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Experience Oklahoma's Highest and Most Reviewed Home Builder

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Tulsa Parade Homes | No one better

Tulsa Parade Homes | No one better

So this year at the Tulsa Parade homes.
There will be a lot of different floor plans for you to check out in many of the different new homebuilders model homes. There’s a lot of floor plans that. People will appreciate coming from all different walks of life. There are often. Designers that are designing based on particular lifestyle changes so that the layouts and floor plans that you’re looking at are the ones that will best function for what your family’s needs are. For example. One of the buyers that we often try and tailor our plans for is the first time homebuyer who’s out looking for something that is going to meet their needs and stand up to the test of time. We will often design these floor plans in the. 1300 to 2000 square foot range where somebody who’s out during the Tulsa Parade of Homes is going to be looking for. Layouts that are going to fit inside of a budget so that they’re affordable enough. For the first time homebuyer. Whenever we design these type of plans we try to make sure that. These layouts are three bedrooms with two beds in a two car garage. We try to make them is open of a design as possible because we know that first time homebuyers. Really enjoy having the open lay out. Unlike the older homes from the early 60s and 1970s that were so compartmentalized into such small spaces that are virtually unusable.
Because they’re so separated. So when we design these plans we also think about some of the technology that first time homebuyers are looking for at the Tulsa Parade of Homes. Some of those technology items are things like. An HDMI pull tube for wiring a TV up and having the ease of use to be able to put a TV. Sixty five inches off of the floor and have all of the wires run inside of the wall inside of a pull tube so that they can connect to their cable box. That way if you ever decide you’re going to switch out a cable you can easily tie it on to the end of one cable and pull it through the wall so that it is a hidden cable. We’ve found that first time homebuyers really appreciate this type of. Tulsa Parade Homes
Technology to be able to use in their homes. Some of the other technology that first time homebuyers appreciate is also going to be featured during the Tulsa Parader homes this year as we use our networking capabilities to make sure that all of our cat 5 cables are connected. Through a home run system into the closet in the master closet. So that first time homebuyer client has a place to run all of his wires to and connect into his non-P we Ethernet the port.
Some of the other things that we found are very important to this type of the client is that the first time home buyer wants a great warranty on their home. And one of the best things about Shaw homes is that we offer a. 10 year structural warranty with a two year mechanical warranty and a one year everything warranty. We find that. A lot of. These types of clients that come in at the Tulsa Parade of Homes find that security of a great warranty to be of the utmost importance to them. So we have. Decided to offer the best warranty that’s available in the marketplace. To all of our clients but especially this first time homebuyer. Some of the other types of floor plans that we will be featuring this year that you can find in your parade guide. Are. Designed for the empty nester now the empty nester is the type of customer whose kids have just moved out of the hole for the last time as they’ve gone away to college or gotten married and moved on to start their own families. So as Shaw homes we believe in designing plans for people that are empty nesters that take into account the lifestyle that they’re going to be living. This type of customers usually looking for all of the. Living space in the home to be on the first floor. That way there is no difficult stairs to navigate to get 2 bedrooms or places in the upstairs of the floorplan. That are going to be difficult for that customer to get to. Tulsa Parade Homes
With so much of the space all on one level it makes it much easier for the empty nester to navigate through. These homes and to find them useful all the way through. Their final years in that home. We also accommodate the empty nester with some other special features in the Tulsa Parade of Homes. For example we can offer. Tulsa Parade Homes.  Handicap compliant toilets as well as a zero edge shower so that. They empty nester customer can walk directly into the shower without having to step over a lip. Or if necessary to bring a wheelchair into the shower to make it easy. Access in case there’s mobility issues. Some of the other. Things that make our plans convenient for the empty nester client. Is that. You have the opportunity. To be able to go out into the outdoor living space directly from the kitchen and Nook.
So since our empty nesters seem to be the customers who like to entertain the most it gives them the opportunity to have a grill out on the patio in the back under a covered patio scenario so that they can stay out of the weather while entertaining friends. We all know that outdoor living space is going to be a major factor for the Tulsa Parader homes to showcase a lot of their floor plans. Tulsa Parade Homes
This year when you’re looking through the parade guide if you’re trying to find a new home floor plan and lay out that will best suit you. You can look for the indicators that say whether it is a one story floor plan or a two story floor plan. Also some of the other families that we try to accommodate with are different floor plan layouts are the young families and what we found with the design concepts that we use for the young families is that they are typically looking for. Having at least a master bedroom on the first floor and having the other bedrooms upstairs. Our signature series plans offer some great concepts of new home floor plans for that type of client. If you want the loud playing and noises of your young children to be muffled then one of the other great features that we offer all of our customers is to put soundproofing insulation in between the first floor and second floor so that you don’t have to listen to all the roughhousing and loud music of your kids. This year at the Tulsa parade a homes feel free to walk through some of our model homes and let your kids go up stairs and make some noise so you can hear the sound proofing effect between the different levels of the new home. Another great feature for young families that we’ve incorporated into a lot of our homes are the large game rooms upstairs. In northern parts of the country a lot of people are looking for. A basement to send.
Their kids to go downstairs and play. But in Tulsa Oklahoma where we use post tension slabs and don’t really. Have the ability to be able to do basements effectively. You will find that the upstairs game room is one of the best ways to give the kids their own space for entertainment so that they can get loud and rowdy with their friends while on the main level of the home as the parents have the space in the great room or family room to entertain adults. Tulsa Parade Homes
So this year as you go out and get your parade guide and run around looking at all the great homes at the Tulsa Parade of Homes don’t forget to stop by and take a look at some of our award winning plans that were designed for so many different family concepts.

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