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Tulsa Parade Home | Nicest Houses

Tulsa Parade Home | Nicest Houses

This is the incredibly humble Dave Dumont. I’m back with Aaron Anstiss the founder of builders training academy. Erin when we last talked we really focused in a lot on the one of a kind Homeside the importance of getting the folks out to actually look at the land. I know it’s a it’s the process of having a home built and a lot of times they get lost and that forgetting about the fact that where that home is going to go is as important as anything else. We also talked about what they should have with them how they should be prepared. But let me ask you this how do you even get the customers to maybe break their focus away from just picking out the one of a kind floor plan to picking out the one of a kind piece of land. Tulsa Parade Home
That’s a great question Dave. And you know it is kind of interesting because a customer comes in a little bit with tunnel vision and they’re just thinking about looking at houses and they’re thinking about decorating ideas and those types of things. And maybe the land doesn’t seem as interesting to them. But the interesting part of it is as we talked about it is the greatest creator of urgency we have. We can’t reproduce the piece of land it’s once it’s sold it’s gone forever. So getting them out there is so important. So as a new home sales person you know one of the things that you have to be good at doing is you have to be a promoter. You have to be. I don’t know if you remember back in the days of Mike Tyson the heavyweight boxer but he had a promoter a guy named Don King with the crazy hair he looked like it. Well actually he looked like one of those trolls you know with the hair going straight up in the air. So but Don King would get up there and he would create so much hype for a fight that everybody knew was going to last about 12 seconds and people all over the world would pay $150 to watch that match. Which is like. $10 a second or $13 a second just to watch that you know a boxing match. Tulsa Parade Home. So but he was great at promoting things. So as a new home sales person if you know that the single most powerful weapon you have to getting the deal is to take them out on site.
Remember we said if you don’t cite them you won’t write them. Tulsa Parade Home. So if that’s your best weapon your best move you’ve got to be great at promoting it. So. How about this. How about you start saying you know I know you guys really like this floor plan and I got to tell you there’s actually a really like a home site I think would be perfect for this. In fact with everything you’ve told me you want I think this would be like the most perfect location for this. So I think you guys should come out and take a look at it. Hop in my car and you just walk out the door. You don’t wait. You just walk out the door. You hype it up. You tell him it’s going to be the perfect one for them. And then you just walk out the door and get in your car and hope that they follow. I like it. Tulsa Parade Home
Well why is it important for the the sales manager to actually go with the client to look at the land is there. What’s what’s the mentality other than just saying here’s a plan here’s these 15 home sites I’ve got other things to do like make phone calls. So what’s the drive there.
Well first of all if they’re a sales person they should be making phone calls but that probably isn’t really going to happen. They just need to you know get on social media and call friends. But anyways. Yeah. If. Here’s the thing. If you just take a plateau out in the highlight 15 home sites and you say here you go guys go ahead and drive out there and see if you can find what you’re looking for. The problem with that is that quite honestly most customers have a very hard time locating the exact piece of land that you’ve given them on that sheet without your help. Here’s the thing you might have a new phase you might have some homes built in the phase. But the problem is it’s the context of where each home site is. They don’t know how to figure out where it is on the block. If you’ve got ten lots in a row and none of them have a home on them they’re going to have a really hard time locating where Number four is or where Number seven is where it starts where it ends. There are even you know a lot of people. Well let’s be honest. Most men get lost going to somewhere that’s in their own town that they’ve probably driven by 15 times and they got it. They really should stop and ask directions. So here’s the thing. If you’re going to send them out to a blank piece of land or there’s no homes they’re going to have a hard time looking. But you know what they’re not going to do.
They’re not going to call you and ask for directions. They’re not going to call you up and say hey we can’t find the specific home site. You were telling us about. So you really have to take them out there and show them yourself or else they’re never really going to find them. And the other thing is when they get out there you’re not going to be able to read their reactions to the land by just handing them a plat and sending them on their own. You’re never going to be really sure on how they reacted to it unless you’re actually there with them. And I can give you an example of this when I took a customer out years ago I had a customer that told me exactly what they wanted. And I thought for sure I had the perfect home site for them. So I had I actually had three choices and I figured they’re going to love one of these. Well what happened was we actually got out on site. I took them to look at the home sites and at the very first one we got out of our cars. We looked at it and I said to the customer what do you think. And they were like well.
