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Oklahoma City new homes | Your very own design

Oklahoma City new homes | Bringing You Home

Hey, this is Jordan with shaw homes bringing you a podcast on September 17th of 2018. So today we are talking to you about something that’s exciting and that is actually we are building in Oklahoma City now as Oklahoma City new homes in Oklahoma City. So this is an exciting thing that we were just told about last week. And so we’re expanding shaw homes out of just the Greater Tulsa area into another city. Um, we are excited to be able to bring these floor plans and our service and our system over there to help more people find their dream home and uh, using our proven path to achieve that home as quickly and as simply as they possibly can. Um, a few things that I wanted to mention along with that is with our path to your new home, it always starts with a model home to her, our model home tours or the same times every single week.

And that is Saturday morning at nine, Sunday at five and Monday at six. And since we actually only have a limited number of people that we can take on the tour, we actually want to make sure that we sign you up for those, um, that way we can get you in that slot, save you that slot and you just follow. I’m the community manager out on your own vehicle. That way, you know, if anything comes up, you’re, you’re free to go at any time. Oklahoma City new homes, but the goal of those, uh, is so you can see the function behind the design of the homeless floor plan more than just decoration, more than just decorating ideas, which is something a lot of our customers will do. Um, during, during their design studio is there, they’ll send themselves back out and look at the selections that they saw.

But more than anything, when we get to take you out, we get to focus on that function more than anything. Why we laid out the rooms the way that we did. And these all come from, you know, several years, 30 years of architectural experience. Oklahoma City new homes it also stems from thousands of comments from customers made that have been through our homes over the last several years and we listened to our customers, we want to make sure that we’re building the most efficient floor plan that we possibly can. And so we listened to what people are wanting and we also changed things towards popular trends. We know, uh, as you can see as you go through the model homes, you’ll be able to notice what, what is popular. Um, so it was just like I was on the phone with someone the other day. They always go to the parade of homes to see what’s new and exciting in the home building industry.

But the thing is, is we do those tours all the time and we get to focus on that function more than anything. We get to show you why we laid the rooms out the way we did and each plan we believe fits each family’s need. Um, for example, if we were to look at the Monroe, you can actually build them in row 15 different ways. So I’m often people will come to us and ask if we can, if we build custom, uh, the, what I would ask is what don’t you like about the plan or what could we change about the plan that would make this plan suitable for you to customize that because when we look at them and row, since you can build it so many different ways, we believe that there’s a way that, that can be built for someone else. Oklahoma City new homes, and whether it’s an empty nester or a multigenerational, that we believe that there’s a home that’s out there for each person and not on.

Not only that, each one just has a different feel to it. Oklahoma City new homes, for example, we have them enrolled. One, I’m inroad to in a moment, monroe, three, those are all just one story. The, but that’s three different ways that you can build the first story of that one story. And then all the other variations, those five different ones of each one as are all the upstairs optional features. So some people want to come in there, they might be elderly and they just want a one story. They’re downsizing, whatever that might be, we have it for growing families and shrinking families, whatever, whatever that is, hosting entertaining. And so the Monroes is one of those mini ones. If we go over to the press, got that one. It can be built for different ways. Starting as a one story. Then going to a two story, uh, you can have a game room, just a game room only upstairs and then you can add a bedroom.

But with Oklahoma City new homes, the, our feature focused on all of those is making sure that we build a floor plan that is suitable for you. Um, so on that model home to where we really focus and highlight on all those things that you might not have normally seen if we didn’t, if we didn’t point those things out, something as simple as the snooze button feature that we have in a handful of our plans where you can access the master bedroom through the utility closet as you come in through the garage. So you come into the garage, you step into the utility closet, go into the master closet, and then from the master closet, usually into the master bath and then into the master bedroom. The benefit of this of course is that a say that two different people have two different sleep schedules. One can actually go get up to go to work, close the door behind them when they go into the master bathroom and not have to disturb the other one’s sleeping.

Um, while they leave, that means I can go back and forth between the bathroom and the closet, getting ready and then leave out into the rest of the home, even to the kitchen and leave out the garage without ever having to disturb their spouse while they’re sleeping. Um, so those are just things that we like to point out that people might not always see. And then by the end of the model home tour, you’ve seen so many different homes that sometimes they kind of start to bleed together. You’re don’t remember the name or you don’t remember how the master closet looked in one, but you remember the dining room or the other. And so the purpose of that is just to make sure that we can give that information to you and that we’re here with you throughout that process. So in Oklahoma City new homes that isn’t any different, our process actually will be carried over there as well, and you will have a trained salespeople that are there to help you along that path.

So that model, home tours, one of the biggest things that we emphasize on financing, um, we will be informed as to, um, our, our lending options and when those might be in Oklahoma City, but the stuff is still the same right there. After that is a homesite reservation. Always important to know which home you’re building your home on. I mean, which homicide you’re building your home on. And we have a handful of home sites for you to pick from in Oklahoma City new homes. They’re, uh, the price out is something else that is pretty exciting where you get to see the exact amount of what your home will cost on the home site and that community. That way there’s no, there’s no mystery as to what that is. I myself have happened to be a bit of a numbers Geek and it’s something I’d want to know for something that’s, that large of an investment, Oklahoma City new homes, is building someone’s home or even their dream home.

It’s usually the largest investment. I would want to know what that number is. I wouldn’t want that to be a surprise and we can actually get you that number down to the dollar. And a lot of people walk into the model home and want to know exactly how much the model home is. Well, this one’s not for sale. Uh, the main thing that we want people to know is, is there are so many variables in the way that you can build your home. The main thing that we want to do right now is find out which home suits you best and which community or home site. And then from there we can actually then pick a, pick it and price it out to the exact number. It’s not like we’re holding out on telling you the number, but it actually gives, we have the ability to give you a more accurate number when we do that.

So the price, that’s awesome. Uh, it’s not final by any means on anything. It’s just so you can look at things in a way. A few things out. We can price out several plans on one a home site just so you can even see, like if you’re having a hard time between them, the Monterey or the Monroe, uh, and your Oklahoma City new homes, it’s not going to be any different. The, the cool thing is that we’ll be able to price that out on each one of those so you know exactly how much you’re paying for your home. Uh, and there’s, there’s no questions and we’re there to help you through that. The next one will be the purchase agreement and that’s where we actually get the ball rolling on a lot of things. You will watch an informative video and we’ll have one hour meeting where we want you to know that your structural options at that point, our final, but, and also the home that you choose to pick it on will be final.

So for example, if you decided to go with Monroe one at the point of this purchase agreement and you decided to build it on the home site in your Oklahoma City new homes community, um, at that point that those become final, but all your selections will not. So say you wanted wood beams in the kitchen and then later on you decide that you don’t want those. You can actually take that off later or make that adjustment or make the color. Jasmine ages cannot be structural and it cannot be on your home site. So those are a few of the exciting things that we’re talking about though. I know that’s roughly halfway through your path of your new home in Edmond. But we will continue this series as we talk about, uh, the exciting news that we have here at Shaw homes that we get to present and expand now to Oklahoma City. And not just in the Greater Tulsa area. Thank you for your time and we will talk to you later. Jordan Moore 1 9-21-18

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