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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Shaw Homes tulsa custom home builders is Oklahoma’s highest rated and most reviewed custom home builder in Oklahoma. They are probably serving the OKC and Tulsa metro area. Serving them since 1985. We have built thousands of homes in Tulsa metro in over 8 cities including Oklahoma City. We have a quality assurance program where we build quality. Others may say it, but we mean it. You can trust us to help you through all the homebuying basics, the construction process, help you with preferred lenders, enjoying the design studio, and getting your questions answered. We are here for you.

What is the process of Tulsa custom home builders? The construction process is a 10 step process that we created so you could be informed and educated throughout the entire process so you can make the best decision. If you ever have any questions or don’t understand our team is here to help you through it all. Step one is preliminary matters, this is started after the purchase agreement is signed. We create a plan of your lot to show you the location of where you’re at your home to go. Step to you as a design studio right after executing the purchase agreement you’ll need to schedule an appointment with the design consultant. This is where you get to select everything to prepare for the build.

What is the continued process for Tulsa custom home builders? Step three is the foundation. This is where they create a level pad site. Step four is the rough process. This is where the plumber goes in with the thing to do all the water and drain lines. Any electrical lines that need to be run beneath the slab are usually installed. At this point we do another city inspection. Step 5 is the exterior. This is where we do the final stages of framing where we would do, windows, doors and fireplaces and order cabinets. Step six is mechanical matters. This is where we go to top out the home where we run additional water drain lines.

We install tubs and showers. Step seven we work on the drywall trim and painting. This is where the carpenters will arrive to install the cabinets, doors molding, and the mantle and the closet will be laid out. Step 8 is the interior finish. This is a little fun stuff like fixtures and faucets. As well as light fixtures, switches, and appliances. Steph nine we do final detailing and then step 10 is where we focus on the warranty after closing.

You can visit us online at to check out our home buyers corner, to learn more about homemade basics, to check out at 83 floor plans, to see any preferred lenders, to see our design studio, to check out our quality assurance program, frequently asked questions, client, testimonials, see a gallery of projects and learn more about us. You can call us at 9186885660 to find out more about how you can save up to $40,000 on your new home today. Experience Oklahoma’s highest rated. Reviewed home builder today.

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