Yeah this this is good.
We like this it I was like OK you’re not excited you’re not jumping up and down and giddy with excitement. So I could read their reactions and I knew that’s not really it. So I said I’ve got another one I want to show you. And I really I was trying to take them good better best because I wanted the last one to have context with the other two and I kind of figured the third one would be the one they would love. So I tried to save the best for last so that they felt like they had context and they were like Yeah those weren’t as good. This is the one. So I take them to the second one. Tulsa Parade Home
They get out of the car we’re looking at it and it’s like oh yeah this is nice. Yeah. Yeah we could do this. We could do this.
I was looking for. We have to do this. So then I take it. I’m like you know what we’re going to the next one. I take them to the third one. And the husband says.
All of this is nice. Now the wife turns to the wife and he says What do you think honey. She says well this is fine. Tulsa Parade Home
Well in my house I’ve learned that fine is a four letter F word. And we don’t use it in our house because it usually means my wife doesn’t actually like what I’m asking her opinion of. So when she uses the four letter F word I know we have not hit a homerun at this point. If I had just sent them on their own I’m not going to know these reactions. So we’re standing there for a little bit and I’m starting to ask them some more questions and what I find out standing out there on the home site is that something that was really important to them they never mentioned to me until we got out on site and what they mentioned was they were really looking for a piece of land where the back of the backyard was a lot bigger than the front yard. Now I never would have known this had I not gone out with them that day and looked at land. So then I kind of reassess I look at other home sites I have I find what I think is the perfect one. Drive them over to it. The husband and wife get out of the car she takes five steps and she screams and starts jumping up and down and grabs her husband by the shoulders while she’s doing it and she’s shaking him and she says this is this is it she’s just screaming and giddy with excitement. Then next question the husband asked me was. Tulsa Parade Home
How do I purchase this. So it’s you can’t get that from handing off a piece of paper and telling them good luck. Tulsa Parade Home
Makes sense that makes sense. What are some important considerations that customers need to know when they’re really looking to choose. Well how would you what would you advise them to be aware of or to pay attention to when they’re out looking at the land.
That’s a great question. You know when I’m doing new home sales training I really like to dig deep into this because I think a lot of people miss out on some opportunities to create differences between home sites. For example you know if you aren’t asking them about very specific things like if they mind if there’s a street light in front of the home or if they care about their being utility boxes or whether it faces north or south or east or west if you’re not talking about like community paths in the neighborhood for like running and biking and you know if you’re not talking about a lot of these different types of things then it’s really hard to create that urgency. It’s really hard to get them down to the one of a kind home site because let’s let’s face it. You could have 10 home sites in a row. And on paper they’re all the same size the dimensions are the same. So there’s nothing that makes one better than the other especially if they’re all the same price. So you have to look for distinctions that make it different than another one like for example how much traffic is going to drive past that home site on a given day and that it when you’re closer to the end of the street there’s less people that drive down the street. If you’re you know in a location where it comes up to a T intersection you know you’re going to get headlights into the front of some of those homes at night.
So you know some of the different things you can do to draw distinctions is going to be really really important to touch on and make sure that you’re talking about these things. You know you also want to if you’re looking at stuff that has like trees on it and that type of stuff you want to talk about like some site prep and like cost of tree removal things like that will create a dollar amount value that maybe isn’t on the lot itself but it is on getting the lot prepared. Or maybe others you know cluster mailbox situation where you know all mailboxes have to be in groups of 4 or 8 or something like that in a lot of people don’t like to have the cluster of mailboxes right in front of their home. So you’ve got to look for distinctions that are going to create values other than the actual cost of the land itself. So there’s a couple of answers for you. Tulsa Parade Home
Excellent. Thank you. Erin thank you for joining us today and sharing your builder wisdom with us. I’m David Dumont. We’ve been speaking with Aaron Attis the founder of the builders training academy. Thanks for listening and be sure to apply everything you hear today for better business tomorrow.

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