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Tulsa Parade of Homes | Best of the best

This year at the Tulsa Parade of Homes there are going to be a lot of different neighborhoods. That are going to be. Featuring homes in them.
For example if you wanted to check out Simmons homes. You’ll find that Simmons homes. Has a lot of communities that will feature parade halls. If you just take a look at your parade guide you’ll notice that. Symmonds Holmes is offering homes in Breitling village in jail 6. They are also offering Eagles Landing in a Wasow. As well as Glen Abbey in Glen Poole. And there are a few final opportunities. To get a new home in Park Place at Preston Lakes in a Wasow. Simmons homes has been building homes in there. Ranging from about 2000 to 3000 square feet for a number of years.
And it is approaching the final close out of that new home community. Also in Bixby Oklahoma Simmons Holmes is offering Pine Valley which starts in the one hundred and sixty eight thousand dollar price range and offers new home floor plans ranging from 1500 to 2000. Three hundred and sixty nine square feet. Also Symmonds homes is offering. Plans in Providence hills in Bixby. And they’re starting prices around $260000. And we’ll have home sizes from 1853 square feet up to 3400 square feet. Also another community to check out would be Wellbrook States in a Wasow. Simmons homes is offering. Prices starting at two hundred twenty six thousand nine hundred dollars. And they have floor plans that range from 1853 square feet to 3000 and 72 square feet. Also another community in Jane X is Southern reserve. Where homes will start just over $160000. A newer community that Symmonds homes is offering this year in the support of homes is stone horse in Broken Arrow. Which starts at about one hundred and sixty three thousand dollars. If you’re up in the Collinsville area you might want to check out stone lake where. New homes begin at 100 in $93000.
And close to the Warren Theater which is on a Hundred and Twenty first Street in Broken Arrow. There is also a new home community called the reserve it’s spring creek.
Which is immediately adjacent to the villas at Spring Creek. Shaw Holmes is building homes in.
The reserve at Spring Creek and in fact to our model home of the Monroe is now for sale. For someone who is looking for a ready for move in home. And immediately across the creek is the villas at Spring Creek by Symmonds homes which features $200000 and homes ranging from about 1000 fifty three square feet up to 3000 square feet. This year at the Tulsa Parade of Homes Symmonds homes is offering. A new community in a Wasow called Vintage Oaks.
If you are looking in the price range from 230 $2000 an up that might be a location that you would want to check out.
Hopefully you’ve been to quick trip to pick up one of the parade guides so you can navigate through all of these different communities. If you haven’t been out to the golf course at White Hawk then you probably haven’t seen the white hawk golf villas in Bixby where Simmons Honess is building.
Floor plans starting at just over two hundred and twenty nine thousand dollars. And to continue on with another location that you might not have heard of. There is a new home community called Willow Creek where Symmonds homes is building homes starting at about $200000 and up. Now while we’re talking about Symmonds homes and some of the floor plans that they will be offering at the Tulsa a holes. I don’t want you to forget that. SHAW Holmes is offering a new home community for starter homes. Or first time buyers.
In the great Silverleaf community in Broken Arrow just on the north side of Fifty first Street. A little bit east of 193rd East Avenue or County Line Road. We will be featuring a community pool and clubhouse. In this great. Starter home neighborhood. This year at the Tulsa Parade of Homes. Capital homes will also be offering. Quite a few homes in a number of different communities.
To name just a few. If you are looking in the Bixby area then you might want to stop by York town of Jynx. Where it is a Bixby public school location but Capitol Holmes is building homes starting from $200000 up to the mid $300000 level. Also in the Bixby public school district at the Tulsa Parade of Homes You will want to maybe stop by and take a look at Providence hills where capital homes is building homes starting from about $220000 and up. Whether you’re looking for a three four or five bedroom home with two or three bathrooms there are quite a few neighborhoods to choose from. From Capital homes. Also in Broken Arrow there is the community called Forest Ridge.
Which capital homes has a model home location for in that neighborhood they are starting in the $200000 price range. Also capital homes is offering. Other broken arrow community locations such as spring creek. In Broken Arrow public schools. Or. If you want to be in the union public school district then you might want to look at Forest Creek. And last but not least in Broken Arrow is the reserve in Bradford park.
Capital homes is offering plans that range from $200000 and up in that location. Another new home community that capital homes is offering this year at the Tulsa Parade of Homes. In Grand Lake area called the reserve. Graham plate. This is in the grove public school district. And. They will range in price starting at about $80000. If you are. Looking through your parade guide and you pull up the map of the Jynx area then you will also notice that capital Holmes is building. In southern reserve.
In you know. So they are building in the lake valley and in Tulsa they are building. Kendall Whittier in Ogun circle. So as you’re looking through the guide and you are trying to find locations where capital homes builds this year at the Tulsa parade of homes that gives you quite a collection to choose from. To check out this year. If you haven’t already figured out where to get your parade guide then please make sure that you stop by any quick trip where they are at a cost of only 50 percent 50 cents per parade guide. This year at the Tulsa Parader homes there are well over a hundred and twenty five homes. To take a look at. There will be so many different features and amenities to check out. That you should get. Your fill. I can’t say much for how much you’re going to spend on gas driving to 125 different homes all over. The Tulsa. BIXBY James in Broken Arrow areas. But I guarantee you that it will be worth it. The 2072 Tulsa Parade of Homes is sure to be one of the best ever. If you need more information please feel free to contact us directly by phone or by email through the Schaffel’s Web site and we will be glad to assist you with any questions that you have in navigating through this years. Also. Show.

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