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Oklahoma City new home construction | Talking About Pricing

Oklahoma City new home construction | Talking About Pricing

Hello, this is Jordan with shaw homes bringing you another pro podcast and we are at the village at southern trails talking about the exciting news and that is we are building homes and Admin, Oklahoma. That’s right, Oklahoma City new home construction So with that being said, there’s a few things that we want to make sure that we talk about with you in this podcast this week. And aside from that, I’m massively exciting news is that we want to make sure that you know that there is a simple process to your path to your shaw homes, new home and Admin, Oklahoma. And with that being said, let’s go ahead and get started. I’m one of the main things that we like to talk about is the model home to her. The reason why is a model home tour is the best way for us to find out which home fits your needs.

And so when you’re there, you’re not going to have this experience in Edmond or an Oklahoma City anywhere. We have created such an awesome path here in Tulsa that people, uh, often built several homes with us. Oklahoma City new home construction, because we’ve simplified the process for them, uh, in the model home tour, we only take about 90 minutes of your time. Sometimes it takes a little more to get through all of some people’s questions because once we get started, people love it. They might seem a little apprehensive at first, but once they started going through them, they are excited to go through beautifully decorated model homes. They’re furnished fully decorated by our award winning design studio staff. We win awards every single year at the parade of homes because of how awesome these ladies are at what they do and it will not be any different for Admin, new homes as well, and you’ll actually be driving your own car that way.

If anything comes up, whether it might be an emergency or a, whatever it might be, you can leave a on your own. You’re not stuck in a vehicle with us. Then here’s where we like to emphasize that there is no pricing and no pressure. So we have one of two people. We had the person that comes straight into the model home and disaster. How much is this home exactly the way it is right here, and then we had the other person that says, I don’t want to talk about that. I don’t want any pressure. I don’t want to talk about pricing. I just want to talk about homes. And so here’s what we’re. I would say we’re not talking about pricing and I would reassure them, had reassure you that we will cover all the pricing, cover every single little thing that you want, but it will not be on this tour, Oklahoma City new home construction on this tour.

It is just information. We’re just going to talk about function. We’re focused on the function behind the design of why we laid out the rooms the way that we did. And it’s so important that you see that because a lot of people will just come in and say, oh, well I don’t like this song because of the paint colors. Well, that’s not the focus of why we built the home in itself. You can pick any paint color that you want a, we want you to see the reason why we laid out the rooms and, and, uh, certain areas. And why each plan has its unique selling points, what makes this plan different than the other one? And there’s an Oklahoma City new home construction. This isn’t any different than it would be for a Tulsa new home. There’s versatile plans and that goes for one or two story and then Tuesday story can be built different and there’s expansions that we can have even as one story plans as well.

We have over 72 plans for you to pick from as well as 500 home sites and over 28 different communities. So our model home tours really where it starts and we actually here in broken Arrow will start it at a ashbrook at the Prescott. He and then we moved from there to highland creek to seven oaks south to the village at southern trails a. and then we move all the way down over to bixby. And when we go over there, we’re going to the states at the river and somerset hop over to genes to Oklahoma City new home construction, Yorktown and to timber creek. And I will be able to give you a little bit more information on the communities as an Edmund new home builder of the you’ll have the opportunity to see model homes fully furnished and decorated by our award winning staff. I’m from Tulsa as well, and you’ll be able to two or those and get a pretty good idea of what you want to build there and answer any questions that you do have about the home buying process.

So we’re excited to announce that, that we’re expanding from just a, the Greater Tulsa area. We’re the largest home builder in Tulsa and our goal is to be the same over there too, because of the demand that we place upon the product. And that’s because our product is excellent. Our customer service is excellent and our path is simple. That’s what people want. You can take an alternate route and try to go a cheaper route or whatever that is, but you’re going to compromise the surface, your warranty, you’re going to also a compromise, Oklahoma City new home construction, the path and the simplicity. You might not even have the same number at the end when you go to closing anyway, but because we have preferred lenders that we have handpicked that know our process and we know exactly what to expect and they know exactly what to expect from us that we know exactly what those numbers are and there’s no questions about those.

And so as an Admin, new home builder, we offer those same things over there as well. And so after that model home tour we talk about, we kind of talked about financing a little bit. This is kind of where we can give you some monthly payment quotes, get you kind of an idea where you’re at. We have three preferred lenders here in the Tulsa area and it’s only a five minute application and it’s free. Most people think that you have to pay something for it or that it takes a while and it doesn’t. It only takes five minutes and most of the time they get back to you within an hour or so. But it’s a 24 hour approval process that wouldn’t get back to you pretty quick and let you know, hey, you got it, or you didn’t. Oklahoma City new home construction the awesome part is if you didn’t, we have a path for you to get on the path to your new home.

We want you to have a new home and we have step by step instructions on for you to do what you have to do to be in that position. Um, as the lenders there, they do an awesome job of letting you know, hey, this is what you, these are the adjustments that you need to make to get your credit score and the right place to be accepted for this or whatever that might be. And the awesome part about our lenders is that they are that match on my closing costs and they offer every single loan and also a match on the interest rate. Oklahoma City new home construction so that means if you have another lender that you have been working with or that you were wanting to use, we always encourage you to go ahead and try to get qualified by them anyway. So you, because they’re going to either match it and on top of that we always have an incentive going on and you get the full incentive if you use one of our lenders, if you don’t, you only get part of the incentive.

So that’s the other part that we want to do. The reason, like I said, that we want you to do that even as an edmund new home builder is so that way we keep you from getting frustrated and, and deals being blown up. We’ve seen it happen too many times where people will go through the process, get prequalified, that’s one number. And when they go to closing, it’s another one. There are a lot of dishonest lenders and we want to make, we want you to know that Shar homes, we handpick, enhance, select our lenders and that they will be honest and truthful and help you through the process they’ve done. Oklahoma City new home construction They’ve sold hundreds of homes with us. Um, and so they’ve been hand selected by Glen shaw himself. And so the next phase in all of that is the home site reservation. That’s a pretty simple process.

Oklahoma City new home construction what it does is it actually just starts to slow things down for you and Admin, new homes. This will be the same process for you and that is a thousand dollar deposit and once you give a thousand dollars down, it is refundable for seven days. And this at this point, this is if you find a home site that you like, this is, this is the place that you want to build your home, you can kind of slow things down a little bit, make no rush decisions, you can actually swap home sites at this point. So if you were between two of them, which we’ve had people do, I’ve had them do is where they like wine but one home, why not fit on one homicides so we have to move to another and we’re allowed to do that for that week. So we get all of your questions answered. We don’t cash the check and it’s refundable up to seven days.

This is also when the competing customers are blocked from the site. That’s the other exciting part is there are about 12 salespeople all working with 25 to 30 different people at the same time. This blocks other people from actually trying to purchase, uh, this, Oklahoma City new home construction, and build their home on the same side as you do. We have live software and we update it and we can reserve that home site. That’s one of a kind to you so no one else can get it. With that being said, we can multiply in homes all day long, but we cannot build more land. We can’t just come up with more land. That’s why it’s so important for us to get that homesite reservation down so we can move forward with building your home. So as an Admin, new home builder, we’re excited to say, hey, Oklahoma City or coming to you and we will catch you next week, uh, on a few more podcasts coming from the village of southern trails. Thank you very much. Bye. Jordan Moore 6 9-21-18

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