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Oklahoma City new homes | A great market

Oklahoma City new homes | Marketplace

So this is a podcast number one, let’s just Chaz and what we’re going to do, I believe we’re supposed to say Oklahoma City new homes I believe so. So that’s what we’re going to say. And in fact we’re going to talk about the, the Oklahoma City market. I used to sell homes, brand new homes for competitor down in Oklahoma. And guess what, the housing market, especially in Edmond, Oklahoma is quite good, quite brisk admin is a growing community. And so a Oklahoma City new homes people should be checking out, show homes, will be building our products. They’re in Ed, been. There’s a kind of a small college town. There’s several colleges there. There’s the Oklahoma. I’m a college, a central Oklahoma College. Uh, I think it’s called and some, some other college I used to actually, I’m going to go to salsa lessons down there. And so, um, that is what’s going on over there in Edmond and we’ll be building our homes heritage homes at Oklahoma City new homes. And so they are, um,

they’re going to be heritage to resolve, going to be well amenity. These homes will start at 18, five square feet and go all the way up to, uh, Gosh, I believe, uh, a 35 plus the 40,000 square feet, which is, which is a great market anywhere from three bedrooms. They all have two car garages, so anywhere from three veterans all the way up to, gosh, five, maybe six bedrooms, I believe all of the floor plans are open layout doping concept. That means that the kitchen is Oklahoma City new homes is open to the living room. Uh, they all have fireplaces. They all have covered, um, covered patio and, uh, the standard, they’re all brick on the exterior will start in the exterior. You can all always add stone, which is nice. You can add, you can add to stone, you can add stucco on the exterior. Uh, some of the gables are cited with a great siding product, which I’ll get into here soon. Um, but, uh,

yeah, that’s cited. It’s on the gables and on the photo windows, the areas that have gables, they’re cited, I believe above the first floor plate is cited. But again, you do have the option of putting other types of exterior material on their exterior like, or, or stone or stucco. I’m a really nice look and stuck up. Me and my wife loved this stuff, but we love the modern look, Oklahoma City new homes. And so we would opt to put stucco on our homes. I’m also some break in some, uh, some, some uh, stone, but a primarily we want to stucco the home. And so, um, I’m not too fond of the craftsman style, which means cited in the front with a winter coat, a brick, um, which is standard for our Manchester homes, which I sell. I don’t believe they are selling Manchester series resolves in Admin.

I could be wrong, but we will, we will certainly see, um, who I got to get an uber to get to get on her side. Did successfully. Yes, I did. I’m off to, to Song village actually to make sure that, uh, one of my customers lots is, is well, um, as well pinned. And I have some flags in the back that’ll also help determine the border. I’m Oklahoma City new homes, uh, the border of the corners of the property so that they can determine the size in relation to the that, that we provided. My customers will be building a liberty plan, which is a Manchester plant out in Tucson village, which is off of basically the creek turnpike and a and a county line road, but more specifically, it’s off of 121st, which actually in that area as the, as you approached countyline road turns into Tucson Street. Uh, and, uh, we are located just west of that intersection, a county line in Tucson street or a 121st, uh, Oklahoma City new homes, uh, on the south west corner just about a half a block west of that, uh, that intersection.

So anyways, that’s, I’m on my way to make sure that that law is well pin. I’m going back to Edmond again. That’s my stomping grounds. Beautiful College town and it’s growing north and she had north. You’ll also get to Guthrie, which is just a little bit of history, the original capital of Oklahoma. On a side note, it is, it’s worthy to note that Elizabeth Warren Aka Think Pocahontas, Aka Pocahontas, has just did her DNA. One thing I did not know is that she was born in Oklahoma City new homes little side note. Now, she is a, obviously a Harvard law professor and a Massachusetts senator and she has been, she has come under fire from president trump as having, um, uh, stated that she is native American, uh, come to find out she is less than one, 1000 native American, whereas the average a white European American, um, is, uh, is one eight hundreds and around their native American. So she thinks this is a win for her, but, uh, unfortunately it’s an appropriation I think as what the left calls trying to appropriate another person’s race as your own. So in any event, does that make all white people a minority? Is apparently so. I mean, it’s just opens up a whole bunch of questions, but I digress. Uh, uh, and then homebuilders. So going back to Edmond where we’ll be building our own

heritage, cheery psalms there. And the siding is a really unique siding. We did the demonstration in one of our sales meetings and he is just a fabulous material. Basically every single fiber is coated with the same type of fiber that, than a bowling ball is quoted. So even if that fiber work to break

water would not penetrate. It’s very important part of the mold problems that occur is this water infiltration of the siding. Um, if you break a, for instance, the hardie siding, which is even submit based, you break that water will penetrate, penetrate the, uh, the siding, a Oklahoma City new homes and that’s what you do not want. You do not want that at all. So, um, that is something that is worth noting and I have about a minute and three quarters to go and, uh, I think will make a really go a really good goal in this. So, um, that’s the siding that actually inherited series is still being used in the soffit also in the. I’m also in the gables, a, also info window area, um, soffit and facial. So all of the exposed wood that you see inheritance is basically not wood, but this product, uh, so that, that’s a big, that’s a big win.

Certainly. Um, the other thing to note about this, uh, Oklahoma City new homes is that, guess what? I have a minute left and I can just have pattern along. Um, I really don’t know what else to say about Oklahoma City new homes Um, but I’m glad that we’re there. Oklahoma City, maybe one of these days I can be a salesperson down in Oklahoma and also go to school and learn Hebrew. I’m so fascinated with that and I think that will be a really, really nice thing. Um, I can have a best of both worlds, really doing what I love and that’s selling homes, uh, meeting people and learning this wonderful, wonderful language and culture of Judaism, Hebrew. Um, I want to learn from rabbis because they have an enormous, enormous amount of teachings that they can certainly pass onto a oneness pentecostal like myself. So I’m very blessed to have the capacity to learn and I believe God will continue to help me learn. All right, until next time. Bye Bye. Chaz Inez 1 10-19-18

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