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Oklahoma City new homes | Move in ready homes

Oklahoma City new homes | What is the price?

Hello, this is Jordan, more at Shaw homes, joining you in sevenoaks south, which is in the south of broken Arrow and we appreciate you joining us for another segment. The thing that we are focusing on that we’re talking about lately is Oklahoma City new homes. We’re expanding our family into the Oklahoma City area and so now you guys will be just as blessed as the Tulsa area for having the best builder. Now we have moved over there as well and expanded our family so you get the great beautiful homes that we have and, uh, all of the awesome features that come with those things that I share with you every single week and will continue to. And so we appreciate you joining us. Again, like I said, and we’re just going to cover a few different topics this week and I certainly hope that everyone had a good thanksgiving. And, uh, one thing that’s real important right now is that we’re, um, taking the time to get ahold of a lot of the realtors because we have an awesome special, uh, where we’ve adjusted the payout for the realtors to four percent.

Um, to, uh, the move in ready homes than the three percent that we normally pay out. And so this is a pretty awesome promotion, uh, and we’re so glad to be able to share with them and just be able to get some of these moving ready homes sold and to the buyers and that are looking for these homes and realtors are good at being able to bring people in that direction and bring that traffic in. And uh, that gives us the opportunity to be able to then start on construction for some new homes just in time for the parade of homes that will be coming around in June of 2019. And so that’s one of the awesome things that we are showing and talking about. But one thing I wanted to mention, uh, as an Oklahoma City new homes builder, um, I wanted to just talk about stuff oak south and now when people come in initially they will always want to ask how much is this home?

If I were to build it exactly the way it is right now, what’s that price? And my response to that is, well, you can actually build this plan as low as $263,000 and $263,000 a if you build one version of this plan, but if you select a different home site, specifically one of the home sites, uh, and you build a different variation of it, it can go up to $306,000. So that range is a pretty large, just depending on where you want to build it, which version that you want to build it. Do you know which version that you want? And, and do you want to build in this community? Do you want to stay in broken arrow? And so those are the things that will usually ask just to kind of figure out where people are at and what they’re doing. Sometimes we find that when they come in, they want to ask and they want to know the price so they can know well, okay, well then I’ll just eliminate you and move on to the next person.

Well, the thing is is we have a variety and a range of spectrum of prices and the thing that determines the price and those are number one, we’re selections. Number two, you’re the land and where that land is of course, is one of the most important factors to that price because it costs the same to build that home no matter what. Um, so we can tell you what that base price is, but the thing that varies in that pricing is location. Oklahoma City new homes so naturally, if you started in broken Arrow and you’re on the outer skirts of rope narrow, the land is much more affordable because it’s further out. It’s not as conveniently located. The ones that are more conveniently located and in higher demand, that land is of course at a higher cost because we had to buy it at a higher cost. A big speed genes are the ones that are in high demand.

People always want to live out in those areas and so naturally the land is just. I’m more of an investment out there that it is uncertain. Parts of broken Arrow, central broken arrow is more of an investment than I’m out or broken Arrow, which would cause it to be much more affordable to live out in that direction, uh, places like highland creek, um, because of its location and even really honestly ashbrook with a half Acre land is much more affordable than living in the middle and somewhere like I’m rushed brick north or a village at southern trails because that’s a much more central located place. So that’s what we tell people. Oklahoma City new homes We can build a version of this plan and a certain home site in this community for as low as two 63 eight, but another version of the plan on a different home site as high as $306,000.

So it really is a big range of the spectrum. I’m going to repeat that a few times because it bears repeating and also just to help me better memorize it too, to help those people as they come in. So when they asked that, like I said, the main thing is to say, oh, well do you like this floor plan? That’s awesome. Well, you can build a version of this floor plan in this community as low as 263 eight, but depending on the version and which home site that you pick in this community, it could be as high as $360,000. Do you know where you want to build? Do you want to stay in broken arrow or a seven slash south? And do you know which floor plan? Oklahoma City new homes the reason why I ask is because we actually build and over 28 different communities, we own 500 different homicides and we have over 70 different floor plans.

And so to ask the price of what this home is, um, is not really a fair question because this home number one is not for sale and because it’s not for sale, I don’t have a price for a number for you on that one. Um, and, but if we can find out which community that you want to be in and which home site that you want to select and which floor plan, which version of the floor plan that you want to select, then we can do something called a price out. Have you ever heard of a price out? And then we’d tell them about the price out, but then we back up and let them know the importance of that model home tour. So we’ll, Oklahoma City new homes, there’s something called a price out where we actually build your home on paper and we itemize everything down to the dollar and we’ll give you a list and you’ll get an entire printout of what it, what it costs to build a home for all the selections that you want and you’ll know exactly what that number is, um, before even moving forward.

But where do we start with everyone? Because we have actually over 70 different floor plans and we actually have more fully furnished and decorated model homes than any other builder in the Tulsa area. We take people on a model home tour and on that tour you would actually follow us in your own vehicle. That way if anything comes up, you’re actually free to go at anytime and is an Oklahoma City new homes builder. We would feature and talk about this the same way that we do in the Tulsa area. And so we would tell people we actually have more fully furnished decorated model homes than any other builder in the area. And for that reason we take people on a tour because really who doesn’t love to see beautifully decorated model homes. Um, when we design a plan, there’s a great deal of thought put into why relaid out the rooms the way that we did and that these, these plans come from 30 years of architectural experience.

We’ve been around since 1985 and it comes from thousands of comments from customers that have been through our homes. And in fact, you’ve, you’re actually looking and standing in version two point oh, or three point, oh, of a plan. Because we have redesigned and rebuilt a model based on popular trends. And so the way the model home tour works is we take people, um, we take several families at the same time and you would follow us out on your own vehicle once again, just in case anything happens, you’re free to go. And, Oklahoma City new homes, we go through six to 12 of those homes, takes about 90 minutes or so. And uh, we will go through. We’re not there to talk about price, we’re not there to talk about or to add any pressure. It’s literally there just to give you information to walk through these homes.

We talked about the function, the function behind the design of the homes floor plan, like I said, why we laid out the rooms the way we did and there’s actually only a limited number of people that we can take on the tours. We do the tours every single week. That’s a Saturday morning, Sunday night and Monday night. Um, but there’s only a limited number of spaces. So if you’re wanting to go on the tour, I’m going to have to hold you a spot because they fill up pretty quickly. Does on the, does the weekend or the weekday? Usually work better for you and then once we find that out, we can usually schedule someone. I’m on a model home tour at that point and then take them. Once they go through that process, they realized how quick and simple it is. And as Oklahoma City new homes builder, that’s our goal is to just simplify the process for anyone coming through the doors. Jordan Moore 1 11-30-18

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