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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Tulsa Homebuilders | Phenomenal Services

Tulsa Homebuilders | Phenomenal Services

Hello everybody I’m Brad and I’m with Shaw homes. You. Went to Tulsa leading home builders. Shaw homes. Glen Shaw has been building homes in the. Tulsa area for over 30 years. He has. More inventory over 500 available home sites for him in the Tulsa County area. We have 26 different communities but we also will build on your land your own land if you own it outside the area or even inside there. That’s that’s what makes Shaw homes one of Tulsa home builders greatest builder around.
So what I’m going to do today is talk to you about our market homes that we have in the Tulsa home area. And the first one we’re going to start out Bigsby now we’re in Jynx And in Broken Arrow also and we’re even in the I know LA area. And then we can build in your own land. You know usually within a 30 minute radius we will build. On your own land one of our Shaw homes. So we’re first going to go to Bixby and in the big speech area you’ll see that Shaw has four different communities actually there’s six but at the 120 first and Sheridan area there are four and so I’m going to talk about Somerset. Somerset is on the north east corner of 120 first and Sheriden. We are one of tossers top three builders I would say. And in building new home construction. And that’s what makes us want to Tulsa’s home builders. One of the best there is the address I want to talk about of the home is the Summerset and that’s the Monterey and it’s at 1 2 0 2 4 South 68 East Avenue in Bixby Oklahoma. Zip code of all Bigsby is 7 4 0 0 8 and this Monterey single storey home is absolutely beautiful and give us some information about it what we have is a 2400 and 19 square foot home three bedroom two bath one story. And of course all of our homes come with the three car garage. The school district is the big B school district.
And what’s great about this is that North elementary or Bigsby North Elementary is directly next door just just east of our homes there in Somerset. Also you’ve got the middle school in there that sixth and seventh grade school is right there right there by Life Church. And you know Mr. Shaw.
And being one of the leading Tulsa homebuilders is he has different communities where you live in different price range Somerset is a gated community maybe you don’t want that. Maybe you do maybe you’re looking for something with a pool in it. We can do anything to your home and we customize it based on options you pick out in your home. So how we start out doing our process and this is again what differentiates Shaw from other Tulsa home builders is that we let you choose what options and upgrade you want in your home. Some builders say we include everything and then they pick out what they think should be in the home. It may be you won’t want those features maybe you don’t want the the. Recessed lights in the bedroom maybe you’re choosing a different ceiling fan so we let you pick out those options and you get to do that on a model home tour. That’s where we differentiate ourselves of all the Tulsa home builders Mr. Shaw. And in his sales staff headed by Aaron Aunty’s started a model home tour. Now we have about 15 model homes in the Tulsa County area. Of course we won’t go to all of them we try to figure out after we talk to you what you’re looking for single story to story nothing over 2500 square feet or nothing below 3000 square feet. And by talking to you. We’ll take and look at six to eight homes or even more if that’s what you want to do. You know. And being one of the Tulsa homebuilders you know being in. The.
Home building association you have to stand up by certain you know guidelines to build it to be in that group. And so Mr. Shaw does that his moral morals and ethics and building is just the second to none. So let’s talk about some other home that’s in Somerset. It is our Retford one. Now the first time I mentioned was a single story the second home is a two story three four bedroom three bath three car garage and has three thousand one hundred eighty one square feet. Now what’s great and different about this one. It’s our only market home where we actually built a deck out your back patio door. The reason for that is that the Yard has this beautiful green built view behind you nothing but trees and it slopes down a little bit. So we decided to put a deck there. And it’s it’s amazing when you go out there and look at that deck. And how beautiful it is. You know that it faces the front door faces north so your backyard is a South View. So you’ll never have the sun directly on you. And it basically on your deck it is shaded so that. You know you won’t be able to get. You won’t get burned up by the sun. But. There is another home in the Big Bear area. And it’s it’s called states at the river is the community and again of all the Tulsa homebuilders Shaw homes is the leading home builder.
And so we have in Monroe guanine again that is a Monroe one. E Now you’re asking what is one E What does H You know what is P. That is what we use to determine what the upstairs configuration is going to be. It’s our little nomenclature the e tells you that it will be a one bad one bath one game room upstairs if you needed two bedrooms upstairs then we would call it an H.
And so it would be a Monroe one age just like what our model is our model. Oh my god is this of all the Taso home builders. Our model homes stand out more than anybody else. Now this model home that we have in the States at the river it’s over 30 600 square feet five bedroom two huge ones. Is a game room and one’s a bonus room in the bonus room is almost as big if not bigger than the great room the game room. So little details on this is 3000 seventy four square feet. This is the one that’s for sale it’s our four bedroom three bath. It’s right there the states at the river right in the middle of the neighborhood community next door is a home that another couple purchased and which I actually met that couple. And. It was one of Candace’s cell and they are building and they are just great people so they’ll be great neighbors for you if you decide to move in to this home that we have over there in the states of the river now. You’re asking where that is. Yeah it is just five blocks. West of Sheridan on 120 first tree again. Northeast Elementary School and there an intermediate. Bigsby middle school big high school you’re just minutes from all the great area of 100 Twenty-First memorial to 100. First the memorial. You just you’re in the perfect area. It’s just beautiful in that area. There’s actually going to be a second phase over there on estates of the river.
But right now that’s the only home that we have for sale since we saw the one that was next door. Now on the back of that neighborhood and estates up the river or some lots that are a 150 foot deep and are 70 foot wide. So these are amazing lots if you really want to get a pool in your backyard and still have extra room. Then I would nab one of these I think we’ve got like four of those left. So that is something you need to look at which you know of all the Tulsa home builders. We give you the choice if you an agreed. Upon view or just a regular house in a neighborhood or a corner lot we have it all we have it in all communities. And so what I did is I talk to you about our homes that are available in the big area. Now we do have one home that’s available in the Jynx area and I’m going to talk about that. And that one is actually used to be our model home. That was the Redford. And it is a five bedroom. This home is amazing. It was our wow factor home. And we had more people love in that home and want to build that home just like that. Now that reffer model home is on sale for three ninety nine. Nine of the riginal price that home was like four forty five. So you know we’re getting basically a $50000 discount already off that home because it wasn’t a model. It’s been there for three years and we need to. Go ahead and sell it.
