Warranty FAQs


Appliances are covered under the manufacturer’s warranty which is serviced by Factory Appliance Service in Tulsa, and Metro Appliance in OKC. They are not covered under the NAHB Warranty.

Factory Appliance Service
Contact: Linda Hobbs
Phone: (918) 610-3200

Metro Appliance
Contact: Tim Knoll
Phone: (405) 301-3460

The appliances come with a 1-year manufacturers warranty. Make sure to have your closing date on hand when calling either Factory Appliance Service or Metro Appliance.



Steps For Lighting Gas Fireplace

1. Ensure there is gas service to the home.
2. Turn gas key counterclockwise until it stops.
3. Rotate on off pilot knob to the pilot position facing the arrow. Put the word ‘Pilot’ in the 3 o’clock position.
4. Push and hold the knob in. You should hear a faint hiss sound from the gas.
5. While holding the pilot knob in, push the igniter button, located on the left side of the unit, several times until you see a steady blue flame.
6. After holding the pilot light knob with a blue flame for about 5 seconds release the knob and rotate counterclockwise to the ‘on’ position.
7. You can now operate the flames by turning the switch on next to the igniter.
8. To use the wall, switch the unit must have the pilot light burning and the switch next to the igniter in the ‘off’ position.

NOTE: If you turn off the gas logs completely, you will need to wait for the system to make a clicking sound before trying to turn them back on. If it hasn’t made the clicking sound it will not reset.

Aerobic Septic System

You have an Aerobic System…Now what?
Instructions and helpful hints.

Your aerobic system is basically a small wastewater treatment plant that treats raw sewage in three stages.

  1. Trash tank holds household sewage that separates from solid to liquid, the liquid flows over to the Aeration Chamber.
  2. Aeration Chamber is continually being aerated with forced oxygen generated by the air compressor as well as bio-bugs feeding on themselves. After being aerated it flows to the next chamber to be clarified. The clarification process is to allow settling of any unprocessed waste. It is then sent over to the pump tank.
  3. The pump tank will then, at a preset time (1am-6pm), be distributed out to the sprinkler heads in your yard.

Aerobic systems require aerobic safe chlorine tablets added to the system. Add 1 tablet per person every month. The cap is located between the green lids. DO NOT USE CLOROX! DO NOT USE POOL TABLETS!! You can find NORWECO Brand, and Blue Crystal at both Home Depot and Lowes in the plumbing department.

The control box has two lights and an audible alarm.

  1. Red indicates high water.
  2. Amber indicates an air problem.

These are WARNING lights.

The control box has three toggle switches.

  • HWA – with RUN, MUTE, and TEST.
  • COMP – with RUN, MUTE, and TEST.
  • The unlabeled toggle is to kick on the sprinkler heads if there is enough water in the tank.

Should a problem occur, you will get an audible alarm and the light will be illuminated. Should you get an alarm, flip the toggle switch to the MUTE position, this will silence the alarm and the light will stay on. Should this happen call Rod Henry Construction at (918) 371-1207. If you push the toggle switch to test it will illuminate the light and you will get an audible alarm. It is just to test the alarm and the light.

The unlabeled toggle switch is spring loaded and if you hold it down it will kick the sprinklers on, if there is enough water in the tank.

Helpful Tips:

  • Do not flush: paper towels, baby or adult wipes, feminine hygiene products, or cleaner wipes.
  • Only flush toilet paper and body waste.
  • Stay away from heavy bleach cleaners and harsh tile cleaners, this can kill the good bacteria in the tank.
  • The garbage disposal should be used sparingly. When in use make sure that it runs long enough to grind up everything and run plenty of cold water behind it. Never put grease down the drain as it will solidify and clog the lines as well as the tank.
  • Toilets are water saving, so be mindful of the amount of toilet paper you flush at once.
  • It is not uncommon to have a faint odor around the tank or during spray, as it is a wastewater treatment unit.


If you have any questions or concerns, please call, text or email Rod Henry Construction.
(918) 371-1207 call or text

You can also file a warranty claim here

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