floor plan or would you like to opt for something that’s an additional cost, like an optional feature or what you would consider it an upgrade. And so we like doing that because, um, we don’t want to load out the home with a bunch of things that you might not necessarily want. I kind of gave this example in the last one, and this is why I think it’s so important is I did a price out for one of our customers and we were talking about trim the base molding along the floor. And for one customer that was important to them. They wanted the, the six inch a Oji on the bottom. They wanted that look that one ended up the price and that’s something that they wanted to work in, that’s important to them.

Oklahoma City new home construction then two, what I find for a lot of customers is that true isn’t that important to them. They’re glad that there is a base molding that’s across there and on that trim and it does look a good, but they’re not really concerned about the height of it. Other people were really concerned about things like beams or maybe crown molding a or they want to put it into something more energy efficient. We already have a great greatly insulated home, but we do allow you to do blown in insulation or rating barrier decking on the house or whatever that might be or you want to soundproof the walls people a lot of money in their budget for certain things that they deem important to them and so that’s the fun part of the price side is we just get to find out what is it that you’re looking for and then we can get you that number and then you’d really just starts to narrow down what is important to you, what is unimportant to you, and then you can kind of weigh out that and kind of stay in that budget.

The vast majority of people do have a budget. They want to stay in. They don’t really want to go over a certain price and they also want to keep it within a certain certain realm of payments as well. And so we want to do that as well. That’s why we give people the base price of the home, of what comes included and then we allow them to pick. The awesome part is I would say with most people that I’ve helped, Oklahoma City new home construction, you know, after we get through the price out there actually usually very pleased that they get a lot of what they want. That’ll keep them in the budget as long as they’re aware of what that base price is and that isn’t already close to their budget. Then they know that they can get a lot of things that would be what they want inside their home as well.

Oklahoma City new home construction so I know my first customer that I ever helped, we got through and got done and they got pretty much everything that they wanted to write on their budget. And then I know I’ve helped another one that was really close to their budget with the base price of the home. So needless to say, anything that we did add in there was really close to their budget and so it’s important to find those out. That’s the awesome part about admin new homes, is that we do offer different series and our communities and we have three different ones. We have a Manchester heritage and waterstone that really fit people’s price ranges. And so we find out which one of those things are by just asking you, you know, what’s your budget and what’s a comfortable monthly payment. Once we know that we can kind of, we can at least narrow down which of those series would work best for you.

And then from there we want to obviously work on getting you as close as we can to your budget and getting you everything that you absolutely can inside your home. And so those are the important factors that we have in there. So for an ebb and new home builder, the thing that we always emphasize on the most when people join a is to go in the model home to her. There is so many reasons why this is important, Oklahoma City new home construction, primarily being that we get to find out what plan works best for you. You’ll get to go home, you get to go through six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes that way. Uh, you get a feel of what works best for you. In fact, our customers have told us that even if they end up buying a used home or even building with someone else, they found the model homes who were to be the single most helpful thing that they did during their home shopping experience.

Oklahoma City new home construction that’s because we focused on the function behind the design of the House floor plan and uh, you know, any of these plans are from thousands of comments from our customers coming through our doors to 30 years of architectural experience. And in fact, you’re actually looking at version one, a two point oh, or three point, oh, of a plan because we’ll redesign and redecorate based on popular trends. And so the way that the tour works is we, I’m doing them at the same time every week. You follow us in your own vehicle, that wake, if any kind of emergency comes up, you’re free to go at any given time, but we take them at the same time every week and that Saturday morning at nine, Sunday at five and Monday at six and they fill up pretty quickly. There’s only actually only a limited number of slots that we can hold for people before they fill up.

Oklahoma City new home construction, and then we have to. But in order to get you in on that, I’ll need to see if you want to join the tour, I’ll need. I’ll go ahead and hold a slot for that time for you right now. And that’s the importance of that is for Admin, a new home buyer is to be able to go on this tour, see the importance of it, and see the function behind the design. The reason why we do it is because I always give this example. The men row itself can be built 15 different ways, starting in one version as a one story, uh, that one can be for someone that may be an empty nester that once an extra room for guests or family to come in all the way up to multigenerational where we can add a game room, a, a bonus room, two bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs.

Oklahoma City new home construction so that range is a quite opposite ends of the spectrum, which you wouldn’t know that if you just came into one model home and looked around. The thing is, as people come into one where like, ah, I don’t really want a two story plan, well, most of our models are two stories to show you what you can do, but it’s just as easy for us to explain what it would be like as a one story. And most of our plans do come as a one story plan. In fact, right now we only have two plans that are built as two stories. A. Actually, I take that back. There’s three that is the Ventana stonebrook and the notting hill. Uh, so those were the main ones that we have that can only be built is two stores. The rest of them, most of them can be built as one or two.

There’s only a handful that can be built only as a one store. So for an ebb and new home buyer, when you’re going out in the market, the best thing that you can possibly do is just go on this too, or walk through, see why we laid out the rooms the way that we did and why we were intentional in the way that we did those. So that way you know. Oklahoma City new home construction so for a couple of ground rules on the tour, just to let you know, I’m going to point out just a few things in each of these and what I want to know is what you do and what you don’t like about it. You’re not gonna hurt our feelings to let us know what you don’t like. In fact, it just helps us narrow it down. What works even better for you because we believe that there’s something for everyone.

Our plans are versatile. And the other thing is, is that we won’t talk about pricing on this tour. Oklahoma City new home construction, I can, I will reassure you that, uh, we will cover that later on, especially after I’ll come give you at least the base price of what a home would go for in the community, but we have something called the price out where we will build your home on paper and give you every single number that you’ll want. And we’ll go room by room through a little presentation where you’ll get photos and all the different options that you can select from where we can get an accurate practice down to the dollar the way that you want to do it. And so when we go through this tour, we’re not really going to be talking about pricing. We’re religious talking about functions on this. So as an Edmund new home builder, our goal in all this is just to simplify this, make it as easy as we can. So that way the process for you is enjoyable because buying a home should be fun. Building a home should be fun. Making all the selections and building the home exactly the way that you want to should be fun. It shouldn’t be frustrating. You shouldn’t be lost. You shouldn’t be confused. It should be very clear and so thank you for joining us for this segment and we’ll catch you next week. Either. Jordan Moore 6 11-16-18

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