And we did have a buyer right now but let me give you the address real quick. First. For the Tulsa home builders Parade of Homes this home got first place a couple of years ago. Dad says 129 0 5 south Ash Street and Jynx. It’s it’s it’s actually it’s not the address. I gave you the wrong address. That is our home. That’s how Parkwood that’s under contract right now. Still shown available. So I will give you the address in the jinx markets on 117 street in Ellwood park.
So we’ll we’ll talk about that model as soon as we can. We’ll talk to you later. Have a good day. So they can out from what the Tulsa homebuilders number one builder Glenn Shaw and Shaw Holmes.
Hello everybody this is Brad and I’m with Shaw homes. Brad Navy was shot. I’m a sales manager and we’re going to talk to him about one of the best Tulsa homebuilders in the Tulsa County Tulsa Oklahoma the surrounding areas. There is and that is Shaw homes. Glen Shaw has been building homes in the Tulsa homebuilder area for over 30 years. And what I want to talk to you about on this segment is.
The communities that we are in we’re in over 25 communities and we’re going to start out with this alphabetically and I’ll just kind of tell you a little bit about each one. So the first one we’re going to talk about is Ashbrook. That is over almost in Kuwait. It’s an all nighter road between 90 first and 100 first. If you take the old broken arrow expressway not there not the turnpike but the original road. Highway 51. That takes you East and you when you get Donita road there’s a convenience store there. It’s a that’s a come and go I believe and you take a left or head north and go about four blocks and then right there on your left hand side is this community. Is called Ashbrook and cried about this. It. Has a half acre lots in this. It’s nothing but a garage. And it’s just absolutely gorgeous. It’s all Shaugh homes were the only ones in that neighborhood. You know a lot of Tulsa homebuilders want to partner with other builders and we just don’t need to do that. We like doing that sometimes but we would rather have the whole community to ourselves because we actually can control. The pricing that way. So so again. As the other Tulsa homebuilders try to compete with us. We go out and we purchase more inventory more land more locations. Anybody else starting price in that Ashbrook community is roughly and admit to hundreds I’d say I bet you can get a nice 22:00 square foot home in there for about 250 maybe a little less maybe a little more.
We can actually start out 1300 square feet and go up to thirty seven hundred twelve square feet. So we can get you all different kinds of sizes in there. And what’s great about the Habiger lot. Is that. You’re not going to be. On top of your neighbors. I mean there’s space between your homes and it’s just beautiful and so you have all this rooms mission when you walk out if you go to a model in there which is the Prescott. You’ll see in that backyard. How much space she’ll have. And so that’s what you’re going to get with. Ashbrook. Go check it out.
It’s one of the best hidden secrets in and toss up and what’s great about it from that neighborhood one night after I did a model hunter show on a customer you know how we do again all the Tulsa homebuilder Shaw does this model home her better than anyone else. And so what we do I. Took that customer ended the tour at.
The Prescott and Ashbrook. And when I left I timed myself to get the highway 169 and it actually took six minutes and 30 seconds so it’s not that far out if you think about it. Another area kind of in that area going alphabetical is Brighton villages south of.
The ash brook that the ash approach roughly about 96 street. If you use the Tulsa addresses and then the Brighton village is on a 120 firstrate So just a couple of miles south two and a half miles south and it’s between county line road and land line. That. Brighton village community is really popular. We’ve only been out there about five six years and it’s almost old. And so. Of all the tests that one had other Tulsa homebuilders with us in there but Shaw you know we do things different and so the Brighton village range of homes basically the same as about 8500 to 30 700 square footage. That you can put in there and one stories two stories two car two and a half car three car garage whatever your lot fits and.
You know so we built the pool in there also. It’s a beautiful neighborhood pool. And what’s cool about it is the highway the creek turnpike is you know maybe a hundred yards to the north of it but you can see it and it’s just in a perfect corner location. Great community pool nice clubhouse.
Again. Of all the Tulsa homebuilders in the area Mr. Shaw does saying to where it stands out. So he put a model home in there called the Parkwood. Now this park with it and I’ll describe that later in another podcast what it is. It’s a two story home but it’s right on the entrance. And what’s really neat when you turn into the main entrance on one side which is the east side that you’re driving would be a row of houses. But on the west side or the left as you’re driving in from the main entrance is this huge pond and every single palm location is taken now. I sold the last pond view home neighbor a lot and their customer called the Smiths and it’s just beautiful home that they are building. So we still have available lots in fact there’s a couple of homes market homes that we have in there. But this is more about the community. So that is a great community if you want to be in the low 200 to the high. Maybe I’d say a high of maybe 320 330 is probably where you would be on the high side. And so that’s a beautiful area. So the next thing we’re going to talk about in that’s Chisum ranch. Now a lot of people goes worse Chisum ranch and never heard of it. Well. That right there is one of the best secrets around the Sneyd about this one is that. Really the owners of the lots are individually owned.
