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tulsa custom home builders | High Set Of Standards

tulsa custom home builders | High Set Of Standards

Copper custom homes broken, arrow builder. We have a very high set of standard features that are included on every home that we build and for this podcast for this week, I’d like to talk to you a little bit about those on our exteriors. We include a king-size meridian, tulsa custom home builders brick on all four sides, that’s up to the gutter line, and that even includes underneath the patio covers and underneath those front porch cover patio covers, are underneath the front porch covers additionally. We have at least a hundred and twenty square feet of covered patio on all of our homes. Now they very quite a bit depending on which 9 feet wide so, but we have a minimum of 120 square feet of covered patio on every home that we build.

Additionally, is a custom homes, broken arrow builder we have, our foundations, are all engineered, tulsa custom home builders post-tension slabs that are pulled to 32000 pounds of tension that just ensures that that slab is not going to come. Apart is one of the many reasons why we are able to offer you a 10-year structural warranty on your homeless, backed by liberty mutual, because we don’t have foundation failures when the when the postage and slabs are done correctly and pulled to that kind of tension, windows, they are filled with argon there, a vinyl tilt in dual pane energy efficient window, and we offer those in your pores your choice of white clay or tan, with the divided light windows on the front and the clearview on all the sides and the bat traditionally at the custom homes builder, we offer a r30 blown in ceiling, insulation, r-13 exterior, was zero tolerance application. All of your exterior doors, windows and penetrations are energy phones filled with tulsa custom home builders energy-efficient and weather sealed. We also offer on the exterior adonai’s anodized stainless aluminum, guttering and downspouts on the front of your home of the custom homes broken arrow builder. We take into consideration all the neighborhood edition length on our exteriors is a tuba fours on a 24 in sioux center on both interior and exterior, and maybe we just don’t. We also that’s the strongest moisture barrier that you can have on the exterior of your home.

I drive through these neighborhoods that have new construction homes for sale in a min I see a lot of generic tulsa custom home builders house traps put on these homes at not at shaw homes. We’re going to use the dupont tyvek house wrap cost a little bit more, but we think your moisture barrier is just pretty darn important, textured and primed horizontal hardboard, siding and or random shaped upper gables of your home or back on the sides. Baby wrapping a game room or something like that on all of our two-story homes use the limited lifetime, warranty, moisture, resistant subfloors that are on top of engineered no squeak floor joists. So you won’t hear that as a custom homes, broken, arrow builder, you have told us that that’s important to you. So that’s something that we included in every one of our homes, tulsa custom home builders as well as architectural style shingle, with a mailbox to match the community so, depending on what what all your neighbors had.

That will be the same shingles on your home. We paint on exterior soffit and fascia trim. tulsa custom home builders Color and then one accent color, so for like your doors and your shutters, then we haven’t for your front door, an insulated fiberglass entry door with continuous weatherstripping protection and on your back patio fiberglass door with a full view glass on many of our communities as a custom homes, broken arrow builder. We are required to put an upgraded front door in those communities, so in this community glass that we would door-and we have many many many doors to choose from so that you can make your door look a little bit different than your neighbors, of course, lock front entry set. That includes your deadbolt in your choice of satin, nickel or oil, rubbed bronze colors of the custom homes broken arrow builder. We know that everybody wants to personalize their home just a little bit. So that’s why we offer you those different color choices. tulsa custom home builders Your garage door is going to be a primed 16-foot garage door and then, of course, the garage door on the third car will be fully started in the front and rear and then oversized an acreage might require extra side to be added. So we have a $500 at landscaping allowance for shrubs trees, flowers, mulch and green iron, edging included as the covenant dictate, depending on which community talking about additionally is a custom homes. Broken arrow builder we’re going to include two frost-free hose bibs. That’s one on the front, one on the back:um and 3 waterproof ground fault, interrupter, receptacles, so lots of access to electric on the outside of your home. We also at shaw homes as a custom homes. Broken arrow builder include an elective hat, an electric half power garage door, opener included for the two car and then it’s wired for the third car babe the floor plans that do include a third car garage, the pre wire for coach lamps on all three bays included, and then the fixtures come out of your lighting. tulsa custom home builders Allowing additionally were also going to include the outside of your garage, a keyless entry pad, so that you can program the code in there and not have to carry your keys with you, but just punch your code in and it raises the garage door when you come home are mechanicals. We use custom homes, broken arrow builder, at shaw, homes, carrier, 80%, high efficiency, gas, furniture and 14 seer carrier high efficiency, cooling equipment with automatic thermostat, with heat and air control, with two separate units on two-story homes for extreme of energy efficiency, and then on some of our floor plans, because the downstairs is so big.

We actually have to do two units on the downstairs and upstairs ao smith or tulsa custom home builders equivalent 50 gallon high efficiency, gas or electric water heaters and then a two hundred amp electrical service. We also use pex, freeze, freeze, resistant, pex, freeze, resistant, inline filter. We don’t want you lines freezing so then, in their kitchens we include extended a ceiling height up to 9th and ceilings and of course, some of my clients want me go ahead and bought that feeling all the way up which we can do built-in stainless steel appliances, which we will cover tulsa custom home builders next

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