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Oklahoma City new homes | Family Centered

Oklahoma City new homes | Focusing On Building

Hey, thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy day to read this article and gather all the information so you can make the best decision for you and your family about your Edmund at new home. Uh, today we’re talking about Oklahoma City new homes and the path that we’ve created to get you through these steps. I’m one of the best things about Shaw homes is that we’ve developed the best path to get you from start to finish. Do you know from step one all the way through step 10, just so you know exactly what to expect if you choose shell homes to build your Oklahoma City new homes. Um, so just to recap a little bit, we’ve already gone through steps one through seven, so we’re going to recap those and then we’ll pick up on step number eight, which is where we actually start building the home and we break ground. So step number one is the model home tour. This is where we

take about 90 minutes to view a six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes. The main point of the model home tour is to find the function behind the design and what floor plan fits you best and your lifestyle. I’m also on the model home tour. One of the cool things that you had to drive through a different communities and you get to find the community that also fits your lifestyle. So if you wanted, you know, a community with, you know, an acre or one and a half acres, you know, with some distance in between you and your neighbor and you wanted your own private land, um, you know, we can find the right community for you or if you wanted a community with a pool and playgrounds and you know, a lot more family centered, then we can find a community that’s a lot more family centered for you as well.

Um, so that’s one of the cool things about the model home tour and there’s no pricing on the tour. So there’s really no pressure. Mainly just finding the function behind the design. What floor plan fits you best? Um, step number two is financing. So we connect with one of our three preferred lenders and they do closing cost matching conventional loans, fha loans, va loans, native American loans as well. They also do monthly payment quotes so you can know exactly what you feel comfortable with investing every month. Um, it’s a five minute application and a 24 hour approval process, so really easy, um, application. And the best thing you can do today is now exactly right are at, so you need so you’ll know exactly where you need to be to be in your Oklahoma City new homes. Uh, the three preferred lenders are spirit bank, Bank of Oklahoma, and First Oklahoma Bank.

They also do interest rate matching end closing cost matching. So have you already preapproved with another lender. Um, this is a great time to really shop around different lenders to find the best one for you. Um, and if you use one of our three preferred lenders, you get an extra $5,000 dollar incentive. So definitely encourage you just to submit an application to get that approval to get the extra $5,000 incentive. Step number three is at homesite reservation. This is where you put down a thousand dollar deposit, that’s 100 percent refundable for seven days. We don’t even cash the check and for any reason at the end of seven days if you’re not ready to move forward, we just a handy the check back. This allows for no rush decisions as well and switching homesites is allowed. You have to take your time, get all of your questions answered and like I said, we don’t even cash the check but it, it blocks all competing customers, um, because I don’t know how many different cells are different team members we have that are working with 10 to 15 different customers at any given time that are trying to reserve home sites.

And I don’t know who’s been looking at that home site that’s going to use you have your eye on. I don’t know when they plan to reserve it. So the best thing you can do is put down a thousand dollar deposit to reserve it. Take it off the market for seven days while we slow things down and get all of your questions answered. Step number four is the price out. This is where we meet at your favorite model. It’s about a 45 minute meeting with no, I’m sorry, 45 minute meeting with itemized pricing and no surprises. You’ll see what every little detail costs, the price that was really where you get to build your home on paper. And this is my favorite part of the steps for your Oklahoma City new homes,

the price is where you get all of your questions answered and it’s priced out the way you want to write down to the dollar, the total price printout on the spot with tons of options to choose and knowledgeable staff to help you every step of the way. Now, the price that takes about 45 minutes, and after that, if you choose shaw homes to build your home, you go to the purchase agreement, the purchase agreement, um, you watch a 45 minute video. It’s about a one hour meeting. During this time, all the structural options are final and the home site selections are final, but the colors are not. Final finishes are not final. Additional deposits are also do so if the homeless between zero and $250,000, it’s a $5,000 earnest money deposit for your Edmund, a new home and that’s all you’re in. And then shaw homes pulls a construction loan we send out for building permits. So you’re only in your earnest money deposit. And then we would build a home and let you design it. If the homeless between 2:50 and 300,000, it’s a $10,000 earnest money deposit. If the home is between $300,000 and $350,000, it’s a $15,000 earnest money deposit and it’s almost above $350,000. It’s a five percent of the total purchase price. Earnest money deposit.

Um, so number six of the design studio, um, this is our customer’s favorite spot in the process. This is where you get to sit down, bring your pinterest boards and all your inspiration photos and ideas. And this is where the designers help you pick out all of your selections and colors. You pick out, you know, interior is your first meeting. So your countertops and cabinets and flooring, the second meeting is your exterior. Both meetings are about two hours long. Um, you wrote with the award winning designers. Tons of options to choose from, but that’s why it’s great to have a professional designer help you through this process. Um, after that you go to the plan, review the plan review. That’s where you get to meet your builder. You get his personal contact information and

um, they go over the selections, they discussed the timeline, discussed the weekly updates. You also get to discuss the homeowner orientation and you to meet at the main office. You have to meet your builder, Review Your blueprints, and review your site plan and discuss the great of the land as well. Step number eight, step number eight is where we actually break ground and we start building your Oklahoma City new homes. I’m. The cool thing about the Oklahoma City new homes and our once we break ground, is that since you’ve already made all of your selections, you just get to kick back and relax and watch your home come together.

From the moment we break ground to the day we’re finished and you’re moving in is about five months. Um, they do what’s called a homeowner. Orientation is done onsite. This is where the builder will show you know how to light the pilot light, how to run the sprinklers, and really how to do the proper maintenance on your home. Um, you get to meet at your home, enjoy those progress, enjoy the progress of the home. You get those weekly updates, and we welcome all of your questions. So it’s an open job site so you’re free to go view your home and watch it come together at anytime. I’m with your Oklahoma City new homes. Step number nine is closing. So this is whenever you’re home is 100 percent finished, we’d give you the keys and it’s time to move in. Um, you get to meet at the title company, fulfill any other down payment. So if you, you know, you gave us $10,000 in the beginning as earnest money and you wanted to put down $50,000 at closing, you just bring on an additional $40,000 to pay right to the bank. Um, you also pay any closing costs, um, you signed for your mortgage and the title is transferred into your name.

Um, then step number 10 is the warranty. So we have Tulsa’s best warranty for your Oklahoma City new homes that’s a 10 year structural warranty, a two year mechanical warranty and a one year limited warranty.


with your Oklahoma City new homes there’s also a 24 hour emergency line and we have full time warranty coordinators on staff at Shaw homes. So whenever you call the warranty coordinators, you’re going to get a direct phone number to someone in our office, not somebody that’s outsourced.

You also have a 60 day follow up call. No home is 100 percent perfect. But with your Oklahoma City new homes will get pretty Dang close. But at 60 days we will give you a followup call to make sure everything’s going okay. And if not, we’ll send somebody out to take care of a few of those things. And then again, at 11 months we’ll give you a followup call to make sure everything is running smoothly. And really that’s the benefit of buying a brand new home is that it’s brand new, so there should be no issues, but like I said, no homes, 100 percent perfect. So Wilson somebody out at 60 days and 11 months to take care of those issues. Um, and then after that you just covered by our excellent service and that 10 year warranty. And congratulations, you are now in an Edmund at new home. So for any other details, definitely visit [inaudible] dot com. And we look forward to building your Oklahoma City new homes. Jesse Hancock (5) 11-2-18.mp3

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