In most cases Mr. Shaw again one of the one of all the Taso homebuilders he likes to go out and do things to where he stands out. And so he purchases these lots as the as a customer wants them. And we have great pricing out there that Chisum ranch It’s between. Let me think about that because between garnet and 129 nope is wrong as between Mingo and Guarneri on a 100 21st Street. Now the range of homes are in the low 300. Square footage there’s a minimum of 24 0 4 and it goes up to thirty seven hundred as well. Most of the homes in there are in the 300 to 400000 range. Beautiful home especially when you go to the very back. I do think they’re going to add another phase. I don’t know for sure all the Tulsa homebuilders will get together the ones that are in that community and then figure out if they want to start another phase. And it would be to the south of the original location. There’s a there’s a road that dead ends which they could easily do that second phase of Chisum ranch. I don’t think there’s a community pool. I don’t think I saw one that there could be boarders had to go check that out. When and when the time is right. So Chisum ranch you’ve got to get there and go check it out. You don’t realize what you get out of the hundred twenty first street but when you see when you turn in and go all the way in the back and you zig zag a little bit then you’ll see what I’m talking about how beautiful the homes are.
And then you want to go to something maybe that’s a little high price for you maybe you’re only looking for homes in the 175 range or 200000 range. We have that too and that community about three or four of them but the one I’m going to talk about is Crystal Creek. It’s really one of the only neighborhoods or communities that’s in the Tulsa area. You know these Tulsa homebuilders Mr Shaw wants to please all people. We’ve got price ranges from you know the one thing these days to hundreds and even up to the two fifties to 400. And we can even do custom homes. So but this neighborhood is Crystal creek now where that one that is about forty third. And 129th in Tulsa. Price range you know is starting in like the 160 170 range and. And then it goes up to maybe two to the to.
50 is probably on the high side square feet on these homes of 13 123 to just under 20 700 square feet. We we actually changed that we used to build homes like the Finley in Addison in there. But we’re going to make that an exclusive Manchester Community now. And you’re like OK let’s Manchester. That’s our whole brand new set of homes that were built.
For that price range. And we will talk about that. On our next conversation.
Hello everybody I’m back. We’re talking about Shaw homes and what we’re going to talk about today is we’re going to continue the conversation that we had on our last podcast and basically we are talking about the communities that Shaw homes is and he’s one of the Taso homebuilders. He wants to be in different communities and reach out to him. Most people that he can. And so we have prices of all ranges starting from the we are the one that is 160 is on up to multi-million dollar homes. So.
We finished the crystal Creek last time which is one of the communities that starts in the 150 square footage of homes is like the 3300 or Manchester series which will get into a different podcast. But back to the Shaw homes and why Shaw homes as you know of all the Taso home builders is the leader in the in the Tulsa County area. So the next neighborhood that we’re going to talk about is as Edgewood estates. Now I tell you what you don’t even know where this one is. You can’t see it on the roads. It is in Jynx and it’s just gorgeous. It’s a private community basically that Mr. Shaw bought some land behind an existing neighborhood that is just trees all over. And you know your property line is really you know only like half acre but you can still stand behind your fence line over 300 400 feet in a corner as a reserve be in the Jynx area and they will never ever be built on you can maintain it you can cut the trees down. You can even fence that with a clear you know not a privacy fence but a chainlink fence. But you can take it back and cut trees out you can maintain it. And no one will ever touch. And knew you would have access to directly behind you. On about seven these lots at edge with the states we can put just about any of our shore homes in there. Square feet is around 23 15. And then it goes up to about 37 38 hundred square feet as well.
And you know most Tulsa homebuilders believe that we compete with building that range as well. But we do things different and so do other states. L.A. has about 16 I believe now maybe 18 home sites that are available. And I think 12 of them are taken now 11 or 12 are taken. That leaves about six or seven left. So if you want to get into this private community what I mean by private is you just can’t see it from any of the roads. You’re on a hundred eleven Street between Ellwood and Highway 75 and there’s a street called. I forgot Cleveland is Cleveland Street and it’s close to the amount of about six blocks from highway 75. About halfway between and you turn and go south on Cleveland and you’re going to go about four blocks and the next thing you know is you’re into this one little neighborhood that is. Just a cul de sac and it goes in and takes a left and you know of the Tulsa homebuilders you know you won’t see any other builder in there but just short homes and the homes are beautiful. I mean these homes are arranged in some of the homes have minimums about 400 or 375 for 25 as a couple of them. So these are some big homes on the tree side that know which is our greenbelt side. And we have a couple lots left on that one. In fact I just sold a lot number 10 in there. To. The young couple. Has building a big Greenvale home. Thirty six hundred thirty five hundred square feet. Prices around the 425 range.
They’re in design studio right now so that is that’s really cool. And so. Edgewood estates there’s only a few LOT slept but that’s something you want to look at. And I would definitely get out there and I just right to the east of it in Jynx is a neighborhood called Elmwood Park. Elwood park.
That was where the old Redford model home is. I did have a contract offer on that last night on the model home that we were selling for 399. They low balled us but hopefully they you know again. Bill will do that to these Tulsa home builders. They’ll go in and try to represent the customer and then lowball. And given the price has 30000 40000 dollars. And what we’re asking even though we’ve already discounted it or taken off $50000 they don’t care. But you know they got to represent the customer and act like they’re they’re really doing something form such a low ball offer came in on that model. We responded back and told them what we did and I have not heard back from them that home doesn’t sell with this contract we’ve already had like three or four other offers. It won’t be long before it sells but it’s an Ellwood park at Del 117 in. Ellwood. Turn it doesn’t look like it’s a main neighborhood or anything but it is. It’s got this great park. I say park play area for kids kind of buy the model home and your kids will love it it’s got the slides and the like not like the little you know. A challenging course what do they call those obstacle courses.
We hang and do pull ups and slides and all that and has every bit of that playground in there. So but Elmwood Park. We all have five lots maybe four lots left in that community.
You need to check it out square foot around the 23 50 square feet of the 37 underprice to start in the low to 80s and goes up and we can definitely fit in the home over there where Park. Now we’re staying with the ease you know we had Edgewood estates in Jencks and Ellwood park in Jenks.
