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Oklahoma City new homes | Submit an Application

Oklahoma City new homes | Find The Floor Plan

Today we’re talking about a Oklahoma City new homes and gathering all the information so you can make the best decision for you and your family. Um, one thing that I really love about shaw homes is that, you know, we have over 75 different floor plans for you to choose from and a lot of the times if you walk into a floor plan that you don’t like or maybe it doesn’t fit your needs, one of the other 74 different floor plans will, um, some of our floor plans have been redesigned 15 different times. So, you know, one of the things we do is take our customers on a model home tour. That way they can see all of the floor plans and really find that floor plan that fits them and their needs the best. And then move forward from there. After you find the floor plan that you love for your Oklahoma City new homes.

The second thing that we like to do is connected to one of our three preferred lenders. Really just to help you understand what your payment would look like. Your monthly payment is what it comes down to. A lot of times when people are trying to buy their next house or a new house, they hear numbers like $400,000 and $300,000 and that doesn’t register to a lot of people, but if you hear the number $1,500 a month or $1,600 a month, that makes much more sense to a customer, so that’s what it comes down to. So that’s why we like to connect you with one of our three preferred lenders so you’ll know what monthly investment you feel comfortable with every month just to make sure that you’re making the best decision for you and your family. Have these three preferred lenders, they offer closing cost matching, interest rate matching.

They also offer all types of loans, which is the va loan, the native American loan, the Fha, conventional loans, and an rd loan. And you know, one of the best things you can do is you know, know exactly where you’re at today. So that way you know where you need to be. Some of our customers, they think that their credit score is too bad or they don’t have enough money right this minute to purchase a house or to build a house, but still one of the best things they can do is talk to a mortgage lender, one of our three preferred lenders because they really helped build a path to get you to where you need to be. Some of them think, well, I need to wait two years before I can build my Oklahoma City new homes. And then in two years they wanna start the process, but they haven’t done no preparation to get there.

So if you want to build a home in a year and you don’t think that you can qualify, talk to one of our lenders and they’ll set up a plan to get you there. Um, if you need to work on some credit things or pay off some debt or save up some money, you know, they’ll tell you exactly what needs to be done and help you with, with a timeline to get there. So like I said, one of the best things you can do today is take five minutes, submit an application, get that 24 hour approval process, and they know exactly what you need to do to move forward. Some of our other customers looking, build an Oklahoma City new homes. Maybe you are preapproved for $500,000, but you don’t want that monthly payment every month. And so that’s the, that’s the flip side of this coin is that, you know, there’ll be able to tell you what monthly payment you feel comfortable with and keep you within a budget that you want to be in moving forward.

The next thing that we do on our path to your new show home is called that home site reservation. Um, you know, we have over 25 different communities and over 500 different home sites. All of these homicides are one of a kind. And at any given time there’s 13 different salespeople working with 10 to 20 different clients trying to reserve and build on home sites. So if you find that one of a kind home site that maybe backs up to some trees or is it a cul de sac or in that community that you’ve always wanted to live in, um, one of the best things you can do is just reserved that home site and the way you do that is with a thousand dollars check written to shaw homes. Um, and this allows us to take that home site off the market for your Oklahoma City new homes. I’m really allows you to take your time, get all of your questions answered and this allows for no rush decisions, making sure you know, you get all of your questions answered and then you have seven days to gather all the information and see if this is the best fit. And if it is, then would move forward onto the purchase agreement. And if for any reason at all, you’re not ready to move forward. At the end of seven days, we literally just hand you the check back

and it’s 100 percent refundable after that is the purchase agreement. Step number five. So the purchase agreement is where you would watch a 45 minute video on this, helps set your expectations for your Oklahoma City new homes and you know exactly what to expect moving forward into the design studio. But then at the purchase agreement, it’s about a one hour our

meeting, um, if you wanted to change your mind on, we allow that and most of our customers change their mind. But one of the things you can’t change your mind on is the floor plan you chose. And the other thing is the home site you chose to build it on because whenever we’re building your Oklahoma City new homes, we have to be very specific whenever we turn it in for building permits and construction loan paperwork. So we need to know exactly what floor plan and what homesite you’re building it on. But other than that, if you know the finishes are not final, uh, the colors are not final, the granite or hardwood is not final. So you can change your mind on any of that stuff in the design studio. Also we need additional deposits due at the purchase agreement. This is a $5,000 if your home is between zero and $250,000 from 2:50 to $300,000, it’s a $10,000 earnest money deposit and then between 303 50, it’s $15,000. Earnest money deposit. Anything over $350,000 is a five percent earnest money deposit. Also do at the purchase agreement for your Oklahoma City new homes is a mortgage approval, so this is what the bank would send you just to say that you’re preapproved for a mortgage and again, your mortgage doesn’t actually start until about six months later

about 30 days from closing, but we do need you to use one of our three preferred lenders because at the time of preapproval they also do some underwriting just to make sure that you are going to close on your Oklahoma City new homes in six or seven months.

Also at purchase agreement will need to know if your contract is going to be contingent or not. If it’s contingent, this means that it’s contingent on you selling your current house and we do this all the time. For some of our customers, because maybe they have the equity in their home that they want to put in on their new house or they just don’t have that earnest money yet and they need to sell their current house in order to build their next house. So what we came up with was a contingent contract for selling your new house and this allows you for this allows for 120 days

to sell your existing house

until we move forward in the design studio.

Also, one thing we do is called the delay of build. So this is used primarily for people who are maybe renting and they have 10 months left and they’re in their lease and we can delay the build for up to three months and that way we can put them into their brand new Oklahoma City new homes, closer to the end date of their lease. So if you’re looking to build your admin new home, the best thing you can do today is go to [inaudible] dot com. That way you can gather all the information so you can make the best decision for you and your family. Today I was just talking about some of the steps that we’ve created, um, for your paths, your new Shaw home, and the path to your Edmond new home. The first step, like I said, is always going to be that model home tour.

This is where you get to drive through and look at all of our different models. We have more fully furnished and decorated model homes than any other builder. So whenever you’re looking for a new home for your Oklahoma City new homes, most of our customers are so visual, they need to see the home in person before they make these important decisions. And that’s why we have so many model homes. So you can actually walk through these floor plans. It takes about 90 minutes and you’ll look at anywhere from six to 12 fully furnished and decorated model homes. You also drive your own vehicle. So if something comes up, you’re free to go at any time. Um, there’s no pricing on the model home tour, so there’s no pressure. It’s just focused on the function behind the design. So that’s step number one is the model home tour. The step number two is financing, again, connecting you with one of our preferred lenders. That way you can know exactly where you need to be, um, to purchase your Oklahoma City new homes. Then you get to reserve your home site with your Oklahoma City new homes. Then step number four is the price out. This is where we allow you to really build your home on paper. You look at to find out that bottom dollar price for every single item, if you want it to put it in the double ovens or the hardwood floors in your Edmond new home, um, you’ll know the price, the bottom dollar price, that way you can have all the information to make the best decision for you and your family. And then step number five was a purchase agreement. Jesse Hancock (5) 10-12-18

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