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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Tulsa parade Homes | Nicest Houses

Tulsa parade Homes | Nicest Houses

See that’s what one of the things we get asked about most commonly is can you tell me what my current home is worth. And I’ll tell you if I was someone looking to build a new home and I was trying to head in that direction I would definitely want to know what my home was worth as well. So at Shaw homes what we have done is partnered up with a number of different.
Realtors that are successful in the Tulsa area. We don’t just want to send you any realtor but we want to send you to whoever is the best in the business so that when you start talking to them and ask them to do a comparative market analysis of your existing home you are going to get the best possible information. It doesn’t take very long for them to pull together. A comparative market analysis to show you what the true market value of your home is. And recently I had somebody come to us in one of our south Tulsa locations. And since we are a big happy home builder that has been around for a long time. We love to partner up with the local realtors from the Bixby area and have them. Get all of the pertinent information. Tulsa parade Homes
For our customer to know what the true market value of their home is. So when someone does a comparative market analysis what you will find. In that information is all of the existing homes that are currently on the market in their area and what those prices are. As well as all of. The homes.
That have been sold in the last six months that are in their area that are similar to theirs. This gives you a good. Average of what the possible prices should be around there.
And let’s you know what you should probably list your home for sale for if you are unsure of this information. The great thing about working with a big happy home builder like Shaw homes is that you will get.
This information for free. The realtors that we have partnered with will run a comparative market analysis for you and not charge you a penny to do it. Once they’ve given you the comparative market analysis you might also. Want to find out. How much you’re qualified for. On the mortgage side of things. So the great thing about Shaw homes is that we will also be able to send you to two of the best lenders in the greater Tulsa area. Because we have partnered up with Bank of Oklahoma. And Ethan Wagner. At. The bank. Is one of the best mortgage people in the business.
We also have a second preferred lender which is Juan Rodriguez at first Oklahoma mortgage Ethan and Juan are two of the best in the business. And the reason that we believe that is because over the 35 year history of Shaw homes we have come across a lot of different lenders and watched most of them close a home loan at some point. What we’ve experienced over those years in observing all the different mortgage lenders is that some of them are very honest. Some of them are very dishonest and most of them are not very good at what they do. But there are a small few that are outstanding at what they do. And so we have hand picked the two that we think are the best people to answer all of your questions and give you incredible customer service as well as match the rates of any other lender that you might have talked to and give you the lowest closing costs period.
So if you are trying to find out how much you’re qualified for I would highly suggest that you talk to one of our preferred lenders and go through the mortgage application process. Now this is not a very complicated thing to do. And as a Bixby home builder over the last thirty five years I have always advised people to. Make sure they first gather their. Last two years. Tulsa parade Homes
Tax returns as well as get their Social Security number and the last two months bank statements ready to be able to show to the lender. Most lenders will take this information as well as running a credit report. And they will be able to process that information and get you a approval within 24 hours. A lot of people wonder if this costs anything to get this approval done. The great thing about it is that it is free to you even though the mortgage. Company that you’re talking to will have a charge for the credit. Paul. When you go through a great Bixby homebuilder like Shaw homes the best part about it is that. You will get. The opportunity to.
Get your credit straightened out before it’s time to close. There are so many. Different. Things that affect your credit but when you’re talking to a professional in the industry they will be able to help you find the best way to get your credit. Peak at the highest score possible. By the time. That you’re.
Ready to close on the home and that is typically a six month build process most Bixby home builders don’t really help you through this process to get your credit score peaked to the highest possible number by closing. But at Shaugh homes we strive to help you to get the best possible interest rate and that comes through having the best possible credit score when it’s time to close. Tulsa parade Homes
If you have been looking for a Bixby home builder let me tell you that you have found the right one with great partnerships with realtors and lenders. We make the process so easy for you to find out how much your existing home is worth as well as what you’re going to qualify for on the new home. And these are just a couple of the small pieces of helpful information that most people want to find out in order to be able to get their next home. Some of the other stuff that can be really helpful is when you’re working with one of our partner realtors and you get your comparative market analysis done the next step is to get at what is called a net to seller done by the realtor. The realtors we partner with will do this for you for free. And basically what the net to seller information gives you is not only what you will list your home and probably sell your home for but it also pulls from public records and tells you how much your payoff is on your home and what costs or fees you might have associated with the sale of your home so that once you deduct all of those costs like your closing costs and your realtor fees. From your total sale price we all know the amount that’s left over after you pay off that you will have for your down payment on the next home. Tulsa parade Homes
This gives you the best possible way of getting your home sold in a timely fashion and knowing exactly how much money you’re going to have left over to put down as your down payments so that you will know which home to build with your Bixby home builder. So if I could suggest that you start the process with Shaw homes as soon as possible and come to our model home tour. Once we get done picking out your favorite floor plan that fits your budget the next step will be to go to one of our fan favorite meetings will it where you will price out the home the way that you would want to build it with the exact features that you want in the home. Tulsa parade Homes
This is just the next step in what is a great process with our company following the price out the next step would be to pick out your favorite home site in the right neighborhood and then move to purchase agreement. Now that you’ve already figured out how much money you have left over for a down payment because of the net to seller report you are ready to get the ball rolling. And it’s just a matter of a little bit of time. Before you will be moving into your new Shaw. Tulsa parade Homes

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