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So here I am back with you talking about some Tulsa homebuilders and talking about all of the great process that we go through at Shaugh homes and we’re coming up to the week of the Tulsa parade a home so things are busy around here. We’re doing a lot of stuff in Broken Arrow and Jencks and Bixby got a lot of new home construction going on and all of those areas right now. And if you’re looking for new home communities in any of those areas please feel free to take a look at our Web site because we’ve got a lot of great information for you on there. But one of the things that a lot of people have asked us about during the Tulsa Parade of Homes is what the process is to build a home. Now at Shaw homes we’ve got a 10 step construction process that we’ve been going through in these podcasts. We talked about Step 1 which was preliminary matters and that’s where we’re getting all the permits and paperwork and everything generated and get that really off and running and then the next step is going into the design studio and picking out all the colors and all of the different finishes and getting all that information signed off. The next step for a Tulsa homebuilder is to have the foundation put in and that’s where we really tie everything together we make sure the excavations all done correctly and this is where the home really is going to sit on all of this structure and then we were getting into talking about the post tension slab. Tulsa Homebuilders
Now every year at the Tulsa Parade of Homes we get asked a lot of questions about post tension slabs because they’re definitely very unusual compared to other parts of the country where there’s basements and different types of foundations. So I wanted to go ahead and explain that in a little bit more detail today. We are one of the Tulsa homebuilders that actually uses a post tension slab. Every single home that we build and with the post tension slab you want to make sure that your builder is using the correct types of cables. Now this cable that goes through the slab of concrete is actually housed in a greased plastic sleeve and that cable is a braided cable of steel that is extremely strong it’s multiple strands of steel which makes it even stronger than a single strand of steel. And so these braided cables go inside of a long plastic sleeve and inside of the plastic sleeve is a grease. The reason the grease material is in there is so that the actual cables can slide inside of the casing in that casing is buried inside of concrete. As a Tulsa home builder we want to do things the correct way. And as we’ve talked about with a lot of our customers during the Tulsa operator homes this post tension slab is definitely the right way to do things as the cables get laid out in the foundation. Tulsa Homebuilders. They’re typically two feet to three feet on center depending on what type of home we’re building and what you’ll see right before the slab is poured is you will see a grid of cables.
It will look just like a giant piece of graph paper if you looked at it from overhead and all of these cables running through this this area that’s going to be a slab are sitting on top of something called a chair. These little chairs hold the cables off the ground so that the slab can fill in underneath the cable and make sure that the cable is suspended inside of the post tension slab. Now after that post tension slab gets finished the next step that we do as a Tulsa homebuilder is we will come back while the concrete is curing and we will pull those cables to a £28000 tension these cables when pulled super tight are going to give a rigidity to the entire slab. We like to call it a monolithic pour because the entire slab of the foundation is one monolith or one monolithic slab. And so when that gets pulled to that twenty thousand pounds tension it makes a situation where if one side of the home the ground contracts lets say the clay underneath it gets smaller. Well if you didn’t have that post tension slab you’d have cracking and it would start pulling apart. But because these cables are pulled so tight nothing sags and nothing moves inside of the slab. It’s really kind of an ingenious way to do things. And as I said every year at the Tulsa Parade of Homes people are wondering how that works. We actually have a video on our Web site showing one being poured. If you’d like to check that out some time. The next step step five is the exterior. Now as a Tulsa home builder once the slab is poured. Carpenters are going to begin the framing process during this stage. There’s a lot of progress that happens really fast. Tulsa Homebuilders
In fact we’ve had people come to us as we’re framing the home and say hey you guys need to slow down. I’m not going to be ready to move in that soon because visually so much changes in such a short period of time during the framing part of the process. Every year we have customers come back to us during the Tulsa Parade of Homes and tell us about how nervous they got when they saw how fast the home was being built. Well this isn’t anything to be too concerned about because there’s walls in headers there’s floor trusses there’s engineered beams and T.J. eyes and a lot of structural properties that are going to be coming together at this time. And even though it looks like a lot is happening there is still a whole lot more that needs to happen. Many of the interior items and changes are going to end up being left all the way until the very end and when the framing process is almost completed that’s when we’re going to take care of a lot of those things. So when you’re talking to us as a Tulsa home builder you’re probably wondering what are some of the other challenges that we have as a Tulsa homebuilder. We can tell you that when we are putting in windows and doors and fireplaces and all the other installed items such as cabinets this stuff is all framed upon the framing. It’s all a product of how well we framed the home.
Now one of the cool things that you’re going to see right after we get done with the framing process is you’re going to see the house wrap go on the outside this house wrap is what’s called Dupont Tyvek house wrap and it’s installed on the walls to protect your home against moisture penetration. There is nothing that is more damaging to a home than to have moisture get in through the outside. The Dupont Tyvek house wrap is actually one of the best made products on earth. This is the same type of thing is what Gore-Tex does for your clothing. If you’ve ever owned a Gore-Tex jacket you know that moisture doesn’t get in and wind doesn’t get through it which helps you to stay warmer during the cold time of the year. Basically Tyvek is like Gore-Tex for your home. And every year at the Tulsa Parade of Homes people ask us if we use Tyvek and I can tell you that we are one of only three builders in the greater Tulsa area that actually uses Tyvek on their home. Honestly I think it’s appalling that most builders don’t use it. It only costs a few hundred dollars per home to take this simple step to make sure that the best possible results happen in building your home. But most Tulsa home builders don’t take this step the next thing that happens is on the exterior of that wall you’ll see brick ties get attached to that outside sheathing. And those are screwed in or nailed in all of the exterior surfaces and that’s where the masonry will be attached to these brick ties get bent over on the sides of the walls during construction and connect into the mortar in between each course of brick. Tulsa Homebuilders
Every year at the Tulsa Parade of Homes I show this type of example to people who want to see pictures of what this looks like. It’s actually a pretty simple process when you see it out in the field. And then last but not least we get up on top of the home and start putting our roofing shingles on. And now the House is dried in. This is the time when we can step over into the finish stuff on the inside and really to start to bring everything to fruition. As a Tulsa homebuilder over the last 35 years we love it when we get to the Dryden’s stage of our home because now all of our trades can work without the weather affecting things and make it really an enjoyable experience because the customer can come and visit the job site and not be too worried about being caught out in the rain. Tulsa Homebuilders

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