Is It Cheaper to Remodel or Build New?

 Is It Cheaper to Remodel or Build New?



10-year structural warranty
2-year mechanical warranty
1-year limited warranty
No structural warranty
No mechanical warranty
No limited warranty
Everything in the home is new and won’t break downAnything could break at any time and cost you a lot of money
Appliances all have warranties and are brand newUsed appliances could die any day
Spend time with the people you love when you get off of workSpend time working on projects that ultimately won’t pay you back.
No more honey-do projectsA never-ending list of honey-do projects
Low homeowners insuranceHigh priced homeowners insurance
(double that of new)
Brand new carpetToe-nails in the carpet (or worse)
Brand new furnace
Brand new air conditioning
Old furnace – inefficient
Old air conditioning – inefficient
Post-tension slabPotential major structural issues with slab

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