Now we’re going to go to a new neighbor and I’ve kind of talked about it briefly about a model home or the home that’s for sale in this community. It’s called the States at the river and it is like all the Tulsa homebuilders in there I think I’ve got to add one thing that we even are worried about concerned with. I think McAuliffe is in there and I believe executive and couple other patriots in there and those are all great builders. Patriot homes does a really good job and so does executive Sotos classic They all do great. But you know I’d say it’s the river there’s like four or five of us. Those are the ones that has a lot that are that can be up to 150 feet deep. Most of them were 70 feet wide by 130. And but there’s a few in the back row that were the end of the phase in is a 150 feet. Nate. There has one gorgeous called the SAC pie shaped. Greenbelt view that we have. It’s the best slot in the neighborhood in my opinion. But we’ll see if someone can see that.
But ests the river starting in the low 300 it’s Bigsby Bigsby schools. And. And you know I tell you what. Let me tell you a little bit about Bigsby. It is growing in their school system is getting better and better and better. I remember back when I went to high school you know we were class for a baby I think was too late. They were smart us. Now they’re six say. My kids had it all over again.
I don’t know if they go union they might choose Bigsby. You know the big school system is great so. So States River also uses the big north elementary schools and middle school right there on 124 and shared just five or six blocks west of Sheridan on on 21st just got a nice concrete wall on the 125th Street side and the beautiful fans are sort of there on the Hudson side. There’s two entrances into our model homes actually on the concrete side of the 120. First there’s only one entrance right there you turn in it makes you go left or right after you turn and you take a left on the second house there on the left. That’s where our model home is where the. Monroe model home is. So. That’s ests of the river and that’s one of our big big communities. Now I’m going to jump around a little bit because we’re going in alphabetical order. But the next one that comes up on the alphabetical order.
Is Highland creek. Now a lot of Tulsa homebuilders. Don’t even know where that’s at. But we did. And fact they just opened up phase two. And it is a neighborhood that is hot hot hot. I mean the pricing is right. Starts in the low to hander’s. Again remember of all the Tulsa homebuilders Mr. shaughs here the place has been the big customer base in Tulsa. So Highland Krake starting in the low 200 square foot and that area is 18 to 30 to 60 to.
It. Phase two that’s going up right now the roads are in. We’re able to reserve lots in that area and we’re going to start then pulling permits pretty sane and phase two they do have a community pool. That they’re going to build there right there. It’s gorgeous. And so it’s going to be like in the middle of the two phases and phase one sold out quick. There might be know less than 6 lots left in phase wants of phase 2 is coming up next. Got to check it out. You know some people think OK that’s kind of far. It really isn’t because you’re if you if it’s on Evans or 229 I believe is that road and hundred first so you know the county line and you’ve got the creek turnpike and then about a mile past the creek is 220 knifer turn 26 I can’t remember but. It.
Right there is Highland creek on 104. And you can get to the broken arrow. The. Not the expressway but Highway 51. Is about it’s about seven eight blocks about a mile actually a ways you can get there in less than three minutes two minutes and head to Tulsa from there. So we’re going to stop there about how and Craig and we’ll continue on in just a little bit. So. Here we go all the Tulsa homebuilders we’re going to talk about. Glenn Shaw and Shaw Holmes today. Now we started talking about some communities that they are in what shaughs am but now we’re going to talk about the highlands of Forest Ridge. Oh my goodness this forced fridge. Just been a beautiful find. And they decided to build on this 20 years ago. A lot of Tulsa homebuilders wanted out there. And so what we are we’re one of the you know the old for schröder on the golf course that’s pretty much filled up. But you know these Tulsa homebuilders like Shaw homes and and executive and classic They have built homes all around you know going out to a verse or going east of Forest Ridge. We even have water stone homes in there which are custom homes right there on the golf course. So Highlands for Schrage is actually a neighborhood just south. Of force Ridge Golf courses at 80 First Street.
I forgot the street I think it’s past I’ll need them. And. But you know again there’s other Taso homebuilders in this area. But Mr. Shaw has he has a you know a range of homes that will fit roughly around 18 to almost 30 300 like 30 to 60 are the homes that we’re building in there. There’s a school right there and it just blocks you can see it. It’s a neat neighborhood and it’s growing and we have a lot of lots of that there’s probably probably 20 that we can still build on maybe 15. But that’s that’s the neighborhood you guys need to go check out if you want Broken Arrow schools. Highlands Forest Ridge on eighty first Street. Definitely definitely check it out. So the next one that we’re talking about is a neighborhood that’s really sold out.
We’re we have three lots left. It’s called Millicent pond too. There was only three lots left at about a year and a half ago. Dear God not that long seven eight months ago. We had a model in there which was the Windom model. That was big. So. You know of all the Tulsa homebuilders. You know we have a lot of model homes. And then once we’re finished we’ll build a new one and we’ll sell that model home that differentiates us from other Tulsa homebuilders Millicent pond is great. Our model was had a it was really about a third and 129th. And a man that owned the corner I think owned all of it and sold off the back side the south side that kept his farm and where his where he’s got horses and there’s like five horses maybe six that will come out and study the pond. And is this a Budweiser Anheuser-Busch Budweiser Clydesdale moment. It just looks gorgeous. There’s ducks. There’s other animals you feel like you’re at a farm but you’re right there in the tall center. But it has broken schools and broken out district. But what we have in most upon. Is we have we have a market home and there actually a home that we built called our stone. Brook. And it’s not like any other Stonybrook you know we have a model of the stone brook. Q This is the cube plus bonus track. So of all the Tulsa homebuilders which we can make commodified things we utilize this space that’s that’s you know above the great room.
Just where our game room is and there’s lipread door that goes up to a private entertainment room and it’s about a shrine and you know that’s that’s just amazing how it turned out. We’re selling that home. And I believe the price is 3:39. It’s just amazing. Gorgeous home. It’s a one bedroom down one and a half down bath. So there’s a study down there wood floors kitchens gorgeous this. And then we got three bedrooms up with the game room with the burnished fern. Just beautiful. So definitely a must see home. And so that’s that’s in the Millicent pond area and I believe we have an open lot that we’re going to put a Greenville on we just haven’t started that one yet and that’s it. That’s all we have. Millicent pond. And that’s important to know because at Union School District and that’s the only thing that we have left was Union School District in that price range of homes. You know. These Tulsa home builders they would love to tear down some older neighborhoods and then go to new ones and build new ones in place. But we’re just not there yet. So what we have left is all we have left unless we buy something and tear down.
