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Oklahoma City new homes | Energy efficiency

Oklahoma City new homes | Stainless Steel Appliances

The next item that we have that’s included with your Oklahoma City new homes is um, three waterproof Gfi receptacles. These are outlets that are just around the exterior of your house that are waterproof. So if water does happen to maybe get inside of these Gfi receptacles, what Gfi stands for is a ground fault interrupter. So if water does get inside, then these outlets, there’s a little break or inside the outlet and it trips instead of sending it to your breaker box and tripping breakers inside, they’re shutting off the lights to more of your house. And there’s also a little button to reset on these exterior waterproof outlets. So three of them come included, one in the front porch, one in the back porch, and sometimes a really cool thing that we have is called the Christmas light package. So if you’re one of those people that likes to decorate for Christmas every year, this Christmas light package adds to Gfi receptacles on either side of the house, in the soffit, so above right underneath the roof line. I’m also included is a timer in the garage to those outlets. So this way you can, you know, run your Christmas lights all around your roof, plug it into your roof as well, and then from the inside that you can set the timer to come on when it gets dark and go off in the morning. That way you don’t have to

keep plugging in your outlets to an extension cord. Um, we also have touched top notch mechanicals included with your Oklahoma City new homes, what comes included as a carrier, 80 percent high efficiency gas furnace that we also have a 14 seer carrier, high efficiency cooling equipment with automatic thermostats and with the heat and air control as well. There’s also a zoned heating and cooling with two separate units on two story homes for extreme energy efficiency. This is great for people who maybe they don’t go upstairs as often so you can keep the upstairs at a more reasonable temperature and keep the actual living space at a temperature that you would prefer.

We also have included is an a and o Smith or equivalent 50 gallon high efficiency gas or electric water heater. Um, it’ll primarily be gas in your Oklahoma City new homes. The only reason we’d have an electric water heater is sometimes those stairs or the second story go right over where the water heater is located, so we can’t vent the gas water heater properly, and in those situations we would convert to an electric water heater. We also have a 200 amp electrical service included with your show home and we use pecs, free pecs, freeze resistant plumbing lines, and this is a newer technology and that’s one of the benefits of building a brand new home it with your Oklahoma City new homes. We also have included in your custom gourmet kitchen, isn’t extended height bolts to nine foot ceilings. We also have built in stainless steel appliances with an oven microwave cabinet that features the cookie sheet dividers as well, and also a pot and pan drawer under the oven.

The appliances that come included are a whirlpool brand. Oklahoma City new homes, so you have a 30 inch whirlpool oven with oversized window. There’s a light as well with a clock and timer. We also have the whirlpool dishwasher with civil war spray and the whirlpool ventless microwave with a 1200 watt, one point six cubic inch turntable. I’m one of this. This is one of the upgrades that you can choose, would be to upgrade to a frigidaire gallery series appliance. Now if you upgrade your appliances, you upgrade all of them. Oklahoma City new homes uniformity is a beautiful thing. So we like to keep everything the same so you can upgrade to either a 30 inch or 36 inch cooktop with a five burner as well. We also have a custom hood vent above the cooktop in your choice of a two styles, a two door or three panels. Smooth. Also included is that high capacity food disposal. Um, but when that comes, included is actually a switch under the sink. But if you want it to, we can add a button in the granite as well to turn on and off your garbage disposal. It was also task area lighting with eight recess lights in the kitchen. And note and that comes included.


again, we’re just going over all of the included items in your home. And your Oklahoma City new homes, one thing that we do at Shaw homes is we have so many included features and then we allow you to upgrade from there. So we really allow you to build the home and design the home the way you want to. Next on our list of included features is the custom made solid stain grade, older or pink grade cabinets with a 36 inch uppers. If you wanted to, you could do the 42 inch or in some floor plans. You can even do a 52 inch cabinet with your choice of the Shaker farmhouse or raised panel door styles. It comes with hidden hinges and crown molding as well. We also have your choice of paint or stain color throughout the home. And your choice of doors or open arch ways above the refrigerator opening, including the house is also, um, granted in courts in a two centimeter thickness with your choice of flat, pencil, edge or half bull nose. We also have a full tile backsplash included, um, and a water line going to your fridge for an ice maker with an under mount stainless steel double bowl sink with your choice of Venetian bronze, Arctic stainless or chrome Mesh as well. Jesse Hancock (2) 9-21-18.mp3

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