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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Tulsa Homebuilders | Great Things

Tulsa Homebuilders | Great Things

Awesome things that you’re able to do in a shawl custom home as you’re able to actually go in a 90-minute model home tour. We have a very easy process. A lot of our buyers really love it, because our process is so easy, I’m you’re able to go through and look at 13 furnace models on the model, home tour and you’re able to see if your buyers. Tulsa homebuilders Today’s buyer looks like in a home, because we have incorporated all the functions and the things that people ask for in a new home and we’ve incorporated those in brand new homes. So there’s nothing. You won’t be able to dojust to see all your money. You can get so much if you choose to build and pick your own lot now that we love doing as we love showing people versus build a home, and so like I have a client that I’m going to meet saturday and are not quite sure.

They know that they love what they were seeing if they’re really excited about new home construction and it’s perfect for her to build and find what she wantsreally. The the best thing for people to do is just to find new home construction and get what you want I’m a lot of things to, as we offer contingency contracts, which a lot of people that are looking for broken arrow, custom, homes they’re, looking around sometimes are doing it for fun because they’re about a year out, they have no idea that we do contingency contract and on a contingency contract. We give you a hundred twenty days to get your home sold. Well we’re building your home if you’re approved pre-approved for the lender non-contingent, so there’s Tulsa homebuilders several things you can do if you do an approval. That means even though you’re selling a home, you are building your home with us first, so that you hopefully make one move and you’re not making a bunch of different moves, walking through and you’re. Just looking at a lot of different plans-and you have a home that you have to sell that you’re truthful i, truthfully need a home that that is a move-in-ready home.

Well, there’s all of those that you can do as well. So you know the model home tour is a great tool to have if you’re wanting to do model home tours and show people the plans for them to be in person to see the function of each plan. Tulsa homebuilders Otherwise the best thing to do is to schedule a tour and show people what they can bill weather home today now lot of people. They just want to make sure that they get the home plan, that they love and they’re, really not for sure what they can get for the money and that’s where our model home tours come and play, because you’re able to see 13, furnish models, you’re able to look through all those different models and just pick out a plan that works for you now, on the show home side, we just love to show people their selection on a new home and what they can do in a new house and new home construction. We just I’m, really love to show people the 13 different models we build and Tulsa homebuilders what we have to choose from one of the things that we love doing is being able to have a shawl model home, that’s furnished so that people can actually visualize would that work for them and their family function right for them and their family. There’s just so many different things that you can do on a shell model home and just a lot of great things to choose from one of the things that I love doing is telling people about our process. Cuz. Our process is really easy. Our first part of our processes doing the 90-minute tour, so we show 13 furnish models on our tour and you’re able to concentrate on function not prize and get it down to the one. Another thing that we love doing is, secondly, second life and plan.

We’re able to price it out, so we’re able to take that plan. Walk you through it kind of show you what’s included, what’s an Tulsa homebuilders upgrade and then plan and get it down to the one price so that you know exactly what you’re looking at and you’ll also see the pricing real know. If you need to take some stuff out, the things that you need to take out. Our third appointment really is to just walk you through that price out to eliminate anything that you want to eliminate. If you need to get your price down in the four-step is really moving a contract and purchase agreement. So we have a very smooth process after we turn it in within you’re, actually going to be called for your design center, if you’re non-contingent to our meeting. So if you’re looking for broken arrow, custom homes and you get to the design center stage you’re going to be able to take that and walk through all the different options that you’d want to add to the home and different things that you might want to do. Another thing Tulsa homebuilders that we love is just, concentrating on any structural things that you may want to do. Those are things that we would want to do up front. You just be able to do just about anything. You’d want a new home and it’s totally affordable. Now, one of the things that we require down to hold a lot is $1,000 and that’s totally refundable. If you choose not to can I move forward to a contract or if you change your mind at least it held the one-of-a-kind home site for price and it out so that you are getting the lot at. You want the home site that you want, and you know your plan will always determine your home site that way once we do a model home tour.

Our second thing is really just to do a lot reservation and choose the the lock that fits for. You do $1,000 to reserve it while we’re pricing the plan out to get it right where you want it to be, Tulsa homebuilders and then our next step is really just moving a contract. Now, there’s nothing that we won’t be able to do in a model home tour. There’s nothing. We can’t discuss other than price because just keep in mind when we are doing a model, home tour were already going to cover what the price is with you to build at home. So we already know your budget. So we’re not going to take you outside of that budget or show you something. That’s not going to work or push you over the budget, and you told us so the model home tours really not about price. It’s more about function and layout of the plan. That’s going to work best for you. Obviously we know all the prices are going to work so come just check us out. Tulsa homebuilders If, especially, if you’re looking for broken arrow custom come check us out, let us show you why we are the number one builders choice today and let us show you what a broken arrow custom home looks like in person and after you walk through it, so that you can see what it is that we do in our new homes so come and check us out show homes.Com. You can sign up for a tour online at shell homes.Com or you can actually just you know. Let us show you what we have to offer in new home construction. Social homes.Com come check Tulsa homebuilders us out. We are the builder of choice for home, of the 10-year structural warranty

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