A lot of these tools home builders have talked about it. I know Mr. Charles been in those conversations. But what happens is that you know you had to go out and then so that when you go out you’re going to have this Broken Arrow south and east broken out and you fix.
They go big you’re going south and what used to be you know what you think was a far location and far far away was 170 First Street. Well that’s actually big schools. But we’ll get to that community in a little bit. But anyway so mettlesome pond is as unions only a school district that we have and that’s all we have. So the next community we’re going to go back to the Big B area. It’s right there by that 120 Fersen shared and you know intersection and there’s some other Taso homebuilders in this neighborhood called quelque creek. Shaw had about 10 lots in there.
And I would say about six of them were sold at about four or five laugh that we can build on. I were actually building a model home. What I’m told. That’s right there that’s going to be next. You know on the same side as for the pool about seven eight blocks from the pool I’m not even that far. About three blocks from pool. And that’s quelque creek. Now workwell create six. It is actually between Sheridan memorial kind of half way. There’s a big sign that says quelque Creek. It’s on the south side of the road. There’s a retirement home right there on her 21st so really behind that retirement home is workwell Creek neighborhood is. And so that’s going to start high hundred thousands.
Now it does say square foot range is 20 110. I think the covenants say 20 200. That’s something we have to check these you know these Tulsa home builders. They’ll put a cabinet they’ll put 21:00 22:00 in.
So we just have to follow the covenants and if it’s smaller or less than 22:00 or maybe it is 22:00 we want to put a home this 21:16 it’s only 40 square feet. You know most Taso homebuilders will just say no they can’t do nothing but not not Mr. Shaw not Glenn. He will actually. May let you pop out a wall where maybe you were the front.
Dining room is or the front window. You can bump that out you know four or five six feet. And 30 40 square feet to make it hit the minimum. And if that doesn’t work sometimes it can go in there you know again we’re talking about a powerful man of the most powerful man in the Tulsa homebuilders area is Glen Shaw and he’s got connections and contacts everywhere. And if he needs to put a 21:16 if that’s only thing we could probably get that done.
He doesn’t mess people over. He does things the right way. It’s why he’s here for 30 years. You know these Tulsa homebuilder you’ll get people that will build a home. Oh I can build a home. I can see it out there that love yeah they can do it. And they might be two or three homes and make 20000 or 30000 homeless. Good money. The problem is them getting subs and you know and because we have maybe 20. You know. Subs going at one time.
No other times. Homebuilders have is anything like what we do and we can we can build 20 houses at the same time so these SUVs know they’re going to get work with us.
And I call them sons contractors. They know they’re going to get work with us. That’s why the rule to us is why they give us the best price because they know they’re going to get a lot of homes to work on throughout the year. So these small individual home builders that I call them Tulsa home builders. They are but you got to wonder you know they can’t buy the same volume that Shaw does. So their pricing is gone material’s going to be higher their labor prices are getting what it’s going to be higher because you know that’s a onesie Tizi thing. And so you know that’s why we get the best price. That’s why I know our prices are better than anybody else because of the labor costs and because of the cost of material. The only other cost there is land. And so you know that’s going to be the same for everybody. And then when you put in your home I said other thing that we did. So you know. Shaw homes being a you know a member of the Tulsa homebuilders you know we can do a lot of things. Craig. Is behind that retirement center. Great area. I mean you feel like you’re in Tulsa still. It’s just right there. And I know across the street is to the left. That is life church.
And then you’ve got the big schools and big city north and you got big junior high and I tell you what the location is amazing because you get to 120 first a memoir in no time and that you know there’s plenty of things going on there and if you head south and north about a mile then you got your clothes in your Wal-Mart and you get everything you want. Even towards 100 first the theaters I mean everything from Manhattan first really about 90 feet from the creek turnpike. To Bigsby. You know 130 first even deeper to 150 verse. Has everything you need and crates right there in the middle of it. You know so we’re happy to be you know in that neighborhood quelque creek a Bigsby and we’re going to stop this. Conversation as podcast. Right now we’re going to head over to the next one so stay tuned.
Hello again this is Brad Napi with Shaw home sales manager Shaw Holmes and we’re talking about all the Tulsa home builders in the Tulsa County area and we’re going to talk about a community actually. You know there’s a lot of Tulsa homebuilders that would love to be out here. But again as Mr. Shaw only finds the best communities the best neighbors and other builders do too. But this one is all ours is actually and I know the is white. I know it’s called Ruby estates and these are a.. Not happy or not quarter acre. These are acre lots. How many Tusser homebuilders would love to offer a community where all the lots are an acre.
Well you got that with Mr. Shaw. And so Ruby ests is just gorgeous just take for 12 years go east and it’ll be out there you’ll see it. Will take you there first so you don’t you don’t get lost but let me tell you about this Ruby estates acre lots home starting. Get ready in the low to hundreds. And we’re not building huge huge holes out there. This is I know the square footage is the 18:00 to the 3000 square foot homes. I did with one house and that was a little over 30 100. Just gorgeous on. It was a Windom customer chose and they loved it. Was the Wyndham money. The way they built that home there and Ruby a. So if you want some land in here you’re only 15 minutes from the casino right there in Catoosa. Maybe not even that far. From the casino. So then you’re basically in Tulsa. So again it’s just a prime neighborhood four acre lot you’re not too far out. I know the other Tulsa home builders love to be out there but it’s not they’re not in there. This is Mr. Shaw. So let me tell you about the next neighborhood that is GM still kind of like Tulsa but it’s broken on broken arrow schools. Now this community here is called Rushbrook north and it is around ninety eight and a hundred and twenty ninth or all of Rushbrook north. Just gorgeous. I mean it’s got. Great Greenbelt views in this crate backs up to Craig’s neighborhood. No pull. You just have to check it out.
