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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Tulsa Homebuilders | Treating You The Best

Tulsa Homebuilders | Treating You The Best

So if you’re, looking at shaw custom homes, one of the things that you’re going to love doing is you’re going to see a lot of our homes that we offer are on a model home tour. One of the things that you’re able to do is you’re able to sign up online to go on one of our model home tours, and in that way you can see everything we have to offer. One of Tulsa homebuilders the things that we love about shaw home is things that we love about. Shaw custom homes is you’re able to see what it is. It’s made us the number one custom home builders choice, baby, don’t drink that warm water will make you sick one of the things that we absolutely love about. If people stopping at shaw homes or we’re able to do a model home tour with you and typically will schedule on during the week, one of the days like on a monday and then we’ll also have available saturdays and sundays to do model home tours then, and one of the things we absolutely love is taking people around and showing their choices in a shawl model homes. There are a lot of builders out there that say a lot of things, but a lot of them don’t give you the option:ask you to go on sean homes.Com or stopping one of our model home in schedule, a model home tour, so you can see today, so you can see today, baby. Don’t don’t do that, so you can see today what we offer in a new home for her buyers, one of the things that we loved doing a showing people around Tulsa homebuilders showing them what what we have to offer out of our new homes and just really when we do a model home tour, it’s about 90 minutes long and it really just shows people the function of the plan. Every plan is going to function a little bit differently here, it’s full, so you can spray it. Every plan is going to function a little bit differently, so we always encourage people to pick the pick.

The plan that’s going to function best for their family and their families, lifestyle, stop it stop it let it, go and let it go in. One of the things that we love is when you’re shopping around for a new custom home straight down there baby and you’re. Tulsa homebuilders Looking at shaw homes, one of the things that we got our processes. We have a design center, so you go to one place and you pick everything out so you’re, not just all over the place or taken, 3 or 4 months to go and pick things out. You know the price right up front and after we do a 90-minute model home tour. Our second appointment with you is going to be to meet at that favorite home and do a price out walkthrough. Now the thing I love about price out walkthroughs. If you’re looking for a custom homes in broken arrow and you do a price out, walkthrough we’re going to be able to point out our included features in person with you and then maybe what it in that model. What was an upgrade or an added feature? You want another bite bubba that way. If there’s something that you don’t desire to do-or we just leave it out, if it’s something that you want a credit off, we can make a note of that or if it’s something that you really desire, don’t stand up in the bathtub baby, I slept I got it sit down, sit down and baby mommy doesn’t Tulsa homebuilders want you to fall in the back. So one of those things that we love is after we do a price out. Walkthrough usually takes us within 24 hours, will get it priced out and we had it back to you.

So if you are shopping other builders, we encourage that because we want you to know that you’re getting the very best deal at shaw homes. There is no competition when it comes to our company. There’s there’s nobody else, it’ll give you the price that we give you and they’re just nobody else. It’ll give you as many Tulsa homebuilders options as shaw homes gives in to give her a price right off the bat. So if you’re looking for broken arrow, custom homes and you haven’t stopped in a haha, we just highly encourage you to sign up for the model home tour and just let us take you on a tour and show you what it, how easy it is to purchase and build your dream home. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a budget for my hundred, sixty thousand all the way up to 400 or 500 thousand shaw homes will have an option for you, plenty of plans to choose from and I guarantee. You are going to find one of the plans. It’s going to work for you and your family. We just absolutely love our shaw homes, family. Everything that we do. We do as a family. We all treat each other with respect all the way up to our sales manager and mr. Sean cell. They pride their self in working for people and doing what it takes that Tulsa homebuilders build a company of integrity that he’s built. So there’s no better builder that you’re going to be able to have baby I only put that in the sink other than shaw home. So if you’re shopping, custom, homes, broken, arrow you’re going to want to check out and go on our lunch, all homes.Com you’re, going to see all of our floor plans with layouts one of the models in particular that I said in you know, it’s got 7 different layouts that you can do on that plan. So it really depends on budget and the function, and if that plan works better for people and they just want a one-story in that particular plan, we have two one:three versions that we can do, but there’s some of our plans like our monroe princeton.

Oh my gosh, it’s probably 37 different layouts that you can do on a monroe and the reason for it is that our buyers are going to have options. Cuz, some builders that you go talk to. They might have three floor plans. They can show you and they can’t really price it out. You don’t really have everything up front and it really makes it difficult for people to be able to make a decision inside one of the things that we love is, and we pride herself is that were able to send him that pricing with you. If you need it the same day, if not, we get it back in 24 Tulsa homebuilders hours, so we can sit down and go over the pricing and figure out. What would you like to leave in and what would you like to leave out before we move the contract? So if you’re looking for a custom homes, broken arrow, we have 26 communities, the majority of those communities are going to be in broken arrow and we have everything from three communities that start at 116 hilltop out around 2:30. Those are a manchester series homes. Then we also have homes that will start at 240,000 and go up to 400,000 on our show side, then we also have our waterstone product and on our waterstone product. You know those are homes that start at $400,000 and they go up from there. So everything just depends on Tulsa homebuilders what would you like, and it’s just going to be an easy? Do we just want you to come in check out and see why custom homes broken? Why broken arrow custom homes here baby put it in your hand, put the soap in your hand, so broken arrow, custom homes check out shaw homes and see what it is that people are talking about and why shaw homes is the builders choice hang on baby? Let me do it put both your hands out. So if you come in or just go on to show, homes.Com you’ll be able to go on their website and just the our processes on their pictures of our homes, but there’s nothing better than going on a model home tour and actually physically going on a tour in san. What we have to offer in person, if Tulsa homebuilders you check out shaw homes.Com-and maybe you just want to see what we have. Maybe you’re even a year out, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a shock, custom homes in you’re in the neighborhood for a broken arrow home.

We encourage you to please stop by and see us. Let us at least show you what we have to offer and give you the information. So you can make informed of decision when she get that, but you could go on cha homes.Com check us out. You can also sign up for a model home tour online. No, no more soap baby play with your little squirty play with your squirting, no more so for wasting it, and we just encourage you to stop in to one of our model homes. Let us show you what we do and Tulsa homebuilders let us show you around have a good time. It’s very informative and fun, and we can keep you in mind on what broken arrow area would be the best for you and your family. Based on what you tell us, where your currently at some people want to move closer to home. Some people want to move away from home further away from home, but either way we’re going to make sure that you get the best collection, that’s going to fit your family the most and we love to help people out so custom broken, arrow homes, shaw homes.Com. We are the home of the 10-year structural warranty, two-year on plumbing and electric and lifetime on the roof, which is the rafters it’s that by liberty mutual. So when even matter, if Tulsa homebuilders we were in business next year, your warranty is going to stay. New owners will get that if you ever chose to sell or invest and move somewhere else, so shall homes.Com come check us out

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