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Tulsa Homebuilders | Huge Pantry

Tulsa Homebuilders | Huge Pantry

The custom homes broken arrow builder, at shaw homes we have several move-in-ready homes, seven oaks south in seven, oaks south. That’s a really nice neighborhood that we were the developer of that is located off of 101st street between line and county line is a great variety of both family homes and homes for stairsthat have downsized to that neighborhood, or maybe they close to the creek turnpike, and all that south broken, arrow and the shopping has to answer has to offer there. So it’s close to everything, but it’s nice and quiet and quiet out there. We have to model homes in seven, oaks south, and we also have two homes that are currently for sale in seven, oaks south. One of them is our 2600 and 19 square foot is the same home as our model, one of our model homes there in seven oaks south. So you can see it both empty and furnished and decorated. If you prefer the one that is for sale, is2619 square feet and it is located at 151, east roanoke place in seven oaks south, it is four-bedroom two-and-a-half-bath a three-car garage. Now this home is just adorable. Tulsa homebuilders

If the cutest little thing you ever never saw so cute from the outside, but when you first step in the entryway, there’s going to be a study just to you just to your left and then just be on that a little hallway with the hall closet and the cutest half bath never saw it’s just adorable and private down a little small hall and then, as you step a little further in toward the great room, you will be in the great room and just to your right is going to be thestairs that go up to three bedrooms and a game room and a bathroom. But we’ll talk about the down the upstairs here in a minute. Let’s continue with the thousands of people that walk. There are model home. Your comments, we’ve heard what you had to say and a lot of you had to say, but the formal dining room and an eating enough to just have a larger just be on your island. It has a nook area with several windows. Tulsa homebuilders

Andthe time really checks a lot of boxes for families different needs and what they’re looking for I’m just really provide a lot of x’s in those boxes, and we’ve heard what you’re looking for and what you’re looking for is not only just accomplishes has pantry that just looks like a corner. Pantry in storage area go by all of your papers and things of that sort at costco or condition to blenders breadsmith pantry does not disappoint, then, just beyond the nook and kitchen area off a little landing to your left. You walk into the master bedroom master bedroom generals, place size for a king size bed as well as a chester drawers, and a couple of you know, sitting chairs, though, of course there’s plenty of room for you to have a bedside table on either side of that bathroom I promise you’ll fall in love. It is well it’s just gorgeous. It’s got to think of course, and then it has a extra large countertop that meets at a old like it like an l-shaped countertop. Tulsa homebuilders

So you’ve got mirrors on two walls that reflect light in this bathroom and, of course, the clothes toilet closet, the the big large walk-in shower, as well as the master bath tub and then the two sinks, with all that extra cabinetry as a custom homes, broken arrow builder, listened when you told us that you want your utility room right off of your master closet. So when you walk through the master, bathroom you’re in a very large master closet, but then just beyond that is the utility room. So actually, when you’re walking in from the garage and you walk into the mud room, then the utility room and then you’re kicking your shoes off and take your coat off right there in your master closet. So the stonebrook v really checks a lot of boxes for a lot of families and if you want to be able to send the kiddos upstairs, this is the home that will do it for you, because the only bedroom downstairs is the master suite. Then all the other bedrooms are up, but they are nice sized. In fact, one of them is really quite large. Then, there’s that there’s three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs, that’s a promise. Tulsa homebuilders

You if you go see the model home you’re going to fall in love with the stonebrook be and you’re going to want to purchase. One then also in seven, oaks south. We have our event:queue live in tonic. You is one of the most popular floor plans that we build. It checks the lot of boxes for a lot of families, the vent on a spec and seven oaks south is located at the as a custom homes, broken arrow. It has 2 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms as well as a game. It can easily accommodate oversized sofas or sectional, or one big and several chairs. It has a corner fireplace and for windows that are nearly floor-to-ceiling, that ever look your backyard and your patio area. That is really cute. It’s not crowded in there. You got plenty room for bar stools and for your guests to stand around broken arrow, you said you wanted. A big hug has a big penis helmets at the whole home as a lot of storage in it, there’s closets. It seems like everywhere in the hall that leads to the second bedroom they’re. Actually, two storage closets in there, in addition to the closet, that’s right there in the entry off for coats, so it has a huge master, suite master bedroom, generously-sized enough to accommodate a king size bed, the master bathroom with a 6-foot tab, and then the popular design of the utility room off of that master, closet Tulsa homebuilders

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