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Oklahoma City new home construction | The best opportunity

Oklahoma City new home construction | Working Quickly

Thank you for joining us for another segment. This is Jordan, more with shaw homes over at sevenoaks south and uh, we’re kind of going into a little bit more detail about just the customer’s need when they first come through the door. Uh, we find that a lot of other builders sell their model homes and we actually do when the community’s closed out, a, the primary focus of our model home is just that it’s to, to be a model and representation of what we build of our floor plans and when the customer, when the community closes out, then we will sell that floor plan. So when people come in off and asking about if the home is for sale, we just kind of let him know actually this one’s not for sale. Do you? Do you like this plan a lot? Great. Do you know if you want to build in the area? Like do you know if you want to build in this community, do you know which version of this floor plan? This one actually comes in a couple of different versions and I didn’t know if you knew which was. And which do you like the hardwood floors in this area? Or would you rather have tile?

We have a lot of different options that you can pick from. So the news that we also want to make sure that we’re kind of threatened throughout. This is Oklahoma City new home construction We’re expanding our family over to Oklahoma City. Uh, so you will have the blessed opportunity to be able to have sha homes as your builder there and such an easy, a fun process for you to end to owning your home. And so with that means that when people come in, we want to make sure that we are just clear that once we know a few variables, we can give you all the pricing that you want. But our goal really more than anything is to get you to go on a model home tours. This thing will save you a ton of time and you’ll find them to be the seriously the most helpful thing that she’ll do during a home shopping experience.

Oklahoma City new home construction the reason why is because we focus on the function behind the design and these tours are 90 minutes. We’ll go through six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes, and you get to drive your own car. We’re not holding you hostage. You just follow us in your own vehicle. And, uh, we’re not talking about pricing. There’s no pressure at this point. Our goal here is just to give you information, uh, when you agree that in order for you to make the right decision, you want to have all the information. So this is where everyone starts in our process. We’ve done this a few thousand times. So our goal is to focus on function. There is something for everyone and we have versatile floor plans, um, that come in one or two stories. Most of our plans, most of our models, I should say a r as a two story, so you can see a couple of different variations that we have, but the vast majority of them can be built as a one story.

We only have a few that can be built just as a cute story. And so on that tour just take you through, will start and, Oklahoma City new home construction, eastern broken Arrow there and work our way across the jinx. And we know that I already know that there’s going to be a perfect plan for you based off of the needs that you were telling me. I already have one in mind, but I know that’ll work perfect for you. And the great thing is, is we actually have over 70 different floor plans. We, we build it over 28 different communities and own over 500 home sites where the largest builder in eastern Oklahoma and Tulsa. And uh, we really pride ourselves on the experience and the process that you’ll have. And of course we have Tulsa’s best warranty that is a 10 year structural warranty at two year mechanical warranty and a one year everything warranty.

No other builder offers that, but we do. And um, the other thing is just making sure that this is just an enjoyable process for you. Doesn’t have to be daunting. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming, it doesn’t have to be a long process. In fact, it’s pretty simple. And we’ve, by this map, we’ve really mapped that out. And uh, the other awesome process that we have is something called a price up. And so for an Oklahoma City new home construction, this is where you would find this to be the most important thing is building it on paper, knowing exactly what that number is in your head. So as a customer comes in asking how much our model home is right off the bat, we just want to make sure, well, let’s see, Oklahoma City new home construction, what plan works best for you? And then we’ll price that one out for you.

Oklahoma City new home construction like I said, in order to make the right decision, you want to have all the information. This is a way that we would do that. We actually know exactly what it will cost to put everything in the home. So we will do a line by line and itemize this list for you so you can look at it and know exactly what that price is to be able to put those features in your home. Now we have an included features list that comes what comes in each of our homes. I covered that in last week’s segment, so we can let you know this is what every home comes with. And then anything beyond that. And you can kind of, uh, you know, add a upgrade or add any optional features too. So for an every Oklahoma City new home construction buyer, that’s the importance of doing the, uh, the price out, it’s just building your home on paper, knowing exactly what it’ll cost so that way there’s no surprises.

You get all your questions answered, you get to put, you pretty much get to build, kind of like your dream home. You get to go through and add everything that you want to see what that price would be. And then you can really just debate and argue and fuss, cuss and discuss on what things that you do or don’t want in your home. Oklahoma City new home construction, I’ve found that there have been some customers that will go to the price and I actually get just about everything that they wanted in the home or more. And we’re able to stay within their budget. And that’s our goal. We want to make sure that we get to as close as we can to your budget so that way you know, uh, there’s no surprises for you. We want you to be comfortable in that line. So we’re not there to sell you more than what you want.

We just want to find out that best plan that works for you and then add what you want or what you feel is important to add to your, to your plan a, we don’t put a ton of what people would consider upgrades in the home and the primary reason why we don’t is because we want to make sure that you had the decision to do it. So at our base price we have lower pricing prices than any other builder. Then giving you the choice and the liberty to be able to put what you find or deem important to add to it. It wouldn’t do us any good to have a higher priced home to have things in there that you don’t really find it important. If we put a six inch trim around the base and that’s not something important to you and that’s why I don’t know.

That could be a $500 expense that you wouldn’t have to pay if you chose to not put that in yourself or maybe you don’t want wood beams in the ceiling. That’s a pretty popular look right now, but that might be something that you’re not looking at or looking for and that’s an expense that you wouldn’t have to because you make the selection to do that. I think that’s a people’s misconception about coming in the model home. They, they like it, but when you get down to a handful of different things, it’s like, well, yeah, if I could pick out a different color than I would do that for sure. Or I know, I guess I really don’t need case molding around this window and that would save you some money there too. Or you do. And that’s the awesome part about that price side. As you get that number, you get to figure that out.

And as an Oklahoma City new home construction buyer, we offer this to you as well. It’s a fourth step in the process and um, it just gives you that information for me as a numbers geek, that’s something I would want to know. When it comes down to your budget, what is the total price of what I’m getting? And then what are those, what are those monthly payments look like? How much am I going to, how much would I have to put down if I was to buy this home today? And that gives you some more information to make those decisions. If you’re stuck between two plans, we can actually price them both out for you. That way you have all the information that you need in order to make that the good decision when you agree. So those are the things that we’d like to cover and we talk about those two.

Those are really the two biggest steps between that is the home site reservation. It’s important for us to find that one of a kind of home site that we can build your house on. The truth of the matter is is we can build this floor plan a thousand times over, but there isn’t any more land that’s being created. So once those are gone, they’re gone forever. And so we want to find that one of a kind of home site that works well for you. And I actually work with 11 to 12 other associates that are all working with about 10 to 15 different people at any given time. And they could already be looking at that piece of land and it could be debating about putting a reservation on it right now and we actually work on a live system so I can hop on there and if that’s the piece of land that you want, I can put, we can put the reservation on it and hold that for you.

The cool thing is is that’s refundable for up to seven days. So if you decide that you don’t want to do it, there’s no rush, there’s no issue there. We just want to make sure that we can take it off from other customers. Taking that. Like I said, we can build a home with a thousand times over, but we can’t create more land. So once you find that one of our kind of home site, we give you the option to take it off the market, slow things down. Let me make some decisions before moving forward. That thousand dollars that will take to hold it would actually go towards your down payment. I’m at the closing and is just working towards your home. That’s not a fee that we charged outside of it. It’s actually your money going towards your house. So for an Oklahoma City new home construction builder, these are the things that we do offer and we’ll cover more in the next segment. Jordan Moore 3 11-23-18

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