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Oklahoma City new home construction | The Best Function

Oklahoma City new home construction | Exciting Features

And again, here we are, this is Jordan wore with shaw homes, joining you in sevenoaks south off of 101st street between Lynn Lane and county lines. So I’m currently standing in the stone brook model and next door to me is the Greenville model home. And I would much, uh, I would, you know, I’m glad to say and present to you that uh, this is the most popular area of traffic. Most people come into this home because, uh, they’re just drawn to it. They love this area and they love this. They love the representative who doesn’t. He’s amazing. And so I wanted to talk about one of the exciting features for some of the exciting features that we do offer in our homes. Oklahoma City new home construction, but first and foremost, let’s talk about Edmond new homes. We are expanding our shaw family to Oklahoma City. That’s right. We are expanding to Edmond new homes.

Oklahoma City new home construction so you will have the same awesome process, the same great builder with great integrity to be represented in the largest city in Oklahoma. So it is our pleasure. It’s an honor, a absolute honor to be able to do that, and so what we’ve been talking about is just coming into the model homes and setting that expectation and so our. Our goal first and foremost is just to find out what that is for you, but we just want to connect with you. We want to find out your name. We want to find out, you know, what are some of your interests, what do you like, and what brings you out, and then just try to make a connection with you because we want to make sure that you know that are genuine interest is in you. We want to know about you so that way we can better find what suits you.

Our goal is to help you find the home that works for you, the one that has the best function for you, the best design for you and the one that you feel like, yeah, this plan was written for me. This plan was, was drawn out on a blueprint. This, these two bytes, two by fours were put here. This was thought of for me and my family and so we feel like we have a plan that suits just about everyone’s needs and Oklahoma City new home construction, that’s why we have over 70 different floor plans and we’re always constantly growing and changing and making those adjustments. But with that being said, we have three different price ranges for Oklahoma City new home construction will be able to present what that is for you guys, but for us here in Tulsa, we have three and that is Manchester Heritage and waterstone Manchester starts at one 70, goes to 2:30 and our heritage series, which is what I am in, starts at 2:40 and goes to 4:50 and waterstones pretty much for 50 plus. And so with that being said, our goal when people come to the model home.

So of course the importance of the model home to her is just to show the customers, Oklahoma City new home construction, all the different kinds of plans that we do have to offer because we really feel like there is something that will meet the needs of that customer. In fact, today I had a realtor come in that mentioned some of the things that they’re looking for and I was like, yeah, that fits just about every. We have a, we have a plan that fits every one of those needs that they’re looking for. So that’s the awesome part is also about having three different series of homes, you know, we have the Manchester, which is $170,000 to $230,000. Then we have our heritage, which is about 2:40 up to 4:15 and waterstones is about 40 slash 60 plus. And so, you know, it depends on what your customer’s looking for.

So I had been Oklahoma City new home construction, would offer a lot of these same features that we would. But when the customer come in comes in, or our goal is just to find out what works best for them, to simplify them, to simplify that process. Because there, there are some people that just need to be closed on. They have been searching and looking and looking and looking. And so I believe that we’ll find out a plan that will work for them and be able to move forward and kids in the home of the dream that they’ve been looking for instead of just continuing to search, you know, there’s a lot of people that are looking at used homes that can’t quite find what they don’t even consider Oklahoma City new home construction. So, um, like I said, that’s just one of the many fun parts that we do that, uh, are involved in new home construction.

And so as people come in, uh, our goal is just to connect with them and make it personable to them and finding in that process, just getting them to feel comfortable so they could let us know about what their situation is. And by doing that then we can find out what would work best for them. And so, you know, there are certain families that meet a two story floor plan and all of our model homes are two stories, but you don’t have to build them that way. That’s the awesome part about being versatile and his Oklahoma City new home construction. We build most of our plans is one or two stories. We only have two plans that can be built just as a two story and that fits the needs of a what some people need and so if it’s like that then you know, they’re like, hey we need our kids upstairs and they can have a game room and we just need to master downstairs.

Well we have a plan for that or we need two bedrooms downstairs into a kind of plan for that. We need, you know, three bedrooms downstairs and one up. What do you can do that on most of our plants. And so if there is an e next to the number, that means that that plan will have three rooms upstairs. When I say rooms, I don’t mean just bedrooms, just made a rooms in general, game room, bedroom and bathroom. It’s an age that’s for, it’s a fee. It’s five. If it’s a p, that means if a game rooms off to the side and it hasn’t been bad. It’s a cue. It’s two beds, one bath and a Gabriel and then a, a game room all night. So there are certain plans that have different variations of the first story and there are other plans that have different variations of the second story. And so as Oklahoma City new home construction, these are a few of those ones that we do offer, like I said, them in Rome can be built 15 different ways. That’s three different ways is a one story and for different ways for each of those as a second story in those, those are all the same as that second story, but it just very is a variation of that first a story.

And so some people will ask what are the differences between those. And they’re pretty drastic, especially when it comes to the Monroe, one to the monroe, to the Monroe one. As you come in, there is a dining room on your left and a study on your rights. And that does not have the walkthrough feature, uh, through the master. I’m like, some people do like this one actually means you go into the master, go to the master bathroom, into the closet. And that’s it as a main too. It has that walked through feature monroe too also has a really neat. I’m a private bathroom off in the hall where you can’t see down at, which is great because some people don’t want to have to see the bathroom from the living room and down that hall there’s also two bedrooms and I’m monroe. One a you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t have that back.

There will be the laundry room and a bathroom and a bedroom there, so some inroad to as well as you come in. All you have is the dining room or if you wanted to use it as a study would be under right and there would just be a closet on the other side. So it’s just different ways to utilize it with them in row. All of them in rows have the largest gray room of any of our plans as the largest outdoor living area of Andy, of our plans. And it’s definitely the most versatile of all of them because of all the different options and ways that you can build that floor plan. The Monterrey for can be built two different ways is a one story. Oklahoma City new home construction, but as uh, uh, there’s only one option that allows you to do as a second story the Monterey to actually, it’s just really just a large version of the Monterey one, so therefore we could technically add the rooms upstairs.

It would just be significantly more because you would have to expand all their rooms upstairs as well since you did on the first floor. Um, so, you know, those are district competence. You can have. So for Oklahoma City new home construction, we would offer a most of these plans over there as well. We’ll start to finalize what we can do and what we do offer over there. We’re just mainly excited to offer that. We have to say that we do build an Oklahoma City now and we have some great, phenomenal salespeople that are there that are selling the same product that has backed by our, it’s Tulsa’s best warranty and that’s a 10 year structural warranty and two year mechanical warranty and a one year everything appreciate you joining us for this one. And we’ll catch you on the next one. Jordan Moore 3 11-2-18

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