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Yukon New Homes | Saving Money on Your Home

Speaker 1: (00:00)
Hi, this is Christie leaper with Shaw homes and pinnacle Yukon new homes. Pinnacle is an upcoming family friendly community featuring pond a waterpark, which is actually a splash pad and also a park. There are so many families in here, and so many kids that your kit, your kids would enjoy playing with. It’s a very active family friendly neighborhood, and this community is located off Southwest 29th and Sara road. It is Shaw homes, Yukon new homes. This community is located in Yukon and it is Mustang schools, which are highly rated and lots of people want to get in here. Our homes in Shaw homes, Yukon new homes are ranged from 1,750 square feet to 2,350 square feet. Um, we have seven floor plans to select from. We have, um, quartz countertops that in the kitchen that are standard in the home. We have homes that have two car garages and three car garages.

Speaker 1: (01:16)
We have a floor plan called Kincade. That is our model home. It is a four bedroom, three full bathrooms, um, three car garage, and it features 2,115 square feet. Uh, the lots or home sites in this community are very large. Um, no problem problem. Putting, uh, a swimming pool in no problem, putting a basketball area out there or soccer, your kids would love it. I think it’s great for if you have dogs, they would have plenty of room. Um, this is Shaw homes, Yukon new homes in pinnacle, off of Southwest 29th and Sarah road in Yukon. Um, today I wish a blessing on you and your family, and I hope that you’re able to build your dream home with Shaw homes, Yukon new homes in numbers, 10 29 says the Lord has promised good things. I truly believe that God has good plans for you. Good plans for me plans to give us a hope and a future.

Speaker 1: (02:32)
Um, God wants you to have a relationship with Jesus and Jesus loves you very much. Um, at Shaw homes, Yukon new homes, we are a company of integrity. Mr. Shaw is a Christian. He is very giving. Um, he gives to ministries, uh, local ministries as well as ministries worldwide. Um, so if you build a home with Shaw homes, Yukon new homes, you will be actually supporting children in need, um, in the United States, as well as overseas. Um, we were able to build the dream home, Jude St. Jude dream home this year in Oklahoma city and in Tulsa, this was such an honor to be able to bless someone with a new home when more than likely they couldn’t afford something.

Speaker 2: (03:33)
I think like that, um, a little bit about our community pinnacle. Um, we are located conveniently near I, 40 route 66 and the John Kilpatrick turnpike. The pinnacle is the newest up and coming craftsmen style community within the Mustang school district. This neighborhood offers diverse floor plans with some featuring two story and dresses, vaulted ceilings with crown molding, standing seam metal roofs covered porch entry and spacious covered patios built in mud benches, make it vanities and so much more. The plans are based on a craftsmen flavored style with emphasis on style. Shaw homes offers the Manchester premiere series. That includes eight floor plans ranging from 1,758 square feet to 2360 square feet. Uh, Shaw homes, uh, Yukon, new homes and pinnacles amenities are a community park, a playground, a splash pad, walking trails and bike trails. We are currently offering a following incentive that will be twenty-five thousand dollars for you to,

Speaker 1: (04:45)
She used towards either the price of your home or towards,

Speaker 2: (04:49)
Um, upgrades in the home. 4,000 of

Speaker 1: (04:52)
That is actually being offered by

Speaker 2: (04:54)
Our preferred lenders. If you need help with closing, we would be giving you our preferred lenders would be giving you $4,000

Speaker 1: (05:03)
To go towards your closing. Um, there really is a five easy step process to owning a Shaw home. Um, the initial process is going to be, of course, for you to pick your plan. During this time, we would take you on a model home tour. You would be able to see multiple floor plans, uh, furnished and decorated. Um, so it’s easier for you to visualize if the furniture fits. Uh, we do have you drive your own car in case you had any reason that you needed to leave for an emergency? Um, there’s no pricing, so there’s no pressure to make a decision that day. Um, it’s just an information gathering tour. Uh, we’ll be focused on the function behind the design of the plan on the tour. Uh, there’s something for everyone because we have three, four and five bedrooms. We have one or two stories.

Speaker 1: (05:52)
Um, we also offer a wide variety of square footage. Uh, the second in our process would be, uh, talking about payment. Uh, we want to get you comfortable with what payment is in your budget. So we would do a five minute mortgage application. Uh, you could get approval within 24 hours. We would find out what monthly payment you’re comfortable with, um, how it compares to what you’re paying right now. Um, and then our lenders do interest rate matching, um, and closing, matching with anyone. Um, they have all kinds of programs. They offer conventional loans with 5%, 10% or 20% down. They offer FHA loans with 3.5% down. They offer native American loans with 2.2, 5% down. They offer VA loans, which are 0% down. And if you do have native American benefits, um, or VA benefits, these are some really great programs for you. Um, the third step in the process would be to select your home site.

Speaker 1: (07:00)
Um, once you’ve selected your home site, you can put $250 down to reserve it. Uh, it’s a seven day refundable deposit. We won’t cash the check during that time period. So you’re not rushed to make a decision. It just assures competing customers that that home site is already taken by you. Uh, during the seven days, you can switch home sites. If you decide another one fits your lifestyle better. Um, our home sites are always one of a kind, but when that home site that faces the direction you like with a backyard, you like is gone, we cannot reproduce it. So Homesite reservation check needs to be a personal check, not a business check or money order. Um, the fourth, and this is really the fun part of the procedure is you get to have about a 30 minute meeting with our professional designers and you’ll be able to select your features.

Speaker 1: (07:54)
Um, you’ll go through your favorite floor plan. There’ll be a photo collage of all the included features and all the optional features to make it easy for you to decide what you like. We do this. So there are no surprises what your total price will be. We’ll price it exactly to the dollar with only the features you specifically want. It won’t be an approximation. It will be an exact price. You’ll receive an itemized price out sheet on the spot so that you could take it home and we’ll answer any and all of your questions at this time, if you’ve decided this is exactly your, uh, future home, your dream home, if all these features give you excitement and the home site fits your family, well, then we would move on to the purchase agreement. The purchase agreement is about a 45 minute meeting. Uh, we do have you watch an informative video, um, that explains in detail the paperwork that you’re signing.

Speaker 1: (08:53)
Uh, it’s just to make sure that we set the proper expectations for you and for the process that you’ll be going through with Shaw homes, building your new home and Shaw homes, Yukon, new homes, um, structural options, home site, selection, garage, orientation, colors, and finishes will be finalized at this time. Uh, mortgage approval is due. Uh, you can do a contingency, which would be a 60 days, um, where we would hold your home site. Um, maybe to give you some time to save a little bit more money, maybe to give you some, some, some time to sell your home. Um, so then additional down payment is going to be due at this time. Um, it’s going to depend on the options that you select in your home. It could be a $2,500 Homesite reservation. It could be a $5,000 Homesite reservation, or it can be a $10,000 Homesite reservation. I do appreciate you listening to this informational podcast about Shaw homes, Yukon new homes. We do want to build you your dream home. So contact us at Shaw homes anytime.

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