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Oklahoma City new homes | Fixing Some Mistakes

Oklahoma City new homes | Popular Styling Choices

All right, now we’re doing, um, I guess we’re doing the second podcast, so the second 20 minute podcast for Oklahoma City new homes gotTa, make sure my fly is up. We’re going to go into the exterior paints now and uh, show the main color for the first one is Alexandria, Beige. The color, the number is h c seven slash seven Oklahoma City new homes and the trim and the garage color that is paired with Alexandria, beige is merry time. Uh, which is uh, tanner. Alexandra beiges is kind of a true proper, well I can’t say that it’s brown with some yellows in it. Now the next one is actually is quite popular as the night train that has, it’s a blue tone that has some greens in it, kind of a, um, aqua blue I would say. And what’s paired with that is northern cliffs, which we actually have the interior paint.

It is a very ultra, ultra light gray, almost white, but you can see some gray tones in it. The next one is Chelsea Gray, which is very, very popular. Probably the second most popular and that is paired with a white, which is calm. It’s almost a true white, um, and that is kind of a two shades lighter than the absolute most popular exterior color. Oklahoma City new homes, which is Kendall charcoal, uh, which, uh, is a, a kind of a medium to dark gray. And that is paired with silver satin, which is a compared to what a very bright white. And the reason why it’s so popular is that it’s our, uh, one of our models, which is the Cambridge for plan Oklahoma City new homes, that’s the exterior color. So people look at that, it looks quite modern and it looks great and so they choose it. Uh, in fact, uh, there’s been some mistakes where by a lot of the homes that are next to each other are that color and, uh, so it makes the community quite gray.

And that was definitely a mistake. So going onto another popular color, which is northern cliffs, that very, very, very light grade that I spoke of before, as the main color is paired with a Roosevelt tope. And that tope is a truth tow. Probably more Khakis in it, but it’s quite a dark tope. I’m going to an exterior main exterior tope, which is a lighter more brownish tope is the sage mountain paired with maritime, which again is very, very light cream mish white. Another exterior that we have for Oklahoma City new homes is smokestack gray, which isn’t a gray at all, but it is a blue. It’s almost a, does have some grays in it, but it’s almost true blue, uh, I guess, uh, a very bright grayish blue and that’s paired with silver chain. And silver chain is a, um, white as well, but, uh, with some noticeable light light grays, almost like the northern cliffs, but not as great.

It’s more of a brighter, brighter gray, if that makes sense. Now I’m a few folks have chosen the exterior colors of our main model home, which is the Birkdale and uh, uh, basically we’re looking at Oklahoma City new homes. The birkdale model is, has kind of the reverse. I’m so far throughout this whole description. We’ve had darker colors as the main color and lighter colors as the trim, color and trim. I mean the trim and the garage. Uh, but the Birkdale is quite different. It is actually the main color is silver satin, so practically white and a very, very dark, dark deep brown, which is bittersweet chocolate and that bittersweet chocolate is the trim and the garage. So we’re looking at that reverse. I have to, you know, correct myself because there was another reverse and that was a northern cliffs, which is that light white. And then the darker Roosevelt, the last of this reverse color is the harbor gray, which is a very light gray, almost like the northern cliffs, but more of a bluish gray hue and a very dark Kendall charcoal, the same color as the, uh, Cambridge model.

I’m Oklahoma City new homes, uh, as a, but that is for the trim, so it’s a reverse. And lastly, we have the Galveston Gray, which goes back to the normal, um, the Galveston Gray, uh, which is a, which is a proper gray, uh, with the silver Saturn, which is a white trim and garage. So those are the colors of the exterior. I’m Oklahoma City new homes. Uh, there are some colors of the walls and they’re basically all light color. Save some that are more tacky. Uh, we’re looking at Edmond homebuilders, so in terms of the grace Galles we’re looking at from light to dark calm, and we’re also looking at grey owl, which is a shade darker, and then Harvard gray, which is a shade darker even than that makes be home builders. I guess this would be considered a gray. So we’ll look at northern cliffs, more of a gray with some browns and then revere pewter, I would say would be that as well. Then of course the true Brown’s we’re looking at wind schwinns breath, then a shade darker would be Manchester Tan and darker than that would be bleaker base. So that’s how I would separate them I suppose.

Yep, that’s it. Oklahoma City new homes I’m sorry, Edmond homebuilders. Now I have three minutes. Oh my goodness. I’m running out of things to say here. So, uh, but we must press on now. I’ve been here at silver leaf several if is a great, great, uh, police that’s driving by. Oh my goodness. I still need to kind of go over some of these things. Backsplash. Actually we have some foot tile as well. We have a signal, I’m a octagon white thought, which is up the guns with a diamond shape, smaller tile that are white. We have that same tile but with great and we have some quite interesting other choices like a basically little squares called keystone urban puddy and keystone desert grace speckles, Oklahoma City new homes. We have a bunch of tile. We have a whole bunch of faucets that people can use. We even have different colors, have different colors of a all nos for the shower.

Very interesting brick. We have three red tones, a brick on the other side. We have three gray tones and my goodness, I have a TV that doesn’t work and we have some other things. A bench here. We have a nice little rug covering the stained carpet and I just know stained a, um, flooring. It’s actually Polish, not stained. It does have some chips. I’m wondering if we can actually fix that, but I don’t know because I’m not aware of anything else. And uh, I have no idea. No earthly idea what I’m talking about. So anyways, we have quite a bit of things to discuss. A Edmond homebuilders a got a broken credenza and also broken cabinet and I am just rambling on here because I have absolutely no idea what else to say, but I do have just a little over 30 seconds to say nothing. So I’m going to just read Frigidaire, which is slide in black, five burner solid stain grade alder color throughout home choice edges, flat pencil, high efficiency cooling equipment. And that is everything that she said. I got 10 seconds left and that is going to be um, for five seconds. And I am done. Chaz Inez 2 09-28-18

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