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Oklahoma City new homes | Extending The Ceiling

Oklahoma City new homes | The Best Decision

Hey, welcome back to shaw homes website and thank you for taking the time to read this article and educate yourself so you can make the most informed decision. We always say having all the information is the way to make the best decision, so that’s what you’re doing now is just acquiring all the information and that’s the best thing about shaw homes is that we give you all the information upfront right down to the dollar of the home that you’d want before you make any decisions. That way you can make the best decision. Some builders might not do it this way and it’s not really their fault, but they don’t know what it will cost them to build these homes, so that’s why they give you their best educated guess, but throughout the process, prices always change on their point. But at Shaw homes, our prices are set because we’ve been doing it so long.

We know exactly what material costs us and exactly what our trades and suppliers will charge as well, so we know exactly what to charge our customers. Today we’re talking about your Oklahoma City new homes and the included features that comes standard in every single home. Shaw homes has more included features than any other builder as well. And the coolest thing is we have more upgrades and selections than any other builder as well. We have a little over 400,000 options with Shaw homes. And if you choose something that’s above one of our included features, if you upgrade something, I’m obviously the overrides are included features, but if you keep everything the way it is, um, today I’m going to read the list and just tell you what comes included with your Oklahoma City new homes. Um, we were reading through this already, so we’re going to continue where we left off and we’re talking about the magnificent master suite.

So what comes included in your master suite is the extended height tray, ceiling and details in the master bedroom. So this includes your ceiling fan, pre wire with bracing and mounting, um, with two separate switches. This is great because we actually embrace it between the studs of the ceiling. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a wobbly fan, but that is a sign of an incorrect bracing and installation, so we make sure we brace for this fan. That way you can, it can with stand a big heavy fan spinning around day in and day out. Um, this also runs to a separate switch so you can either just turn on the light in the room or turn on the fan as well. These ceiling fans come included

and your master bedroom, the living room and a game room. But if you wanted them in any other room, um, again, we would do just the pre wiring and the bracing for this home for this fan. But all of the lighting and ceiling fans come out of your lighting allowance. Uh, the way you’re lighting allowance works here at Shaw homes and for your Oklahoma City new homes is that with a single story home, you’ll get a thousand dollars. I’m sorry, with a single story home, you’ll get $1,500 and with a two story home and you get $2,000 and then you will go to our lighting studio and you’ll be able to pick out every single lighting fixture in your home from your coach lamps to your Chandelier’s, to all of your pendant lights and all of your ceiling fans. And that’s how our lighting allowance works. Also in the master suite with your Oklahoma City new homes is custom made solid stain grade, older or paint grade cabinets where you have your choice of the Shaker farmhouse or raised panel doors with your choice of paint or stain.

So that’s for the master bathroom. Also included in the master bathroom is a culture countertop. With the inner goal four inch back splash. Do you have your choice of an oval or a Ra? Ra Square sink as well. Um, you also had a fiberglass shower with a frame glass door with your choice of oil rubbed bronze brushed nickel or a chrome finish. And this is great if you were looking for an easy to clean shower. But some of our communities and most of our customers choose to do a tiled shower instead. Um, so that is considered an upgrade. But every month we have an incentive and this month it’s $15,000 in free upgrades.

Next in our list of our included features is you get one recess light over the shower with a separate switch. Oklahoma City new homes this is great. I mean if you’re in a shower without a window, it can get pretty dark in there. So having a, a recess light above the shower really helps. You also have a ceramic tile flooring throughout the master bathroom with the Towel Bar, the towel ring and a toilet paper holder included. And again, you get to pick out what finish you would like, whether it’s bronze brushed, nickel or chrome, and then toilets. Everyone’s favorite topic. The toilet that comes included is your standard round toilet. Um, if you want it to, you can do any long at toilet as well. Or an Ada toilet, which is just a chair heights toilet, and also elongated as well. And then all of your plumbing fixtures, you have a choice of your delta, a bronze brushed nickel or chrome finish as well. Moving onto our luxurious laundry room, um, and every single laundry room here with your Oklahoma City new homes, no matter the floor plan, you have a custom made, solid stain grade, older or paint grade, 30 inch upper cabinets, and a rod and shelf for hanging laundry. Also a lower cabinet with two centimeter of granite countertops. You can do granite or quartz again in the laundry room that comes included.

You also have your choice of the Shaker, the farm house, or the raised panel door styles as well. And it comes with hidden hinges and crown molding on all these cabinets. Um, you have an end wall washer box with hot and cold water supply drain. Oklahoma City new homes if you wanted to, you can stay with the electric gas or electric dryer, or if you wanted to, you can do the 2:20 volt connection for the dryer so you can have a gas or an electric dryer.

Next, what comes included with your Oklahoma City new homes would. We’re going to talk about our incredible interiors, so our incredible intuition come included with tile flooring throughout all wet areas. So this includes your entry, your kitchen, your nook, and all of the bathrooms and the laundry room as well. And then everywhere else throughout your new, your Oklahoma City new homes would be considered carpet. Now, if you were wanting to upgrade your flooring, um, whatever material you don’t use, let’s say you wanted to do a tile, would look in the living room that normally comes carpet, um, so whenever you delete that carpet, you would get a credit for whatever material you don’t use and you would just pay the difference to the tile price. So you’re not paying for both. You’re just paying the difference in cost.

But everywhere that does come carpet, you’ll also have a six pound pad included as well with the 36 inch superior built event free firebox with builder gas logs. And with a starter as well, you have a brick raised hearth and surrounded with decorative stained or painted wood mantle in your choice of classic or beam style. So that to be said that you do get a fireplace that comes included and it comes included brick all the way up to the mantle. Some of our customers like to choose stone. I’ll live to the mantle or sometimes even tile so you can choose brick, stone or tile for your fireplace. And then some of our customers like to go even above the mantle all the way to the ceiling. So those are options that you can do in your Oklahoma City new homes. All right, so throughout your interiors, again, you have those custom made solid stain grade, older or a paint grade cabinets in the hall, bats as well. And the utility room, again, your choice of that Shaker, the farmhouse or, um, raised panel, all with hidden hinges and crown molding as well. Um, we have bull nosed archways the corners

in all entry, living, dining room, study, kitchen and hallway entries. So anywhere you see an arched entry, you’ll have bullnosed corners and also have arched openings going through from room to room with your Oklahoma City new homes. Uh, but one thing that you can do, if you want a little more modern look in your new shaw home, you can, uh, have squared off doorways instead of arch, so that way you know, it’ll be also a little bit taller and you would have straight lines instead of curved arches throughout the house. We also have three inch Ogee base trim and two and a quarter inch casing throughout the homes interior on the first floor and second floor per plan and in the garage as well. So if you’re looking to build your next home in Edmond, definitely check out, show homes for your Oklahoma City new homes, and again, get all the information. That way you can make the best decision for you and your family when the time is right. Jesse Hancock (3)3 9-21-18.mp3

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