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Oklahoma City new home construction | Two Things To Think About

Oklahoma City new home construction | Two Things To Think About

Thank you for joining us for another segment. This is Jordan over at Shaw homes and here we are talking about custom option and features. So as an Admin, new home builder, we do allow you to do a modify our plans if you’re wanting to maybe extend a a wall or if you’re wanting to do an interior wall and enlarge those. Those two are very different things. You have a structural option and a nonstructural option, a structural option fees at $200 fee that goes into our drafting department and a that goes into making sure that we have, Oklahoma City new home construction, all the items. For example, we know exactly how many pieces of two by fours, how many nails I made, pieces of tile, how many tubes of cocking goes into every single home. And so when we modify that, uh, or when we change that, that changes of course the price of the home.

In order for us to find out what that is and to give you an accurate price, we have to then send our research team out to look at how much that will end up costing. That ends up being a $200 fee, if it’s nonstructural, it ends up being a $500 fee if it is a structural fee. Now, Oklahoma City new home construction, uh, if it is a structural option, and so depending on what it is, what we’ll do is we’ll go in and look at what the cost of the beef that’s even possible for us to do and if it is, then we can roll that over into the mortgage, into the mortgage if you want, but that is, it is required for you to pay that up front for every custom option that there is. We do find the vast majority of people are completely happy and want to keep the plan the way that it is, but we want to let you know that you can do those things to the plan if you want to.

What we have found over time is some people think that they want certain things, but then they realized what the cost of it is. Then they don’t really want to do it, which is why we put a fee there because we would send people out to do lots of hours of research to find out what that would be in order for someone to say, now I don’t want to do it. This encouraged us to make sure that it’s something that you do want to do and if it is, then we’ll do the research to find out to give you the price and then we can move forward from it from there if you want to. So it was an editor, Oklahoma City new home construction the new home builder that a price out is that next appointment that we’re going to set so you can find out exactly how much that home is going to cost you in your, in your total investment.

The awesome part about this is between the two of those, we have two other things that really need to be done. Uh, and to go into consideration for accurate pricing is number one, you need to talk to the lender. I don’t know if you’ve been preapproved or not, but this is important for people to do because Oklahoma City new home construction, and I also find that people seem be most intimidated by the lender, but they don’t need to be because their job is to give you the loan. The only way that they’re going to make money is by giving out loans. So they’re going to tell you what you need to do to either get pre approved for the amount that you want or they’ll let you just know what the number is. And so they’ll put you on a path in order to get you to the position that you need to.

So a lot of people just kind of run away. I think I often compare it to people and God and the church, they think they need to clean themselves up before they go to God. Uh, when, when they, when God cleans his fish after he gets them, this is kind of the same idea where you need to go to a lender to talk to them so they can let you know where you’re at. And then what you need to do to make any adjustments if you even need to make any at all, some people assume that you need to do some things before talking to a lender. Oklahoma City new home construction that’s not true. It’s better just to talk to them so they can let you know when you need to do a, before you move forward. Sometimes that means that, um, you might not even get pre qualified at all or sometimes it means that you will, and it might be for a higher number or a lesser number than you are already thinking there are the professional in their industry.

So it’s just best to talk to them. And so we put you in contact with one of our three preferred lenders. And as a, I’m Edmond new home builder, we would want you to talk to Ethan Wagner at Bok. We’d want to talk to Alexa gains as spirit and Juan Rodriguez at first Oklahoma mortgage. These guys are awesome. They’ve worked with us for years. They know what they’re doing. And the main reason why we have preferred lenders is because they provide the best customer service. Mr. Shaw’s heart is to, Oklahoma City new home construction provide the best building experience from beginning to end through the building process and one area that he saw that we, that he was continually losing people and deals being blown up was because of dishonest lenders and the way to fix that was to find out the best ones in the city and then give them an incentive to use that one.

So that way we could continue to have the best process, Oklahoma City new home construction, even through the living part. And so that’s the important part of. That’s one of the things that we have people do is to talk about financing. The other one is a homesite reservation. The importance of this one is pretty obvious. Once I pointed out, not everyone thinks about it, but we can build the plan that you’re wanting to build a thousand times over. But we cannot produce any more land. Last time I checked, God isn’t making any more land. So with that being said, once you find the one of a kind of home sites that you want to build your home on, we’ll give you an opportunity to do a home site reservation. And you’d get to reserve your home site for seven days for a thousand dollars. Now this thousand dollars is completely refundable. Um, we don’t even deposit a check.

We just hold onto it and that allows things to slow down. So you don’t make any rush decisions that way. You don’t feel the end of that pressure there. You’re able to go walk the land, get a feel for it, go, go on that price out, make an educated decision of what you want to do. Because once you find that piece of land that has that tree in the backyard and that view and you like it, the direction that the home is facing and you liked the location of the schools. The thing is is I’m working with a 11 other colleagues that are all working with about 15 to 20 different customers at any given time. That could be eyeballing the same piece of land that you’re looking at. Oklahoma City new home construction we work on a live system. So once we reserve it, we can take it off the system.

So that way no one else can be looking at it. You could have another customer that could decide tomorrow that they’re going to put a home set reservation on the home site that you’re looking at. And so by doing that we are able to reserve it. You can actually even swap it from there. So say you’re stuck between two and within this week, you can do that and say at the end of the week, you just decided not to. You can they? Thousand dollars is refundable, either tariff to check if it back to whatever, but at the end of the week it is nonrefundable. The thing is, is is thousand dollars just goes towards your, um, earnest money. This is just a down towards the down payment of your home. This isn’t a fee that goes towards us. This is your money going towards your home, which is pretty awesome. And so with that being said, Oklahoma City new home construction, once you find that one of a kind home side, this gives you that chance to slow things down and let you reserve it so no one else can take that piece of land.

Like I said, that plan that you want. And we can build that multiple times on different pieces of land. However, if you’re wanting that home site will want to put a reservation on their, um, as soon as possible. So as an Oklahoma City new home construction, those are the main things that we want to cover there. And then next one is usually the purchase agreement. Once he find that piece of land and you have the plan and you’ve priced it out the way that you want to, we’ll do something called a purchase agreement and you’ll watch an informative video that’s done by the director of sales. That way you’re hearing it from the top, you know, signing a contract on a home can seem intimidating. So you’re going to watch about a 40, 40 minute long video that’s done by the head of sales or the director of sales.

And he will pretty much answered just about every question that she’ll want to need that, that is really needed to answer. But at the end of that, we’ll answer any other questions. Of course that’s needed. And this is about an hour long meeting. Oklahoma City new home construction then we want to let you know, two main things, number one, your structural option and number two, your home site options, our final on this day. So once you find that piece of land and that floor plan, it can’t change after this day, but your color selections and your finishes are not final. So if you were really just having a hard time between the hardwood floors or tile, you can still change this during the design studio. None of that is final, just the plan and just the land our final on the purchase agreement. So as an Oklahoma City new home construction, it’s important for you to know that, uh, your mortgage or prep approval letter will be due. And then also any additional deposit would be due, and I’ll cover this a little bit more on the next segment, but there are a few other things I want to make sure that you know about that purchase agreement. So I want to say thank you so much for joining us. Oklahoma City new home construction, as an Edmund new home builder, we look forward to building your home in Oklahoma City. Jordan Moore 5 12-28-18

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