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Tulsa Parade of Homes | Oklahoma’s Finest

Tulsa Parade of Homes | Oklahoma’s Finest

So if you haven’t already been to the Tulsa parade of homes in the last couple of years then you might not be aware of. Some of the great things that are going on this year.
Over the last couple of years. They’ve made a few changes to try and make it as user friendly as possible for people to get out and see. New homes in Tulsa. Jencks. Bixby and Broken Arrow. There are a lot of new twists to the. Program as it was a few years ago. For example if you would like to start early on opening day then they’ve set it up for what we call an early start on Saturday. All of the model homes will be opening at 9am that day. Excuse me 10 a.m. that day. So you can come out early and have a lot of time to look on that first weekend of the Tulsa Parade of Homes. If you are one of those people who has to work on the weekend and you don’t have time to come out until during the middle of the week there’s a couple of bonus evenings for you to be able to come out and just check out a lot of different new homes in the Tulsa area. Tuesday evening and Thursday evening. Both have featured communities where you’ll have extended hours going into the evening to be able to come out and view the different floor plans that you want to see. Each one of these extended hours evening’s features an individual community. This year the two communities that are featured are going to be. Stone Canyon in a Wasow. And Yorktown in. South. County which is a community that offers. Jencks address with a Bixby North school district. Some of the great things this year at the Tulsa Parade of Homes. Is.
When they feature these communities it gives you an opportunity to just focus in on one location.
For example out in Stone Canyon. This year. There will be a number of high end finish homes. If you enjoy taking a look at new homes that are in the one million dollar plus range then you will see Toccara homes with their featured home in Stone Canyon. If you are looking for homes in the 400000 to $500000 price range and you like to check out floor plans that offer some really cool high end custom features. Then this year at the Tulsa Parade of Homes in Stoneham Canyon you should be able to see some impressive. Floor plans that boast square footage is in the 4000.
Square foot range. And up. Tilcara Holmes is going to feature a home that is approximately $1.3 billion this year in Stone Canyon. Which will give an amazing wow factor effect to the Tulsa parade of homes this year.
Also if you want to check out the patriot golf course while you’re out there there’s a lot of holes that you can see from some of the different homes that are going to be featured this year. And when you’re looking at model homes what better of a way to take a look at it than to have the windows viewing the Patriot golf course in a Wasow. Stone Canyon is one of the premier communities in the Owasso area and having a featured community of the.
Per Tulsa Parade of Homes is a bonus when it’s in such a beautifully appointed neighborhood with incredible amenities like Stone Canyon. The other community that has the featured evening. Of extended hours at the Tulsa parade of homes this year is Yorktown. In Yorktown. There are a lot of great builders like McCullough homes and. Chris Burton homes. And. Capital homes. As well as water stone homes. And Chase Ryan homes. These are some of the premier homebuilders that are building in your town this year. A lot of people who haven’t seen Yorktown community. In Janks are going to be really surprised when they drive out there for the twilight tour at the Tulsa parade of homes this year. Some of the great things about this community that will be featured in the twilight tour. Are the. Amazing amenities of Yorktown community. For example there is a seven acre park at the south end of the community that features a gazebo. With. Seating area for picnics. As well as a. Football field.
A soccer field a baseball diamond and a basketball court. Then if you venture over onto the north side of the community in your town you’ll notice at the twilight tours some of the beautiful reflections in the pond. That is right next to the community pool and splash pad that are featured in Yorktown in Janks. The twilight tour at the Parade of Homes is one of the best features. About.
The entire event. There are so many homes to see by Chase Ryan and Chris Burton homes. And. MCCOLLOUGH homes and capital homes. This year. I think you will really enjoy your time out at Yorktown in Jencks. Shaw homes will also have a model home at the entrance to the community as well as a move in ready home in Yorktown for you to be able to just pick up and move your furniture in with a quick. 30 Day. Move in. If you’re one of those people who just can’t seem to get out during business hours and visit Stone Canyon or Yorktown then these extended hours for the twilight tours at the Tulsa parade homes is just the kind of thing that you’ve been looking for. If you like. To look at new home floor plans and some of the most innovative and new designs. Then this is your opportunity to come check it out. There will be so many great layouts ranging in size from around 3000 square feet to 4000 square feet in Yorktown this year. The Shaw homes model is actually our Ventana model which is 2600 square feet and can be built in Yorktown for around 300 and $20000. Some of the features that are really great about the Ventana model home is that it offers. Two bedrooms downstairs and two bedrooms upstairs which is a feature that a lot of young families like because you can have a master bedroom down with a nursery just off of the master bedroom if you have a newborn or young child that you want to keep a close eye on.
That’s what’s so great about this floorplan is that it has that versatility. Or if you have an elderly parent that you want to live. With you. So that you can keep an eye on them as well and they don’t have to go up stairs to get to their bedrooms. And then if you still have a couple of young kids you can have them. Go into their. Two upstairs bedrooms. And be out of mom and dad’s hair. So this year at the Tulsa Parader homes make sure that you don’t miss out. On the twilight tour and the early opening hours. If you want more information on this new home community or many others then feel free to stop by and pick up your parade guide at a local. Q T. Or a quick trip. You will find that the guide is very helpful as it outlines all of the new home communities and where they are located on a couple of simple maps that are broken up into new homes in Bixby. New homes in Tulsa new homes in Jencks and new homes in Broken Arrow. So that it’s easy to locate the communities that you want to check out without having to just aimlessly drive around. And as you are driving around following your maps. Feel free to also download the new app that’s available. So that you can. Look up floor plans on the fly while you’re walking through the beautiful new homes at the Tulsa Parade of Homes.

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