There’s about. Three or four other builders you know tall of Tulsa home builders in that area. But let’s talk about Rush. But North has it starts in the high 200 thousands. You know maybe a little lower. I got a home in there to sell right now for about 270 NOS 265 aquarists in Monroe 2. It’s ready to go. Great granite countertops and just beautiful. Big porch 26 foot porch in the Monroe. You know but it’s in there for sound. Like I said the range of homes is over two thousand twenty. Ninety five to about 37 12 is what we put in there. So we try to keep the pricing low in this neighborhood as much as we can. There’s a couple other Also home builders in there that that tries to keep the same price that we do. So Rushbrook north is as a community you need to go check out. What’s great about it is that you know you pull out of your neighborhood and you take a right go about seven blocks you at 90 first and 125 take a left and go half a mile and you’re right there on the on the highway 169 to get anywhere you need to get time. All the Tulsa homebuilders love that about. Community is that you get to the main highway or Turnpike or something you know rapidly. Now. We’re going to jump over and we’re going to go back to Bigsby and we’re going to talk about a community that I first started in and it actually started than most upon for about three months.
And then I moved over to seven likes one of the most popular communities in Bigsby. Homes are priced right. It’s named because of the lakes. There are actually seven lakes in the beginning there you have all of Tulsa homebuilders I think there was only five that were building there I think executive homes classic properties. I can’t remember who else is in there. Yeah I think maybe. That’s really all I can remember. So anyway. The only matter. But what we have is we have about 4 Homeside slept around the last pawn. That is a big pot is gorgeous. And I got one two three actually. I’ve got three that’s on that pond. And so I’ve got a great green belt one. Awesome. So what happens is that is that you know people drive through that neighborhood and they just they want to build in that neighborhood. I’m thinking about building in there right by the pool. It does have a community pool. It’s there’s five or six phases of this nature so it’s just been a great great community to build them. There have been many builders I mean that is why there’s Tulsa homebuilders like Shaw homes loves to go to a neighborhood like that because they can put their homes in there. We’ve got a model in there we’ve actually had three different models in that neighbor we sold the first two now we’re in the third one and it is the Windom and it’s the big one.
And you just have to see the backyard view when you walk into that big 25 foot patio and those windows looking at the back yard and then you see this huge pile and it’s just wow. People want that home since we make it go sell. That make sense make it go sell. Yeah. You know after you talk awhile. You say words really don’t come out the right way. But anyway back to seben likes starts in the high 200 I’d say about 275 to 90 somewhere but a 20 200 square foot home in there and it goes to about 30 700 square feet. And. You know I’m. In these seven Lakes has everything.
Right. Family neighborhood you see people walking their dogs all the time. Tosa home you know. But if you’re a Tulsa homebuilders and you want to to get a neighborhood that there’s going to be families and kids because you can put a pool in and put the sidewalks in and you have a you know dog walking trails and stuff like that. And.
Chavez doesn’t write about again of all the Taso homebuilders.
You know he knows what he’s done so that’s seven likes and that’s it. It’s about 120 feet and shared. So I told you I had four communities rock 320 first shared. I have. You know Somerset in the States at the river and then we have. Quail Creek. And so seven like you go to 120 versus Sharon and you head south. You go about four or five blocks.
The third community there’s a couple of nice neighborhoods. Both them are gated. These are 500000 to a million plus homes in these neighborhoods. And then Seven Lakes backs up to that. So getting comps. For that area is not hard to do. I mean say that like because we’ve got plenty of homes. In that area in these Tulsa homebuilders that’s what they look for. They look for a community where they can get the cots and that way you’re not the big boy on the block. And so. So that’s that’s one of our best neighborhoods. It was only about three blocks left in there so I would definitely go check that out. Now. A neighborhood that. This is all the Tulsa around there are jealous about this neighborhood. About four of them went in. And decided to sell against us in Sevenoaks south but they knew they just they just couldn’t compete. So basically all of seven oaks South. Two there’s two phases in there where the pool separates it. Is all Mr. Shaw. In fact like Gibson homes and other Taso home builders ask Mr. Shaw if they would buy their remaining property and laws which he did. And so we have seven hours south that there has been numerous amount of homes going in that area.
I’ll tell you why it’s broken else schools the Schrott off the 100 First Street between Lynn lane and county line closer to leadline that’s not far more people. You know these Tulsa homebuilders you know when they’re run out of room and so they look for the best neighborhoods where they could put it where has easy access. You’re a mile from the creek turnpike and if you just want to head west and just go to Elm at 160 first and first and then keep going I mean you’re right there you’re right in the middle. You know we’re tall says Broken Arrow is Smet Sevenoaks sap you know the price is starting the low 240.
Square foot is going to be 8800 ish 8300 ish. That’s hard to say at thirty seven hundred ish I say like that. But again it’s a perfect range is Tulsa homebuilders like to give you different sized homes in their communities. So seven South. Definitely a must see. We have lots that backup we think will be green belts forever because it’s individually owned land behind them and no one is going to they’re not ever going do anything with that land has no access. So you need to come check that out. You know again these Tulsa homebuilders go that neighborhood here they want to compete with us but they just can’t do it. So that’s what Mr. Shaw does. So. Then you say OK well that’s a little too much just kind of more expensive I want a new home that’s going to start 150 160 Well then that’s why we have a new community called severals Silverlake just two miles south of 7-Up Savitz 900 Twenty-First in fact just across the street almost from Brighton village. So we have seven oaks south that’s two miles there where Brighton village in now and over there also is Highland creek. Now we are introducing a new community it’s going to be like our crystal creek and neighborhood. And that’s Tucson village that’s going to be and there’s also Silverlake. So when I talk about Silverleaf in Tucson the village I’m talking about both Silverleaf We’ll go there. That’s actually in Bigsby and I had. About. 50. First Street. East Bigsby Cibber County Line Road.
These are the Manchester series found of pounds got them talking as I use the cell phone business. Not too many. Homebuilders were in the cell phone business but. I was but I’m not a builder either sell for them. So Mr. Shaw has Silverleaf which is $160000 homes at about two hundred twenty five thousand dollar homes and on the square there are like 13:00 8800 something like that. Just this cute little one story homes two car garage is on most of them. I just had to go check out Silverlake. You know we talked about Summerset and I’m going to stop right there.
It’s like I said we talked about Summerset I was in my first podcast that’s in Bigsby. I want to stay in the bay. No we’re not going to.
We’re not going to talk about the 120 vs. Sheridan area anymore. We’re going to go out a we’re a half acre lots are and that’s in Springhill farm so I tell you what. There are a lot of Tulsa homebuilders in that community. And now Mr. Shaw has bought all the remaining lots that would lead to about the last 20. And so we have them and we’re selling them like hotcakes and these things are just going flying out the window. I Springhill farm starts half acre lots are about 270000 and goes up. Perfect size and these Telcel homebuilders are jealous that we get to do all this and have we have so much territory in inventory. Square footage or twenty five hundred minimum square feet to about 37 100 so we made the square footage a little bit higher. We’re not putting the 22:23 into square foot homes and they’re just not what the look that they wanted. It is on a 170 first in Peoria or elm if you’re used to Jinks address. That seems far hundred seventy first and now is actually münze Oklahoma. Get that amount of alcohol on these Tulsa homebuilders are dying to go south at Big B now and we are out there we’re in fact get more neighborhoods come and I just can’t tell you where they are yet. But Springhill farms that 170 first two are. If you go down memorial and then go all the way to 170 first. Then you take a right and then you’ll see some homes that are just like million homes on that 170 first tree as you go west towards the towers Highway 75.
You’ll run into Peoria. And that’s where Springhill Farm says and. Again. I keep saying it over and over of all the Tulsa homebuilders Shaw homes gives them the best bang for your buck. And I’ll talk about that a different podcast but that’s Springhill farms. Now we’re going to go back in the Tulsa really broken arrow and there’s a few lots left in this next neighborhood and that stone wood crossing and York whereas that. Was right off Battle Creek Golf Course. I should tell you where it’s at right behind the new St. John’s Hospital on 60 first and Elm. You know sounds like the fifth and Elm area is how you get there. And anyway I crossing pricing is great. Thirty’s. Perfect. Price range for all these Tusser homebuilders is 230 to 300. That’s all we’re building and there’s 8500 square feet. And then it goes to 30 700 square feet and that’s stone with crossing there were stunning recrossing one and Stone were crossing and it’s right there in Broken Arrow. You’re right there by the Bass Pro Shop by Charleston’s.
By that I mean that new shopping area got the target in the theaters and everything that Springhill farms great neighborhood to live in. The next one is basically sold out we have one lot LaBelle went to the only one that we can sell that’s a reserve at Spring Creek. Some people just call it Spring Creek. A similar neighborhood is like what Seven Lakes would be and what quelque creek would be just a the last price starting in the mid 200 and going up to 300 a lot we have left. I think that’s going to be a home that’ll be probably 22 23 square foot home. And it’s as if we just got to sell that final lot.
And then there are also our models in there again of all the Tulsa homebuilders Shaw homes has more models than any other builder in Tulsa has about 15. Now when I say more models I’m not talking the same. That’s a home that’s Ramada Inn it’s empty every single room would be completely decorated. No they’re also home builders do that. Is that good English. Of all the Tulsa homebuilders. None of them do. Mr. Shaw as we we stage our homes to the max.
So when you walk in not only will the office and the dining room and the great room will be furnished but all the bedrooms downstairs all the bedrooms upstairs the game room upstairs all the bathrooms it’s just like somebody is living there. So at Spirit reserve at Spring Creek that’s the final we at one lot in there in that we can sell. And here’s the next one I we’ll talk about it. Get ready. I have seen your Facebook posts. You can go to youtube and search at Timber Creek and in Tulsa Oklahoma you can do drone Cameron Timber Creek or whatever it is. But these homes I mean you talk about half acre lots.
To acre and a half lots. And again these Tulsa homebuilders are begging to come out there they’re wanting to buy a lot or two lots. So they can build out there. But you know what. Guess who has it. Mr. Charles. Again.
Of all the Tulsa homebuilders Shaw homes Sing’s Denver does things the right way. So this is over and Jynx on the other side of the river on the other side of Highway 75. In fact it’s on West 33rd Street and you’re like where’s that was just right there. If you know where the Wal-Mart has a 120 Fersen highway you’re just going to go about seven eight blocks and you’ll be at West 30. But I said you’re going to go. I mean you can go west. So it’s between 111 and 120 first. Can I tell you what when you pull into this neighborhood and like I said we have a drone camera shot on Facebook. I had to send it to you guys. But. These other Tulsa homebuilders I’m in they call us all the time about that they want a lawyer to out there. And what happens is that. You turn in about a hundred sixteen hundred 17th Street in the way and there’s this huge acre and a half sized lot it’s on the north side or the left side was to go back about 400 feet and their. Hundred feet wide or even wider. About six or seven to the limit keep going up here on the turn left in the downhill to call a second there’s nothing but trees around this call is. Amazing. And if you go on the high side of the hill of timber creek. Then. That’s where another cul de sac ends. And yet like I said it was high and you had this view of downtown and or you. And.
He said he’s got to go out there and check it out. Homes in that price range again started below 300 is going up to about 30 square feet. We can actually build some custom homes in there. We have about six or seven lots in their home side so we can build a custom home. And basically you can design your home bring us a floor plan. Have our architect.
Well he then combined to see these house homebuilders won’t do that. They want to solve the loss they can. So if there’s two locks together they’re going to sell both lots and I know that builders like to do that but you know what Mr. Shaw is here for the customer and he is going to do. He’ll combine lots out there and give you one huge light. And he will do the whole acre half way. But these are the ones up there and the top of the hill with a half acre lots and make it you know to make it a nice full acre lot.
So that’s what he’ll do out there at Timber Creek. And it’s just a great neighborhood. I mean it’ll sell out fast special once we start getting our new Monterey model that’s hopefully going to start soon out there. And you know again I don’t know if you’re also home builders and you want to compete in this area you got to be able to compete with Mr. Shaw some can do it for a while but then they can’t for the long haul. But the next name where we’re going to go back to Broken Arrow. Is the village at Southern Trill’s. This neighborhood is just perfect. So. I’m. Not too many Tulsa homebuilders are in this community some have sold the rest lost to Mr. Shaw. That was neat about this one. If you drive through this in this community. And I forgot who owned it but an individual owns it so it see one of the first signs we can get that that’s available a lot. We can we can get that lot. So we had and we bought the rest of face too. So we are yes put in beautiful homes at the village southern trails. I know the. Hill in the Tulsa area and other Tulsa homebuilders can do that. Starts about to 60 to 70 range goes up to you know close to 400. The model we have in the Monterey it’s our Cadillac I cannot wait for us to go ahead. It is on the market I think as we thought it was all going to be about four feet. He’s got a price at 399 nine them. Tulsa Homebuilders
The Monterey one. Just gorgeous. Now we’re building a new model across the street. I think it’s. Not for sure what it is. I think it’s the road. But anyway that’s a village southern trails on a street between 129 and forty fifth. You know of all the towns the homebuilders Mr. Shaw has more communities that he’s in almost 25 to 30 different I mean they’re growing. And so that’s what happens when you get all the Tulsa embers you pick. Mr. Shaw you’re going to get the best. Okay for the final up podcasts of the day we’re going to talk about Yorktown.
And that’s in Jynx. It’s actually because the schools are new york town Birmingham the short term Hanly and the New York town of Shelby.
They’re all three different and Birmingham and Hanly are very similar in fact they’re very similar what we can do for our homes. Two thousand two hundred twenty square feet minimum up to thirty seven hundred square feet. There was Carlisle there. I mean York time Carlisle there’s a couple other neighborhoods in there that are sold out. This is like a community. If you go to Dallas or Houston outside those areas they build communities you know. Ballparks inside walking trails tennis courts that kind of stuff and that’s what we have here at Yorktown. Let me tell you where it’s at first if you’re in jeans and you exit if you’re on the creek turnpike in the exit Elm Street. Then that’s about 100 fifth and you go south. To 111 then hundred twenty first and on your way to 130 first on the left hand side or the west side is Yorktown. And you turn it in and we have a model there that Yorktown model that we have is the Ventana kit that these Tulsa homebuilders love this neighborhood and there’s only like four in there. Tulsa Homebuilders
And there’s been many Taso homebuilders in this community starting out. Some are still there but not all of them but Mr. Shaw is in there Shaw homes and that’s why he’s one of the leading Tulsa home builders in this area because when he gets in that area and he does build a quality home we have a model in there color than Tano But we also have to go past the Birmingham area and Hindley area. Keep going into the new area that’s called Shelby town of Shelby and those are your custom homes your homes that are starting like in the four hundreds and goes up to whatever price you want to put on it. We had a couple of homes in there. I think they’re both right around the 650000 range ones a plan that he just created. And it’s it’s the nodding Camaguey was called. And then there’s the. Crescent Chelsy that’s a five bedroom Chelsea bonus room big game room upset I mean just amazing when you see this home in the pantry back closet. So that’s another thing these Tulsa homebuilders can’t compete. We can do things that they just can’t do. Some can do that. But. For the most part. Financially maybe they’re not healthy enough to go into all these neighborhoods like we did. So. We have this Chelsea Market home can be a model it can be a market home. We don’t know yet what we’re going to do. But. What’s going to happen is that. Tulsa Homebuilders
We’re going to try to sell it. And if we can sell it then it’s done it backs up a nice green belt. It’s just beautiful. The Chelsea. Again we have the new plan I believe it’s called the Nottingham but you know those are those prices of these types of homes are really on for a select few in the Tulsa area. He’s also home builders. You know they know which ones you know demographic sells the best and. They they know that 500 600 $800000 buyers there’s just not that many of them. So it can be a risk by by taking on a project like this and some builders will try the customer. They just can’t do it. So you know all these other Taso homebuilders. That’s why they don’t really compete with us. And so you know when when Mr. Shaw can say yeah I’ll do it. He’s not worried about an $800000 $600000 home just sitting for months. I mean people want to sell it and you might be paying interest on somebody. But when you are Mr. Shaw and Shaw homes and again of all the Tulsa homebuilders he’s the one. That can. Build in different communities from a hundred fifty million dollars and that’s why he’s the number one better in this Tulsa area. So you go back inside your town Birmingham in Henley there’s a few lots like that are still left in Birmingham so that’s where we are. I. Think that’s the last of your town that we’re done. So. Now we’re going to go to West on Forest Ridge. And we’ll set up forest ridges.
That the $300000 range and the square footage is twenty two hundred thirty seven hundred. And again there’s not you know the Tulsa homebuilders that are in there that’s the one that is. 5:4 for Schrage on the golf course. And so there’s a few lots on the golf course and couple that I put in there some water lots that we have across from it. And so that’s really what you want to see. And so that’s well Stone up for storage where our. You know what I think that’s all. Oh have I talked about the floorplan collection. Tulsa Homebuilders

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